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Putin's Terrorists Intend To Murder Metropolitan Of NYC And Eastern U.S.

09 April 2010

By Kavkaz Markaz

The head of an independent American Orthodox Church, the Metropolitan of New York City and Eastern US Agafangel disclosed the plans of the Russian terrorist organization of the KGB (FSB) to murder him.

In his Live Journal, the Head of the US-based Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia testifies on March 27 against murderous plans of the Moscow state church, which is sponsored and controlled by the KGB:

"If I were somehow "accidentally" killed, then from all people living in this world the only person who, in my understanding, is interested enough to not allow me to be in this world - is the Moscow Patriarch Kirill Gundyayev. Therefore, please forward to him all matters relating to my possible accidental death. Unfortunately, I am very seriously in my statement".

The reasons which made the American Metropolitan Agafangel, who lives in Odessa, Ukraine, to strengthen his suspicions were provided a few days ago.

"An open surveillance has been established against me, - the head of the American Church says - when I come back home, a group of teenagers is already waiting for me - They follow me to the doorway of my house, then most of them pretend to go to the second floor, but one of them takes the elevator with me.

They are 14 to 17 years, old, and they are from poor families. It seems that they follow a certain pattern. I have information that their actions are intentional".

Speaking about the practice of contract killings in post-Soviet countries, the American Metropolitan Agafangel said:

"In Soviet times, they killed only for ideology. In the post-Soviet area, they killed only for money. Now, it seems, they are beginning to return to their Soviet practice".

The metropolitan said the teenagers are only shadowing him, and it is unlikely they would murder, the Russian KGB (FSB) killers would come later.

"Children are usually poor performers, - the Metropolitan said- though they are brain-washed, but they take their task too serious and dutiful".

Metropolitan Agafangel was one of two bishops in the New York-based Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, who rejected the "Act on Canonical Unification" between the KGB-controlled Moscow Russian Orthodox Church and the ROCOR, which was signed in Moscow on May 17, 2007 by the previous head of ROCOR, Metropolitan Laurus Shkurlo from Jordanville, N.Y.

Metr. Shkurlo was bribed by the KGB and soon died, supposedly being poisoned by Moscow agents because he knew too much.

Metropolitan Agafangel was elected the Head of the independent ROCOR at a Church Council which was held in an Orthodox Cathedral in NYC in 2008. His church has about 100 parishes, mainly in the US, but also in Russia, Ukraine and some other countries.

It is to be mentioned that before the Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko was killed by Russian terrorists under Putin's order in London in 2006, he was also followed by Russian youth from the Moscow-based group Nashi.

Practically, Putin never conceals that his Latrine Doctrine envisages killing of enemies of Russia everywhere in the world through "scraping them off the bottom of the sewer" or "poisoning them like rats, crushing and destroying".

The American Metropolitan Agafangel is surely an enemy of Russia in Putin's view because he hinders the unity of the KGB Russian Church of Moscow.

The Caucasian Mujahideen fight international terrorism of Russian gangs for many years through their heroic struggle in the Caucasus, thus attracting huge Russian terrorists' forces to the Caucasus and saving the world from Russian terrorist peril.





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