From Allende To Afghanistan: The Means Of Consolidating Imperial Dominion

29 September 2010

By Julio Escalona

Venezuela's Adjunct Ambassador to the United Nations, Julio Escalona writes: From the overthrow of Allende on 9/11/1973 to the attack on the Twin Towers in September 2001 a cycle of changes have come about modifying the world's geopolitical panorama and culminating today in a world process of totalitarian character.

It is based on neoliberal globalization, anti-terrorist strategies, militarization of international relations and one of its consequences, securitization since social cohesion does not come about with proposals of a social pact giving workers a space of participation but rather through fear and violence, which converts security into an axis of personal and collective existence; media monopoly that manifests itself in the monopoly of information; some define it being informed about everything but hearing and learning nothing, expressed in cultural monopoly, in the design of a world and life vision penetrating all spaces of society and persons, shaping the unconscious.

A vision, which has as its axis individual interests and therefore, social fragmentation in the measure imposed by the market ideology.

Social fragmentation that corresponds to a fragmentation of thought and the impossibility of obtaining a vision of the whole and not just the part, impeding understanding of the processes we live and the maturing of our capacity to question and rebel.

The totalitarianism is grounded on the military-financial complex that governs the world and advances multiplying war, destruction of human, cultural and natural diversity and subordinating democracy to coup d’états and military invasions.

Allende’s overthrow is essential in the defeat of Latin America's popular rise in the sixties and seventies ... Lumumba's assassination and Israel’s triumph in the Seven Days War meant the defeat of Socialism and Arab and African nationalism.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the disintegration of the USRR in 1991 marked a path that ended with the encirclement of progressive governments like those of Venezuela, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the threat of nuclear war against Iran.

That is to say, the destruction of humanity and nature as the means of consolidating imperial dominion.

Julio Escalona

H.E. Ambassador Julio Escalona is Venezuela's Adjunct Ambassador to the United Nations in New York. He holds degrees in economics, geopolitics and environmental issues, and is a former director of the School of Economics at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas and head of its department of human development. He is a professor of economics, general economic history, economic education in Latin America, contemporary Marxism and contemporary social problems. He has coordinated research seminars on economic integration, local economies and local development, and alternative technologies and has been a participant and guest lecturer at seminars, forums, academic institutions in Peru, Brazil, Japan, Paris, Mexico and Venezuela. Mr. Escalona can be reached at




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