Stop The Torture On The Accused of ''Terrorism'' Right Now!

15 July 2010

By Burhan Sodiq

The accused of terrorism, Muhammad Jibriel, admitted that he had always been tortured during his detention by the police. The torture only ended when he was moved to the Brimob Detention Centre, Kelapa Dua, Depok. "From the day I was arrested, until the fourth days after that, I was continously tortured," Jibriel said in front of the judges in the trial, where he revealed the kinds of torture done on him which include being beaten with rattan canes, having his face punched and having his beard plucked. Besides that, Jibriel also admitted to have been forced to take off his cloths for him to be photographed by them. Crazy!

Torture has become a part of the techniques to probe information's from the accused of terrorism. It has become common knowledge. At least this technique was copied from their elder i.e. America, when they want to dig up information from the Mujahideen. One more atrocity that had been hidden by America was exposed. After the torture in Abu Ghuraib and the abuse in Guantanamo, now the existence of tortures by the American secret agents, the CIA, in secret prisons was exposed. A number of those secret prisons are located in Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Thailand, on carrier vessels that are spread in several offshores, as well as some other places.

One of those who was detained and tortured was apparently a German citizen of a Lebanese descendant named Khalid Al Masri. This guy, who in his everyday life worked as a car salesman, was kidnapped by the CIA in December 2003 while on vacation in Macedonia. After being arrested, Khalid was straight away flown to Afghanistan to be interrogated. For five months in the secret prison, he faced various tortures. In May 2004, he was transferred to Albania. After being tortured, he was then freed just like that. This had made the German public reacted strongly. Days later it was discovered that the CIA had arrested a wrong person!

Beside Khalid, the tragic fate was also experienced by an Italian scholar, Hassan Mustafa Usamah Nasr. This man who seeked asylum from Egypt was arrested in the street in Milan without a clear legal basis. The CIA then notified the anti-terror forces of Italy that Nasr had been flown to the Balkan. Italy later learned that Nasr had been taken to Egypt to be tortured and interrogated.

The same tragic case also happened to Wahab Al Rami, a British businessman. He was arrested in Gambia in November 2002. Whereas, a few days earlier, a Palestinian asylum seeker had been declared free of terrorism charges by the British court. Al Rami was then taken to Guantanamo without a clear legal basis. He finally was freed of course. This also received a lot of criticism. Milton Bearden, the man who have had a career with the CIA for 30 years was amongst those who is highly critical of how the CIA interrogate prisoners through tortures. ''Torture is a way that will bring harm to your (CIA's) self,'' he said.

The pattern of a torture is considered to be an effective way of opening the mouth of the captives. Concern no longer exists, whether this would violate the Human Rights or not. It is already proven that the Human Rights and its strugglers will only care about the party that is in their favour. As if the defendants have no right to be defended and there is no need of providing defence for them. So, there appears in our minds a question, why must torture be done to the accused of terrorism, and not to the accused of corruption and pornography, where there is an excess of them? Why didn't they get the same treatment? Instead, they get a special and privileged place in the prison. An unfair treatment indeed!

It is time for legal activists to want to care about this. To prevent and stop tortures that have been done under any argumentation because everyone has equal rights before the law. So there should be no thuggery in the name of the law which whacks the innocent people.

May Allah avenge the tyranny of His creatures with just penalties and help the Mujahideen in the battlefield or those who are tyrannized by the authorities.

“There is nothing to be sad about in every trial, insha Allah. All must rise, even if I have to go to jail for five years, even if I have to be shot,” Muhammad Jibriel.

The Muslimeen will be victorious.
The Mukmineen will definitely win.
The Mujahideen must win.

The kafireen must fall.
The munafiqeen will surely be destroyed.
O Allah, help the Believers.

Make Islam win, O Allah.
Destroy disbeliefs and hypocrisy, O Allah.
O Allah, You are watching us all, O Allah.
Please help us from the kafir people, O Allah,
from the munafiq and mushrik people.
O Allah You are the All-Knowing.
Ameen ya Rabbal 'Alameen




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