Qur'an And Terror [Responding To The Qur'an Burning Day] : America Must Stop Cruelties

09 September 2010

By Reza Ageung S.

Responding to the Qur'an burning day planned by a Christian sect in America on the upcoming 11th September, the Islamic Ummah must react of course. Especially that the idea of that burning contains a message where the essence is that the Qur'an is the source of terrorism and that jihad is the same as terrorism.

This writing tries to explain that this idea is a symptom of defeat on the Western intellectuals. In frustration, the West is blaming the Qur'an as the source of terrorism. Whereas, the tyrannical behavior of America on humanity, particularly the Islamic Ummah is the one which sparked the birth of terrorist actions all over the world. Due to that, America must stop her cruelties if she wants to break the chains of terrorism.


What is being planned by Pastor Terry Jones on the upcoming 9th anniversary of the WTC collapse on 11th September, is a naivety with a logic that is too simplistic. According to him, the terrorists were inspired by the Qur’an, therefore the holy book of the Islamic Ummah must be burned. Is it as simple as that in order to break off the chains of terrorism?

It is clear that what he meant by “inspiration of terrorism” are the verses that talk about jihad. Here is the real message from the idea of burning the Qur’an: an ideological attack by equating jihad with terrorism, a classic stigmatization, actually.

It is this attack on the ideology that needs answers more than the burning of the Qur’an itself. Because, if the public accepts this understanding, that jihad is terrorism, then it can be exaggeratedly said that the burning of the Qur’an becomes plausible in the eyes of the public.

Only that, from a different angle, it is clear that the counter-opinions on the stigmatization will become empty because it is aimed at such frustrated faction in the likes of Terry Jones and company. Normally, the West or its agents in ideology, do not say outright in a naked way that jihad is terrorism. In a subtle way, there exists in the propaganda intended to extinguish the will of jihad from the minds of the Islamic Ummah, an intangible notion that Islam is a religion which is moderate, peace-loving and etc. Next, jihad will be narrowed down to only mean “to exert a great effort”, “to battle against the carnal desires” and so on.

In its existence like this, the West is still inside the realm of intellectual war with Islam. However, this idea of burning the Qur’an has contributed a great leap backward from that war: the West is defeated intellectually and finally in frustration, they right away blame the Qur’an. Shifting from the position of wanting to soften Islam and divorce the “radical Islam” from the “mainstream Islam” just as how the West normally propagandize, this idea of a senior pastor in Florida precisely wants to declare that Islam, as a religion, is indeed a religion of violence (an extremist right wing Christian who supports this idea said that he is supporting the measure taken by the pastor in order to “put an end to the idea that Islam is a peace-loving religion... Islam is precisely a violent culture with the aim to dominate the world”).

Therefore, this idea reflects a fear on the one hand and impudence on the other side. It is clear that the September 11 incident — regardless of who the real perpetrators are — is only an excuse for them to expose a real and greater fear of Islam. The rapid growth of Islamic adherents in the West, in fact even the teachings of Islam itself as a civilization, are the factors of fear (terror) in the Western society which is shadowed by moral decline.

Certainly, the Islamic Ummah does not need to be excessive in defending themselves from this stigma of terrorism, because our interpretation of terrorism does not connect with their interpretation of terrorism. Jihad, domination of Islam on the world, are surely teachings which are inherent in our religion (see QS As-Shaff : 9).

In fact, causing fear (terror) on the enemies of Allah is a well-known command of the Qur’an (see QS Al-Anfal : 60).

Subsequently, acts of violence against the enemies who robbed the independence or acted tyrannically are recorded in the pages of Islamic history as heroism. In other words, crudely speaking, the terror (towards the enemies) is the nature of Islam itself!

On that ground, it is the Western society who must do the introspection. If in these recent years, there have been more and more threats and the shadows of violence are haunting the Western society, it's because there are some human beings who feel oppressed by the policies of the Western governments, especially America, and feel legitimate to defend themselves or even retaliate. If there is a nation which is invaded just like that, its people killed, its independence robbed, is it not fair if she fights back and avenge the treatments? If an Ummah is ridiculed, invaded, humiliated in films, oppressed and deceived repeatedly, and when there are sons of its people whose souls are burned, is it not fair for them to defend themselves? —irrespective of whether the action taken is valid in the view of fiqh.

In other words, what happened today on the world stage is a humanitarian fairness. Terrorism is the counter reaction from the global colonization carried out by America and Company. When this is associated with religion, soon we will find that the Qur’an actually does provide a general framework for a hard and assertive attitude against the enemies of Islam, but reviewing the facts of the colonialism of this Ummah on the aspects of politic, culture, economic and even military, then it is America who is actually most responsible for the the emergence of terrorist acts around the world.

It is this kind of logic that should be developed so that everyone has a fair view about terrorism. In caricature, although an exaggeration, this had been illustrated in a political cartoon made in Iran: the terrorists are likened to toys which could explode and can only walk if the winches are rotated, and the hand that rotates them is apparently the arm wrapped in American flag-patterned clothes.

Of course, it is too rough, even conspiratorial if we accuse those terrorists as American toys. But essentially, we can draw a conclusion that the chain exists on America itself. Out of the blue, they persistently claim to be the victims of terrorism, Americans must realize that as long as their tyranny against humanity does not cease, then it is also that long that the chain of terrorism could not be broken.

Reza Ageung S. is a Student of Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Syariah / Science of Shari’a High School (STIS), Hidayatullah, Balikpapan, Indonesia. website : www.reza85ageung.wordpress.com



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