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KATYN 2. Do Russian terrorists fear Third World War for killing Polish President?

10 May 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

According to Russian media outlets, the Russian ringleader Medvedev does not rule out the possibility of a repetition of a conflict comparable in scale with the Second World War. According to him, there are people who "regard the war as means of solving their political problems".

The head of the terrorist country believes that Russia should be ready for such developments. "It is absolutely immutable thing. We must be prepared to defend our country", Medvedev said in an interview with Russian paper Izvestia.

According to the criminal, he, as the chief commander of Russian armed forces, will pay close attention to the defensive capacity of the Russian army. Otherwise, Russia may be weak in face of the threat.

This message of the Russian terrorists' media has been commented for the Kavkaz Center by an Ukrainian political analyst Bogdan Lisitsa in a letter to the editor. He points out:

"This was said at the time when the Russians are caught with their the cruel and cynical murder of the Polish President Kaczynski and the Polish elite. Russians, as always, hoped for a Russian "maybe": "maybe, we'll be manage it quietly".

But unexpected happened ,and they failed to "cover up traces" and to present the massacre as a casual accident. The facts convincingly testify that the Russians are murderers and they will be certainly punished for it.

Moscow is afraid of revenge of all civilized countries. Therefore, Putin and Medvedev are already beginning to prepare mentally their human cattle for a new World War. Much now depends on the Poles themselves and their allies.

If today the Polish and world elite not want to punish Russia for the death of the Polish elite, then tomorrow they can expect to get the same fate as a gift from the Russians. Russians are already afraid of an adequate response of the international community and have started talking about a new World War".

It is to be noted that, at least for the moment, the German elite fully agrees and approves the massacre of the Polish elite by the Russians, possibly because of the age-old enmity between Germans and Poles.

In any case, a rather big German news agency Telepolis published on May 8 an article of its staff member, a certain Thomas Dudek, who literally thoroughly poured his hatred on few media outlets in the world which are not afraid to write the truth about another bloody genocide of the Poles, which has been conducted by the Russian terrorist group of the NKVD-KGB-FSB under orders by Russian ringleaders Putin and Medvedev.

Pouring his hatred on the Kaczynski's party that does not want to accept the assassination of the President by the Russians, Telepolis continues:

"Such speculations are distributed not only in the Polish Internet. Over the past few weeks they appeared on the website Kavkazcenter.com, which is being run by terrorists who were responsible for recent suicide attacks in the Moscow subway - they contain the same anti-Russian messages. And the portal Polskaweb.eu, whose editors in Poznan, is operating in German... ".

It is to be mentioned to the "friends of Russia" from the German agency Telepolisa that the Kavkaz Center news agency is officially registered as a media outlet in Sweden, and reports about specific events. The Kavkaz Center never took responsibility for the explosions in the subway, but reported in detail about them, with reference to specific sources.

Meanwhile for all their hatred for the Poles and the fighters for the truth, the German "friends of Russia" from Telepolisa were forced to admit that the Polish people, except for "friends of Russia" who infiltrated the present Polish government, are united in their resentment against Russian murderers.

The Telepolis quoted words about the Russian murderer Putin, spoken by a well-known Polish TV actor Mariusz Bulski, who said in the documentary film "Solidarity 2010", which was shown on Polish TV:

"A man who has blood stuck on his hands, embraced my prime minister. However, he would have never put his arms around my President".




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