Spreading Democracy: Victory For US And Israel - Vain Glory

19 May 2010

By Abu Tasha Abdallah al-Miqdad 

Praise be to God, He Who humiliates the polytheists and brings shame on the infidels. Peace and prayers be upon the Prophet Muhammad Bin-Abdallah, whom God sent down with the sword as a mercy for all creatures, until Judgment Day, to worship God Alone, with no partner.

The various media talk shows still debate the recently held parliamentary elections in the state of the Jews, the so-called Israel, its results, repercussions, and the predictable options laying in the horizon. The political analysis in this regard also occupies several hours of broadcast in an attempt to come up with fairly exact predictions on the situation after that one of the Jewish figures assumes leading the government of the Zionists, or another, as expressed by the political analysts, to convey advice.

Some people show further optimism about a Jewish party, and are pessimistic about another so as to spur disarray and confusion among the masses of the Ummah and (enhance the notion) that it is possible to have a Jewish personality that supports the rights of the Muslims in Palestine and will offer them on a silver plate, regardless of the massive bloodshed that the Jews sacrificed in the criminal wars they led against Muslims.

However, I view those elections from a different perspective because of my previous knowledge and firm conviction that the most antagonist people to those who believe in God are the Jews and those who associate partners with God, when I saw the Jewish people, men and women, heading toward the polls to elect people whom they set up as rivals unto Almighty God and who pass laws that are even more commanding to them than their Torah, which they believe is sacred and sent down from the Lord of all creation, Exalted is He.

I have seen a similar scenario in the United States of America, which occupied TV channels and radio stations, and to which were devoted entire pages of newspapers, while people talked at length on the choices of the American people about their future leadership. Yes, it is they, along with the Jews, who feel proud of this democracy which they espoused as a substitute to the creeds they believe they should follow. They have put on equal footing in voting and candidacy that which was not made equal in the Torah and the Bible they recite.

I went back in time and realized that the state of the Jews espoused democracy since the early days of the foundation of the state. They held elections for their parliament, the so-called Knesset, on 25 January 1949, six months after they occupied the land of Palestine. This is a significant indication on the thoughts of the enemy for the sake of which he is fighting us and trying to make a substitute to our creeds.

I also looked deep into the associates of the Americans and found them democrats and proud to be. They disavow any belonging to Islam, fight whoever upholds the empowerment of the Islamic Shari`ah command, and open the door of their kingdoms wide for the UN missions, in whose lands are raised a large number of institutions that overtly promote democracy.

Here we have Jalal Talabani, Hamid Karzai, Asif Zardari, and Mahmud Abbas who all reached power through the elections and by means of democracy, turning away from the Islamic Shari`ah. What makes it even more clear is the keenness of the foreign delegations from the states of infidelity and the United States to supervise the elections and provide the necessary finance to hold them. “The Democrat`s Crimes." The history of humanity has never witnessed carnages as gruesome as those carried out following the emergence of the democratic (regimes). The first and second world wars witnessed the low level of ethics of the democrats who disrespect the least principle of (the right for) life experienced by the peoples throughout history.

The ongoing war in the lands of Muslims engenders countless crimes that prove their wickedness and heartlessness. Our hearts still bleed for our brothers in Afghanistan victims of the searing bombing of the US Democrats' fighters, which pounded the houses killing women, children, and elderly, and annihilated lots of families, just as if they had never existed before. They did the same in Iraq. We still remember our kinfolk in the Arab al-Jubur area, the families that were wiped out, and the streets that were flattened all of a sudden, as we also did not forget our people in Mosul who were stormed by the forces of infidelity and apostasy, led by Tariq al-Hashimi, to kill their children and detain their men and women. In Gaza too, sisterly city of Mosul, the Israeli democrats led a filthy war, pounded the houses over the inhabitants, burned the bodies of Muslims, and carried out acts of killing just as did their fellow promoters of democracy. “Crusaders and Zionists Are the Advocates of Democracy". We definitely do not need any effort to know who are the promoters of democracy, those who announce themselves in public and pay money and sacrifice lives for the sake of that. Lots of institutions and associations that promote democracy in the lands of Muslims are financed by the United States and the states of the European Union.

Marina Ottaway, expert of democracy issues at the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said: "Bush's policy in spreading democracy has taken two different paths. The first one uses a serious-toned message calling for the implementation of democracy, while the second uses diplomatic means with the Arab states, and whose tone is usually less severe than the spoken message."

Ottaway, the specialist in the field of spreading democracy, believes that regarding the initiatives launched by Bush's Administration, such as the 2002 Middle East Partnership Initiative, whose objective is to support education programs and women's rights, private organizations are not adequate to 'shake the situation in the Arab world so that democracy can emerge.' George Bush, the Crusader former US President, said in a press conference on 30 April 2005: 'In the long term, defeating terrorism passes through spreading freedom and democracy. This is indeed the only way.'

The Zionist Ariel Sharon, former Israeli prime minister, said in the Sharm al-Shaykh Summit on 8 February 2005: `Congratulations are also due to you, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mr Mahmud Abbas, on your impressive victory in the Palestinian Authority elections. Your victory and the path on which you wish to lead your people can mark a direction of real change to your people, which will affect the entire region. I also hope that you will be able to lead your people on the path of democracy and maintenance of law and order until the establishment of an independent and democratic Palestinian state.

Obama too, seeks to spread democracy, but has a different approach regarding the details, as he asserted in various instances that he will not ignore the spreading of democracy during his mandate. He wants to achieve that through a wider scale, through the programs of public diplomacy, and the increase of the US aid to the world's countries in the fields of countering poverty, education, and health care programs, and encouraging the bilateral trade and economic partnership with the United States. In this regard, Obama backs the concept that the US aids should hinge on the progress achieved in the reform and democracy efforts in the countries that seek to get this aid. “Shura (Principle) Refutes the Call for Democracy." Those who were fascinated by democracy adopted it and passionately promoted it, ignoring its reality and the reality of those who advocate it. The supporters of democracy make their utmost effort to spread it in the whole world and even spend their money and sacrifice their lives to achieve such a quest: Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Pakistan are real examples on this. I am also sure that the majority of the parliamentarians -- I mean herein the Islamist deputies -- know well what it means and are convinced of its reality, are well aware of its badness and failure to provide people with security and peace, in addition to its opposition to the Islamic Shari`ah and its radical difference from the Shura (consultation) principle. But, they are unable to help resist the regimes of oppression and apostasy in their countries so they opted for it.

Democracy is great sedition and a big ordeal, however, being closely put to the test, it helped set apart the faithful Muslims from the impious people in whose heart is a disease, and then resulted in an enormous crowd of the democrats, made of Christians, Jews, atheists, Hindus, Rejectionists, Magi, apostates, hypocrites, al-Murji'ah (those who delay jihad), and the Ash`ari (disciples). On the other hand, the monotheists came together in one rank, holding fast by the solid rope of God, those who uphold the Shari`ah and nothing else, and face the whole world certain of God's support and victory, may God make us join the ranks of the monotheists.

Since our blessed scholars have already spoken about democracy and proved it a system of infidelity, I will herein quote what Wajdi Ghunaym, prominent Muslim Brotherhood member and most famous supporter of democracy in modern times, said in his book Godliness of Shura and Situation of Democracy: `Democracy is void of the origin; it is of no use as indicated in Almighty God's religion. He who adopts, implements, calls for it, or approves and agrees to espouse it -- as per its basic principles and fundamentals which we proved are invalid -- without a religiously compelling reason is an infidel apostate, even if he bears a Muslim name, or misleadingly claims to belong to faithful Muslims. Islam and democracy, according to this definition, never meet in the religion of God. “Risks of Democracy.” The risks of democracy are clearly seen by the people as being openly defiant to the faith of monotheism. If we select a few opinions of people from the West in whose lands raised and grew this evil plant, we will find that there are some researchers among them who consider it undesired. One of those, a US citizen, described it and said: “Democracy is to favor the opinion of 11 donkeys over the opinion of 10 scientists.”

If we look deeply and watchfully into democracy, we will realize its risks on any society:

Changing God`s firmly established Shari`ah with the three powers in democracy, which emerged in the lands of the infidels

Gathering people in parties and blocs which rouses and spurs sedition and discord among them

Electoral campaigning comprised of showing and presenting one's deeds and withholding from others the deeds that they are due, as well as the use of falsehood in order to gain people's votes

Making all the people equal, as there is no difference between a knowledgeable person and an ignorant person, a specialist and an intrusive person, an old man and a youth, a monotheist and an infidel, a guided one and one who has gone astray, a believer and a hypocrite, a pious one and an irreverent one, an adulterer and a holy man

Spoiling money and resources of the Ummah in the elections

Candidacy for the elections is contrary to the guidance of Prophet Muhammad, peace and prayers be upon him, as we (Muslims) do not confer the command of an emirate on whomever asks for it

Deprived people have no chance of being on the electoral lists because being a candidate requires spending huge money in order to get people`s votes, which apparently go to the one who pays out more, either through bribery or through the fake media`s over-elaboration

Democracy leaves the door wide open for both a reformer and a spoiler

PA President Mahmud Abbas did not get more than 28 percent of the votes, however, he becomes president because of the Palestinian law that opposes the Shari`ah

Democracy coexists with the oppressive regimes and the spoilers of the social life with all its constituents

Produces deputies who pass on laws opposite of the religion of Almighty God

Wars erupted in several areas such as Kenya, Palestine, and Algeria when some parties, unwanted in society, reached power, in addition to Austria (as received) and Gaza which were subjected to a siege imposed by the democratic states when undesired groups reached power; and

Spread of democracy in our lands is a victory for the Jews and Christians who spend money and sacrifice lives for its sake.

If you have a careful look at those who call for premature elections, along with its ensuing chaos and disorder in some countries and bloodshed in others, you will realize the deficiency of this democracy and its reprehensible failure to manage the people's affairs and come up with leaders capable of running the people`s daily life affairs. You will also ascertain, undoubtedly, the appropriateness of the Islamic way in generating the leaders and instating the Amirs. Thus, only the one who meets the requirements agreed upon by the Ummah and who upholds the banner of the Shari`ah and sacrifices one`s self and property for it can be our ruler.




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