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How Sad! Palestine Is Now Gone From The World Map: Israeli Arabia

19 June 2010

By Salim Syarief

The luminance of the news about the atrocities of the Israeli soldiers on the humanitarian volunteers that happened last week made me interested in spotting the location of the Gaza Strip, the place where our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine are imprisoned or blockaded in a massive scale by Israel.

Equipped with the Google Earth facility, I tried to browse the locations that I wanted to find. But unfortunately, informations about Gaza are so little. What was more surprising was that when I tried to browse our holy place (Masjid Al-Aqsa, Palestine), apparently it was not on the electronic map. The keywords for finding the holy place of the Islamic Ummah has changed to become Masjid Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem, Israel…how sad!.. 

Like what had been reported by Al-Quds-Akhbar Al-Adab, the Egyptian weekly magazine, that the University of Cairo would delete the name 'Palestine' from the world map and replace it with Israel. ISRAEL – the Ministry of Tourism of Israel was using an ad campaign which promulgates “Experience Israel” in an effort to attract the attention of tourists to visit that country. But, the ministry has removed Palestine entirely from the map by eliminating any referral that directs to Palestine….

Just imagine, we could not find Palestine as a country, in fact even the name did not appear and could not be found on the map. A despicable measure in the elimination of the sovereignty of a country and the UN is silent about it. So, Palestine is no longer acknowledged in this world and the Islamic ummah also could not do much about this mater, how sad. 

Want to find the location of Masjid Al-Aqsa, Palestine?….Hang on! We must first enter its keywords i.e. Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem and the location is there in Israel!. Since when is the holy place of the Islamic ummah located in Israel?… but that's the reality today. Supposing the Islamic ummah are allowed to pay homage to a holy place (Masjid Al-Aqsa), does it means that we are visiting Israel?..how sad! When there are demonstrations held, by shouting out the name 'Palestine', it is only limited to the name on the surface of the lips, as the actual location on the map could not be found. Meaning, a part of the world populations are unaware of the efforts of removing the sovereignty of a country. Besides harming the people of Palestine, Israel at the same time also takes the opportunity to eliminate the name 'Palestine' from the world map, till eventually Palestine is really destroyed, whether in terms of its populations or location.

After all what had been done by Israel to Palestine, there is certainly no more way to accept any peace effort because the reality is that Israel does not care about this world. It feels it could already dominate the world and it would take its own course and do anything it likes. We, the Islamic ummah, should appropriately be doing the “real actions” for this humiliation that is already beyond limits. 

Strange indeed, Israel as the Zionists that did not have a sovereign country, invaded Palestine and eventually is able to occupy and eliminate the name of the land which it occupied, from the world map. Tragically, the UN is busy seeking for peace, for what? The world populations are calling out justice for Palestine, for what? If the name of the intended country has already vanished from the world map. It is unlikely that the UN is unaware of this elimination of the name 'Palestine' carried out by Israel, the question is, is the UN pretending that they do not know or they just do not care and cannot do anything?




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