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Putri Munawaroh Sobbed, Remembering Beloved Husband

16 July 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Arrahmah Jakarta

Which wife was not sad when looking back at the love and beautiful life with her beloved husband? Especially that the husband had already left her forever now. That's what happened to Putri Munawaroh, the wife of shaheed (Insha Allah) Susilo Adib, who was shot by the Densus 88, on 17th September 2009, in Jebres, Solo.

The Cries While Reading The Statement of Defence

That day, Tuesday, 6th July 2010, in the main courtroom of the PN (district court) of South Jakarta, Putri Munawaroh herself read the statement of defence against the tyrannical demands of the prosecutors who adjudicated her to 8 years imprisonment. The prosecution team after several trial stated that she was guilty due to assisting and participating in terrorism offences by providing facilities to the perpetrators of terrorism. Putri was wickedly snared by the Article 13 Letter B Perpu (gvt. regulation to replace law number...) 1 Year 2002 that have been enacted into Law No. 75 Year 2003 Article 55 verses 1 to 1 of the Criminal Code.

Putri Munawaroh did not feel the least bit that she had committed the offences as sought by prosecutors above, because she was only acting as an obedient and dutiful wife to her husband. That was what had been delivered in the reading out of the statement of defence in the district court of South Jakarta, at 15.00 hour local time.

Wearing a jilbab and veil, Putri Munawaroh read out her rights which had been tyrannized. Putri was unable to banish the sadness while remembering her beloved husband who had been defending her to his last breath. Putri was occasionally heard sobbing as she was unable to restrain her grief. Putri remembered her husband, Susilo Adib. Puteri explained that she and her husband was a married couple who were living life based on the Islamic values.

“We lived in ordinariness. My husband was teaching at the Pondok (Islamic boarding schooled) of Al Kahfi. I myself was an ordinary house wife. But, our lives were full of happiness and even more so when I was declared pregnant with our first baby,” Putri Munawaroh said in a sob.

Reception Of Putri's Guests

In April 2009, Putri Munawaroh and Susilo Adib rented a house in Sari Village RT 03/11 Mojosongo, Jebres, Solo, owned by Sri Indrasari for a period of one year, for a price of 1.4 millions Rupiahs. Then gradually they started to receive guests, whom Putri did not know herself who those guests were. Putri only knew those guests as ustadzs and she had no prejudice on them at all.

As a Muslim, Putri felt obliged to receive visitors, serve and entertain them. Because in Islam, honouring the guests is a main obligation. Putri did not expect that those of her guests were the wanted people by the Indonesian police, who were being sought for the bombing incidents in Hotels JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, last year.

Putri Munawaroh and her husband provided a place to stay and provided food for them. It was done after the bombings at the two hotels had taken place. Putri Munawaroh and her husband were accused of not reporting to the local RT (neighbourhood association) concerning the presence of guests who were staying for 2.5 months at their home. She was also accused of always locking the house each time she was leaving the house so that people did not know about the presence of those three fugitives.

Putri Munawaroh denied all those allegations. In her statement of defence, Putri Munawaroh mentioned that her action of locking the house when she wanted to go out was not intended to hide the guests, but so that their properties could be protected from bad people.

In the end, Putri Munawaroh was arrested in the raid on 17th September 2009 in Sari Village RT 03/11 Mojosongo, Jebres, Solo. Alhamdulillah, Puteri Munawaroh was safe as she was protected by her husband, who heroically shielded here from harm, despite being shot he was still protecting his beloved wife and unborn baby. In the end, Putri Munawaroh was the only suspect who survived and became a living witness to the very dramatic incident. When Putri was shot, she was three-months pregnant with the unborn baby, who has now born healthily and named Ahsan.

In the closing of her statement of defence, Putri Munawaroh requested from the panel of judges for a hope as follows :

“I hope that in deciding this case, it contains the values of truth, honesty and justice, as well as upholding the moral values towards Allah,” she said.

May Allah SWT, the Most Just, hear your prayers and pleads O my sister, Putri Munawaroh, Insha Allah!




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