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EPA Takes a Giant Leap Into Tyranny: American Endangerment Finding

17 June 2010

By Cassandra Anderson

Yesterday, the EPA won a victory over the American people and took a giant leap toward tyranny, in a Senate vote 47- 53 against blocking action by the corrupt EPA. When the federal 'Cap and Trade" bill (one version already passed in the House) stalled in the Senate after the CO2 lies unravelled due to Climategate and numerous other scandals, the EPA created the 'Endangerment Finding' in December 2009, in an end run around Congress, as there will be no vote; the EPA is made up of unelected bureaucrats.

The 'Endangerment Finding' states that 6 greenhouse gases, with harmless CO2 at the top of the list, threaten the public health and welfare of current and future generations. Truthfully, it is tyranny that is the biggest threat, as the EPA compiled an 18,000 page document with new regulations on transportation, that includes airplanes, cars, tractors, farm equipment, trains, buses, etc. It's obvious that there is a desire to control every aspect of our lives.

By the way, 'Cap and Trade' schemes will cost taxpayers $300 to $400 BILLION dollars a year! Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is quoted, when speaking about failed federal bills and international accords:

"Let us keep in mind that they all have one thing in common and that is it's cap and trade. No matter who we use whether it's the Wharton School, MIT, CRA, any of them who have analyzed cap and trade, the cost is always about the same. It ranges between $300 and $400 billion dollars a year. Now as bad as the $700 billion bailout was, at least that was a one-shot deal. This is every year."

Predictably, the Gulf oil spill is also being used as a tool to promote not only the EPA regulations, based on fraudulent science, but also the new federal 'Cap and Trade' bill, the American Power Act. Never mind that CO2 gas is at its lowest levels in 14 years! This bolsters the argument that CO2 is not a result of human activity because CO2 was higher in 1996, and our population has increased by 38 million people, the US produced 38% more output and traffic volume increased 22% since that time. The author of the article opines whether the reduction of gases is due to fuel efficiency and the like, but can then only account for a 5% reduction based on that theory.

While I have not read the EPA's 18,000 page regulatory guide, the EPA does embrace Cap and Trade schemes. In fact the Acid Rain Cap and Trade scheme generates billions of dollars a year based on phony science. Gene Liken and Frederick Borman, the creators of the Acid Rain theory, have worked extensively with the government to implement updates to the Clean Air Act of 1970. Specifically, their theory that Acid Rain was caused by coal power plants was thoroughly dis-proven in 1990 in a 10 year study funded by the government. Scientist Dr. Ed Krug found that the acid lakes of the Adirondack resulted from acid soil and vegetation. In fact, when the area was logged prior to 1915, the lakes were able to host a variety of fish. But why should the truth, our health and safety, or the economy get in the way of politics and the globalist agenda?

The Clean Air Act is the tool for implementing the EPA's 'Endangerment Finding'. Since the establishment of the Acid Rain Cap and Trade scheme has been so successful, naturally, the EPA wants to expand its powers. And Gene Likens, Acid Rain instigator, has worked diligently toward that end. This is not the only case he has been involved in using BAD (Best Available Data, or easy to manipulate theoretical data) science.

In fact, the United Nations, under the depopulation and total control blueprint of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and its companion document, the Global Biodiversity Assessment Report (1995), on page 773, a study from 1975 by Gene Likens is used to set the limits for population control. While we could not find the actual study, we know it is based on theoretical models and easy-to-manipulate data because the population was only 4 billion people when the study was performed in 1975, so it could not be based on real data. It is interesting to note that the UN had to use a study that was 20 years old to justify its recommendations.

Likens' study sets "sustainable" population limit at 1 billion people, if fully industrialized, like North America. In a more frugal world, like Europe, 2-3 billion people are sustainable, and in a peasant society, 5-7 billion people are sustainable. This Malthusian nonsense recommends that the population be reduced by up to 85%. Obviously, world history since 1975 disproves this theory. But depopulation enthusiasts keep spreading lies about scarcity of resources and creating alarmism over fraudulent environmental disasters (like acid rain and global warming).

Gene Likens holds many "honors" like the National Medal of Science, the Blue Planet Prize and is the recipient of the Tyler Prize. Other Tyler Prize "winners" preoccupied with depopulation include John Holdren, Maurice Strong and Paul and Ann Ehrlich. Gene Likens is also a respected member of the National Academy of Sciences (a Who's Who of eugenicists), as is John Holdren, who has recommended sterilization by way of tainting food and water supplies and forced abortion. The National Academy of Sciences members list is a great place to find the scientists behind fraudulent policy making science.

Jay Rockefeller (whose family has been the driving force behind the UN), is the Democrat Senator of West Virginia, one of the nation's leading coal producers. On June 8, he switched sides, from being opposed to Lisa Murkowski's resolution to block action detailed in the EPA's 18,000 page regulatory guide, to supporting Mukowski's ban on EPA action. Because the Rockefellers play both sides of the fence, in an illusion similar to the Right/ Left paradigm, this was an interesting piece of theatre.

The Rockefeller family has a history of extensive energy monopolies and interests (Standard Oil, Exxon, coal, etc) so it would seem that that's where their loyalties are. According to one article, it wasn't so long ago that Jay took ExxonMobil to task for the company's efforts to make Americans reject global warming. Hey wait a minute- don't the Rockefellers still have a large interest in Exxon?

Meanwhile, some family members, like Jay the Democrat, are also known to be liberals and concerned with the environment. Jay was criticized by the NRDC environmental group for switching sides and then opposing the unpopular EPA regulations. Laurence Rockefeller is listed on the NRDC Board of Directors which receives substantial donations from the Ford Foundation. The point is that Rockefeller, following the UN Agenda 21 model, PRETENDS to be taking action to save the environment, but those actions onlly result in more control for the collectivist elite. After all, global warming is a hoax, and CO2 is harmless, even beneficial, so the EPA guide is designed to expand control and rake in huge profits.

There is a simple solution. Simple, but not easy. The Tenth Amendment (States' rights) provides for State sovereignty. The States are free to reject federal directives and programs. Local governments also have a lot of power. The problem is to awaken the masses, educate them and organize action. This can be accomplished most directly with your local government. Your state and local governments have been targeted with implementing Agenda 21 Sustainable Development global warming programs (like the "Cool Mayors" project). Michael Shaw has said that the global elites' battle is to take their programs from global to local, because this is where they are implemented. Find out how to secure your local governments (then work upward toward the State level) at his website: www.FreedomAdvocates.org.




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