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FPI Denounces The Arrest Of Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir

16 August 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

With the Dutch troops’ pullout, Canada has reopened talks of quick Afghanistan withdrawal ahead of schedule as its nation strongly opposes the Afghan war and prefers a road to peace. To make the matter worse, the US’s closest ally country, Pakistan’s president was quoted in an interview published in France as saying” Coalition forces are losing war against Taliban in Afghanistan.”

As things stand, there is a growing tendency among the mainstream media to unveil the facts and figures of the war and what is going in Afghanistan under the cover of “War on Terror.” In parallel with this, WikiLeaks’ editor-in-chief said he would not withhold the mountains of classified information on Afghan war from disclosure under the pressure from the Pentagon and CIA, adding the massive classified information would blow the US cover and lift the lid on the its covert activities in Afghanistan and the drug-smuggling from Afghanistan into USA.  

On the other hand, the associated press has published a confirmed and precise report, denying the NATO claim that its soldiers killed in Afghanistan over the past nine years brings the NATO troops’  fatalities to a total of 1500, according to the associated press count, the deaths and injuries take the NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan since the US invasion of Afghanistan to 40000 (forty thousand), bringing the US and allies soldiers killed in Afghanistan since the collapse of Taliban to 36413, and the injuries to more than 30000.

According to the associated press release, the overall number of foreign soldiers killed over the 9-year long Afghan war hits 44135, taking the injury toll to some 30000, giving no further details to determine any country with highest death toll.

In view these facts, the western and US-influenced mainstream media confirms the report issued by the associated press.

It is believed that the US is on the verge of failure militarily and morally and every step taken by it arouses intense anger and strong resentment among Afghan nation who can never tolerate the civilian casualties in Afghanistan, and the fact remains that US is to kill friends and allies as a means of subjugation to its will and power, at the same time, the US forces are morally bound by some of their religious circles to increase obscenity among the Afghan masses and make them show total disregard for Islam and deviation against it, and have the Afghan masses commit every wrongdoing and obscenity regardless of their religious and moral value, whereas they are not ready for the betrayal of their own religion and sacrosanct at any cost.

It is high time the US realized the sensitivity and enormity of the situation and the fact that the victory on the ground against Mujahideen in Afghanistan is not above zero, as the Afghan Islam-loving nation have never been subjugated throughout the Afghan history which is why the brave Mujahideen have brought the coalition of 43 countries to its knee and caused the US and its allies soldiers undergo mental-healing diseases who would rather commit suicide than fight against Mujahideen. 

In its statement, it was clear that the JAT strongly deplores the arrest because:

1. Ustadz Abu Bakar is not a DPO (wanted person) in any case.

2. The arrest of Ustadz Abu Bakar was carried out in the times ahead of Ramadhan and it would certainly interfere with the Islamic da'wah activities during Ramadhan.

3. The way of the arrest of an old ulama' like Ustadz Abu and which was carried out on the streets without a clear offense is a savage and violent way similar to the attack of the Israeli soldiers on the Turkish ship.

4. There are women in the group of who are old and tired from the long inland journey.

5. There is a very strong impression that the arrest is the achievement (credit point) imposed before the fall of (Police General) Bambang Hendarso Danuri.

6. Our suspicion was not divorced from the efforts to divert the attention from the various issues on the cases which are affecting against the POLRI themselves.

With that, the Ansharut Tauhid is demanding that the police release all the detained individuals i.e. Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir including the females, the driver and a companion, immediately and unconditionally. And to date, the Jama'ah Ansharut Tauhid had not received any reports regarding the arrest of their Amir




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