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The United Nations Is An International Organization For Falsifying Popular Wills

31 May 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The United States has achieved its will in setting up Karzai as president of Afghanistan. It was able to do that merely through a presidential decision or even a vote in congress. But it wanted a democratic show, in order to deceive its people and the people of the world, by claiming it has achieved something there that justifies the sacrifices of its soldiers and the destruction of its budget. It wants to make the people of the world believe that American tanks and airplanes, the mercenary companies and the dogs of Obama that devour the living and the dead, all of those instruments of death also come with democracy, the goal that justifies all the crimes of killing and mass murder.

The democratic farce no longer fools anyone. For the international public, and the American public too, has been struck by weariness and understand that what is happening in Afghanistan is nothing but a continuing crime concealing its Satanic aims of stealing wealth and gaining the forbidden… specifically that means oil theft and the international trade in heroin are the real face of American democracy in Afghanistan. It has been clear since the beginning that Obama in Washington wants Karzai in Kabul to be a “democratic ruler” chosen by a hundred thousand rifles of the occupation soldiers.

The elections were a joke, and the results a scandal. The American position in Afghanistan has become weaker, proceeding in step with the decline of that nation and the fracturing of its international system. And so the “Unipolar” power has become the sick man, and the source of financial, economic, political and even security weakness for the entire world.

The neighbors and allies of the sick man are trying to distribute his legacy, while he is crawling on the earth fooling himself and eliciting the laughter of the others and the scorn of people, serving as a warning to those who consider the fate of stupid tyrants who become drunk with power, and think they are fooling the world, while they themselves are the ones being fooled.

The scandal of the presidential elections in Kabul was the talk of the world, and eliminated the illusions of many about the nature of a democracy, such as one established on a fraud and the supremacy of the powerful over the people. It is exposed the nature of the American role running on the twin legs of extreme cruelty and despicable treachery.

And it has exposed anew the role of the United Nations as an instrument to execute American policy around the world, and to fool people under the cover that it is a neutral international organization, while in reality it is a lying and criminal American organization. Since the foundation of this organization, its goal has never been to serve people, or to exercise vigilance over the interests of the international community. Rather it was an instrument to serve the interests of the victorious nations in the second world war, in order to divide the world among them safely without leading to another world war.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, however, and the American pronouncement of victory in the cold war, it swapped down on that international organization and considered it as a prize of war, adding it to its tools of foreign policy. Since its establishment, that organization has taken part in many crimes against the world’s peoples, especially weak people.

The first of its great acts was the declaration of Israel as an internationally recognized state, at the expense of the Muslims of Palestine. All the world recalls the ethnic massacres that occurred in the African states of Rwanda and Burundi under the eyes of the United Nations, which stood silent, even though they had forces there under the supervision of the African Kofi Annan, who was later rewarded by being appointed as Secretary General to the international organization. That was followed by massacres of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which the United Nations peace-keeping force KFOR took part. Under the supervision of Dutch forces there, approximately 10,000 Muslims under their protection were killed in one massacre. At that time, the secretary general was Boutros Boutros-Ghali, himself from a Third World Country, Egypt.

In Somalia, the United Nations forces of Operation Restore Hope used the method of restoring hope by killing Somali Muslims. Pictures were leaked of Italians troops roasting the corpse of a Somali youth as one would roast a goat!

This is the “United Nations” which hid in its offices in Kabul the criminal butcher Najibullah for years, until the justice of the men of the Taliban took him by force and by storm. Just retribution was taken against him and he was hung from a light post. That United Nations organization has not only participated in, but actually organized and arranged the operation for falsifying the recent elections in Afghanistan. It was the arm of America in executing this farce, in accordance with American will to ensure the success of its favored agent Karzai. It is not surprising then that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate direct their lightning strikes against the United Nations presence in Kabul, and attacked one its headquarters in the center of the capital, which has forced it to withdraw most of its workers from Afghanistan, which is undoubtedly a prelude to the withdrawal of the occupation forces of America and its allies.

The political logic of that attack is clear: it means the rejection of the hostile and colonialist role on the part of an international organization that claims to be neutral, while serving as a fundamental piece of the policy of establishing the occupation in the country. It is indeed a tool for falsifying the popular will, and executing the will of the occupation and presenting it to the world as the will of the people of Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate – as the effective ruler of Afghanistan – announced the boycott of the elections and requested the people not to participate in them. The first round confirmed the popular commitment and adherence to the ability of the Emirate to lead and guide the people in their battle against the occupation.

But the United Nations insisted upon continuing in playing its role as a tool in the hands of the occupation, and has been occupied in arranging the falsification of a second electoral round. Hence that educational strike which hit one of its centers in the midst of the regime and armies that protects it. This strike was the direct cause for the halting of the second round of elections and indeed the partial flight of the United Nations from the field of Afghanistan.

Before the American invasion, the relationship between the United Nations and the Islamic Emirate was fraught with tension and mistrust, even though the Emirate had made exhaustive efforts to facilitate the work of international aid organizations. But those organizations worked to sabotage the political institutions of the Emirate and fanned the flames of military rebellion in the country, indeed they worked to supply and equip the forces of rebellion under the pretext of humanitarian assistance.

Some international organizations were caught smuggling weapons to rebels, and some others took part in transporting rebel leaders wanted by the Emirate. Many of those organizations also proselytized among the poor of Afghanistan, and were planning on building churches there.

In Kabul, they were eager to provoke the Emirate authorities, so they held riotous parties, which led to the arrest of some of them for a period, then their expulsion from the country. As soon as the war broke out, among the first thing the American forces did was bring those expelled criminals back with them, under the protection of its forces, which was a clear message the Afghan people that the United Nations and its different organizations are among the tools of the occupation, executing its policies and working under its protection.

Likewise when the occupation forces are compelled to flee from Afghanistan, that colonialist organization which calls itself the United Nations is the other that will also leave without returning. For after the liberation there will be dozens of other means for the entry of the Islamic Emirate into the international arena as an effective party in regional and global politics.



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