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KGB Threaten Dokku Umarov With Revenge In A Paid Article In Sunday Times

08 April 2010

By Kavkaz Markaz

The Emir of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov "is under the influence of Arab militants close to Al Qaida", the London weekly The Sunday Times writes.

The author of the article says that Umarov is supported by Sheikh Abu Mohammad al-Maqdisi, whom the British paper calls "one of the ideologists of international terrorism".

Thus, it is reported that the US intelligence "described him as an influential member of Al Qaida who was an adviser to the leader of Al Qaida in Iraq Abu Musab al- Zarqawi".

Curiously, the "al- Zarqawi's adviser", after his release from prison, is legally living in his home in Jordan and has a legitimate website. Neither The Sunday Times, nor the Russian press, which reprinted the article, said anything about these facts.

However, The Sunday Times, with reference to certain anonymous "leading Western analysts" claims that Dokku Umarov could supposedly be "seeking extra funding from the international Islamist terrorism".

It is also claimed that earlier Dokku Umarov allegedly "did not share Shamil Basayev's view that ordinary Russians were legitimate targets", and that it supposedly means that a "change of tactics may signal the influence of Arab militants close to Al Qaida".

It is also interesting that The Sunday Times is well aware of the fact that the FSB had "sent a hit squad to assassinate Dokku Umarov (as if till now numerous "special forces" of infidels were gathering chamomile for a herbarium in the mountains of Chechnya), since the Kremlin fears that he is allegedly "plotting a kind of mass hostage-taking for which he once condemned Shamil Basayev".

It is to be mentioned that hitting civilian targets in Russia in order to force Moscow to enter into negotiations to end the killings of Caucasus civilians and withdraw its troops from Chechnya, after the events in Beslan, during which hundreds of women were killed and wounded by Russian KGB terrorists under the order of Putin, were found to be inexpedient.

It is also to be mentioned that after the death of the CRI President Aslan Maskhadov (Martyr, Insha'Allah), the question of negotiations with Russia had been withdrawn from the agenda. Thus, hostage-taking is not a forward-looking motivation today for the Command of the Mujahideen.

Judging by the style of the material in The Sunday Times and the "arguments" put forward in it, with a complete absence of even a hint about the facts or primary sources, an article in the British newspaper appears to be paid by Russian state terrorists.

It is well-known that ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, the KGB-FSB established ties and is in a permanent contact with quite a number of Western journalists, who get good fees for writing articles needed for the KGB. This has been repeatedly reported by KGB defectors and human rights activists. This has been widely reported both in Western and Russian press.

Also, since the USSR KGB-FSB is well known to pay for articles in the Western press, which has been and are being used for propaganda purposes to meet the desired goals of the Kremlin terrorists.

The fact that this article is nothing but pure Russian propaganda is confirmed by a well-known statement by the ringleader of the Russian foreign ministry, Lavrov, who announced that the explosions in the Moscow metro were prepared "by the North Caucasus militants who had been trained in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan".

It is in this context of the Lavrov's statement that all subsequent informational movements of the Kremlin are to be taken.

It is to be mentioned also that in his interview with the Arabic channel Al Jazeera (link to video), the Caucasus Emirate's official representative abroad Shamsuddin Batukayev confirmed the fact of attack in the Moscow metro (although the Russian propaganda previously stated that he rejected it), and said that the Caucasus Emirate has no contacts with the al Qaida.





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