Killing "Terrorists", Burying Century: Projecting The “Terrorists” In The Tangled World

30 May 2010

By Ahmad Abdullah

One by one, the accused terrorists were arrested and some had been, inshaAllah, shaheed at the hand of the Densus 88. And on the other hand, the big case had sunken together with the death of the “terrorists”, and thus, the society began to slowly forget the case that had made the State lose billions of Rupiahs and which also dragged important names of the state officials. Therefore, the state has succeeded in keeping the ulcers of her officials and she had also succeeded in projecting the “terrorists” as the mischief makers in the tangled and mismanagement of the country (Indonesia - ed.)

From here we can deduce that, when there is a case that drags high officials, then its solution is very easy; find bearded men with pants above the ankles, whose wives are wearing the veils and then shoot them on the spot, and then make it widely reported that the police has succeeded in thwarting a terrorism act that disturbs the sovereignty of the country. Automatically, the public attention would be directed at the “terrorists” and they would slowly “forgive” those higher officials who embezzle the public money.

This is dupery, systematically undertaken by the State and helped by the medias which are of course never siding with the Islamic ummah, let alone being vocal in voicing out for the formalization of the Islamic Shari'ah in living within a nation and state. The theatrical of the people who hate Islam is now complete; it is enough to do a job once but great benefits will be reaped i.e. killing the characters of the Islamic ummah and saving the people who are hungry for power and the plunderers of peoples' money.

This is a big crime, where the best sons of the nation fell at the hand of the rulers without trial, without defense, treated like the scum's of the earth. The rulers themselves arrest, shoot and torture as they like, to divert the issues and cover up the depravity of their cronies, their friends in politics, from getting noosed by the law.

Hence, from here we are confident that democracy does not belong to us, the freedom of speech is not for us and justice and welfare are never ours, they are only for them. Because, all those are achieved by shedding the blood of our brothers, by extorting the sweats of the poor people in this country in which the majority of them are Muslims, selling this country which is fertile and rich with the bounties from Allah SWT for the Islamic ummah to the invaders and the most disgusting of all is plundering the money of the State for their own self-interests.

It is unfit for us to follow their dirty ways, we are too honored to party with them, to mingle with them, the people whose hearts are dead are not the same as those who still have conscience. So, if there are Muslims who are proud for sitting with them, enjoying their banquet, it means that they have betrayed every blood of the Muslims that had been spilled, the children of the Muslims who had died out of hunger and the Muslims who are continually oppressed by the rulers in the name of their seeming democracy.

From this tragedy, we can conclude that the ummah must be mentally agile. Their hatred towards Islam make them use every means to put out our lives, our ideology and the every episode of this life. Allah SWT asks us to take lessons and be more cautious in treading the journey, because being cautious in treading a journey is the character of taqwa.



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