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Rachel Corrie Again And Again! A Heart Of Solid Steel To Fight Zionists

03 April 2010

By Hassan Al-Haifi

The story of Rachel Corrie and her brutal and tragic death seven years ago by the cold blooded murdering IDF is bound to run chills down one's spine, unless one has lost all sense of being human and has lost any semblance of sanity. In the kind of world that we live in, it is not so difficult to be deprived of any hope in human nature – that is until one recalls the unmerciful workings of the International Zionist Movement on the gentle and timid body of Rachel Corrie. It is indeed a great wonder of the Al-Mighty's fabulous creations that Rachel had a heart of solid steel to counterbalance this frailty of human structure, by which the Divine has graced womanhood by. This heart of Rachel was blessed with the infinite kindness to see that in the West Bank and Gaza – or what is left of Palestine – there is a great crime against humanity being unleashed almost daily by a monstrous machine of hatred, chauvinism and obnoxious arrogance that has surpassed all forms of human evil. It is an unrelenting trait of human nature that God has blessed humanity with Rachel – and so many likes of Rachel Corrie – to tell mankind that it does not have to be that way at all. Rachel has reflected the inherent deep good that can be found in all human beings, who know that Zionism is an ugly cancer that has nothing to do with human goodness.

This kind of goodness of the heart was what Rachel Corrie reflected and was ready and willing to give up her life for at such a young and innocent age. She could not believe that America with all its might and extravagance would allow one of its own machines – Caterpillar D – 9 or 10 or whatever to render its very own citizens flat and drained of all that hot freedom loving American blood for the sake of murderers of the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and …. Yes, they are murderers and all their predecessors in Israeli officialdom have a long track record of spilling blood all over the Holy Land. Has anyone forgotten that the land of Palestine has lost its fertility since so much blood has been allowed to poison the dirt that once catered to millions of olive trees and citrus fruit trees and kept the people of Palestine alive for millennia?

Zionism has no room for the blood of Rachel Corrie to continue flowing in her veins, so she can go back home to the good old USA and tell her fellow Americans that American money, guns and tractor/shovels are doing all the dirty work of Zionist demagoguery.
In case anyone did not know, a few days before the untimely death, she and some of her colleagues in the International Solidarity Movement were facing American bullets unleashed by the misnamed Israeli Defense Forces, who were only taught one word throughout their training: "Kill! Kill! Kill! That is the only thing expected of you and the only thing desired of you!" This is the crux of an ideology that is spiced with hatred and demagoguery, disguised vainly as the implementation of a Devine Promise made up over a meal of dry matzo meal, of which the Lord is completely innocent. Otherwise, who would believe in Him, if they knew that He was handing out parcels of land to Zionist witch doctors, who are as far away from God as anyone could ever get.

Rachel Corrie knew better than to allow the name of America to be smeared by Zionist hooligans, who grew up in Brooklyn and now want the whole world to believe that it is the will of the Al-Mighty that they are realizing in the Holy Land. The Lord knows well that these mobsters have desecrated His houses of worship almost with a cold defiance against the One who they claim gave the Zionists the deed to the Holy Land. Ask the millions of Palestinian Christians and Moslems whatever happened to the hundreds of churches and mosques that spread throughout natural Palestine, but fell down under the push of Caterpillar tractor/shovels, after American aircraft, Apaches and tanks have leveled most of the surrounding homes of innocent unarmed Palestinians to the ground.

To Rachel Corrie this is not the model of America she wanted to see reflected in the Holy Land. Even if the Zionist courts do not come up with the result of compensating her loved ones for the tragic loss of their angel - Rachel – her family should still realize that there are a lot of good people in the world, who regard Rachel as a masterpiece of morality and love for her fellow human begins.

Those who give their lives for the sake of other human beings would never find solace from the Israeli judicial system. But just the same, we praise her family for reminding the world that in America there is indeed goodness, kindness and a deep recognition of right and wrong that has not been smeared by the AIPAC and all the advocates of hate that are given a free pass to enter and exit the corridors of the US Senate and House of Representatives as they like and continue to keep those Caterpillar D – 9 crushing even American advocates of peace, freedom and justice – none of which has anything to do with the Zionism that Washington simply cannot do without.




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