Presidency: Shekarau As True Consensus Candidate Of Nigerians - 20111 Elections

30 November 2010

By Abdullahi Bichi Yusuf

At last, the product of Adamu Ciroma cooking pot for PDP has been unveiled. The result was announced on Monday 22nd November, 2010 that after thorough assignment, the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar emerged as the Northern PDP consensus candidate. The implication of this result on the remaining aspirants who could not get the nod from the Adamu Ciroma Committee is enormous. First, that Atiku Abubakar is better than IBB, Gusau and Bukola. Secondly, that none of these aspirants was allowed to test his acceptance through the known process of democracy. Thirdly, that all the resources pulled out by individual aspirants to get accepted are all in vain. Four, that due process of democracy has been suppressed for mere arrangement in the name of consensus. There are many other serious implications bothering on the way and manner northern PDP elders went about their consensus candidate.


With the recent selection of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the Pdp northern consensus candidate and the readiness of IBB, Gusau and Saraki to support him towards getting the Pdp ticket for April 9 Presidential election, the stage is now set for a big thug of war between the supporters of the northern consensus agitators represented by Atiku and the group of the incumbent President Jonathan who believes that zoning is no longer viable and therefore, any body can contest. The desperations between these two groups to outsmart one another will definitely undermine the much talked about free, fair and credible election, especially within the internal politics of the so called the largest political party in Africa.


Unfortunately, apart from the political power game, none of Atiku and Jonathan can make appreciable progress and development for the country because these two people have presided over the affairs of this country without meaningful record of achievement. As a matter of fact, it is not going to make any difference whether Atiku or Jonathan takes the Pdp ticket. The truth of the matter is that this country has suffered a lot in the hand of Pdp since 1999 when it came to power. With the kind of candidate Pdp is likely to produce for the April 2011 presidential election, it shows that Pdp as a political party is not ready to amend towards achieving the desired progress for the country.


Indeed, both Jonathan and Atiku groups have skeletons in their cupboards. They are like characters of Chume and Amope in the drama book of Wole Soyinka entitled "The trial of Brother Jero."Some of us have not forgotten the story of Jero Metamorphosis. Chume is a bicycle repairer and Amope is a fish seller. Chume wants to buy fish from Amope on credit with the hope not to pay at all and Amope is ready to sell her fish to Chume on credit but at an exorbitant cost. The two characters have concealed wicked intentions against one another and without the knowledge of the other. So, the sponsors of Atiku and Jonathan, though from the same political party would like to have a pond of fresh against whoever emerges victorious at the end of the party primaries.


The good people of Nigeria should know that the cup of Pdp is filled up and cannot take Nigeria to the Promised Land. They must therefore rise against installing any of the two Pdp presidential aspirants as the country's next leader. If the sponsors of Atiku want a northern leader in the next political dispensation to continue where the late Umoru Yaradu'a stopped, we have better credible northern person who has also offered himself for the services of the country than Atiku. If Jonathan sponsors are against zoning because they want to continue, they should know that there is an aspirant outside their party who possess better leadership quality and does not bother about zoning but how to move the country forward in terms of socio-economic and political development. This is why we must all begin to consider the election and massive support of Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau, Sardaunan Kano as the next President of Nigeria. Shekarau happens to be the only presidential aspirant standing against tribalism, sectionalism and nepotism. Though he has no money to display as other aspirants are doing, but he has the political will to make Nigeria great again. Shekarau is the only Presidential aspirant that has no axe to grind with any interest, individually and collectively too.


As a detribalized man of God, Shekarau easily forgives and forgets whatever wrong one does to him. But can we say this of Atiku, Jonathan, Buhari and Ribadu? Atiku and Jonathan are already enmeshed with zoning palaver, indicating that they are tribal and sectional champions. Buhari and Ribadu are already wounded lions that are also ready to take their pond of fresh when opportunity permits. So, if the good people of Nigeria want unity, peace and advancement of Nigeria, they must go for that man of distinctive quality, a man whose sincere record of achievements stands tall among the presidential aspirants.


As a result of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau's outstanding quality against the other presidential aspirants as Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Goodluck Jonathan, Nuhu Ribadu, Muhammadu Buhari, etc, there have been some subtle attempts to undermine him whenever the issue of presidential aspirants comes to play. First, it was rumoured that Shekarau was no longer vying for the presidency. The rumour was immediately debunked and 54 members of ANPP at the national assembly later bought Shekarau's presidential nomination form for him, which indicated that he is still in the race. The recent bizarre one was the so called opinions of Nigerians conducted by NOI polls Limited published on page 28 and 29 November in the Daily Trust of 24th November, 2010, courtesy of ANAP FOUNDATION. The sponsored and tilted opinion research does not include a leading presidential aspirant under All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau. This deliberate bias and so called research opinion poll does not in any way reflect the correct opinions of Nigeria but that of the sponsors and their agents. An opinion research that worth its sort must not seek to be fraudulent biased and exclusively for the highest bidder as the one conducted by NOI polls Limited. If not, why was the name of a leading presidential aspirant like Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau not included in the opinion polls of Nigerians? This, in addition to the consistent inconsistencies in the result of the polls, makes the research apolitical and should be thrown to the dogs.


The result of the Adamu Ciroma search for northern Pdp consensus candidate indicates that Atiku had 4 votes among the nine votes cast. The big riddle is that how can nine people decide for the millions of northern people? This is why the result of Adamu Ciroma led NPLF should be taken as a joke carried too far. Is it not true that Atiku spent eight years in government without initiating single road construction in his Adamawa State? How come he emerged the so called northern consensus candidate of Ppd? In view of this, Nigerians should take it as a challenge that must be rectified. If Atiku is lucky to still make it in the Pdp primary, he should wait for mother of all defeat in the general elections. One is however glad that Adamu Ciroma committee was able to consciously or unconsciously avoid retired military men in politic by not selecting any of IBB and Gusau. This is why CPC should try to follow this noble footprint for our nascent democracy to survive. The destiny of this country is in the hands of the good people of Nigeria. They should make or mar and as a mark of avoiding had they known, let them cast their precious votes for MALAM (DR) IBRAHIM SHEKARAU, Sardaunan Kano because he is the genuine consensus candidate of Nigerians.


Abdullahi Bichi Yusuf writes from Bichi, Kano State.




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