Perk Up Comrades! Allah Is With Us...: The Bond Of A Common Aqeedah Making More Powerful

31 May 2010

By Burhan Sodiq

The world of movements is indeed in the process of preparing the best cadres who will raise high the kalimah of Allah on the surface of this earth. Their only bond is the bond of a common aqeedah, the same kalimah of tawheed, that will make them more powerful than before.

It is these cadres who would eventually expand the spirit of da'wah and jihad in this world. Not only in Indonesia, because the ambition would be very small if only measured by an Indonesia. Islam must be victorious all over the world and benefit its inhabitants with a clear Sharia'h.

These cadres grow continuously, increasingly developing with times and extending to the whole country with a common spirit, the spirit of change towards a better direction. Their akhlaq are good, the words they say are also good. These are the capitals that would make them able to become an agent of change forward.

They consist of a various harakahs existing in Indonesia. Mutually strengthening and giving supports to each other. They don't need to mutually aggress, mutually shove or mutually intercept each other just for the sake of wining away the masses. After all, the run is the same, heading for the same one objective, so why should they compete each other. They must be able to take care of the purity of the struggles, that struggling is not for winning big masses, but to seek the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and proclaim His religion on the surface of this earth.

It should be that they mutually advise each other in goodness and patience. Mutually motivating and complementing each other, not mutually deflating each other. Joining hands in running the programs together where the effects could be very massive. Having discussions in the spirit of looking for solutions, not in the spirit of mutually finishing off each other's opinion.

This is the life that has been awaited for so long. This is the long-awaited yearning. Seeing a whole row of chosen cadres, holding the 'embers' to become the generation of the ghuraba who are willing to sacrifice for Allah the Ar-Rahman. May Allah choose us to become those chosen cadres. Allocating our properties and presenting our souls to struggle for the sake of the beloved Islam. Perk up comrades! Innallah ma’ana…

Prepare To Be Chosen

Now is the time to prepare the heart so that it wants to understand, that the struggles will always need seriousness. Being serious in seeking knowledge and being serious in practicing it. Now is also the time for the soul to want to do for each other. Sacrificing for his brothers with a sincere heart without the feeling of loss and sorrow.

Now is the time to be willing to let go of everything that we have. Setting them aside for the benefits of the works that we have been pioneering together. Swinging the steps, strengthening the grips of our hands and advancing towards the battlefield. The battle that is still unfinished and the struggle that still has a long way to go.

Our days are the days that must be given meaning with goodness and seriousness. Each second should be filled by us with good deeds that will never run out. Carve out the best deeds and cooperate with each other. Remove the feelings of egoism, fanaticism to own circle, assabiyah, tribalism or any form of damping down other ukhuwahs. Hold on to the rope of Allah with as much strength as possible. Allah would surely repay our good deeds with great and satisfying rewards. Once again comrades, Allah is with us!




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