Indonesia: The Merapi Evacuees Longed For Congregational Prayer

19 November 2010

By Ahmed Abdullah

Thursday, November 11, 2010, a team made up of the Anti-Proselytizing Front of Bekasi (FAPB), Mustikajaya Islamic Ummah Forum (FUIM), Community of Ansarut Tauhid for Disaster Cares (KATIBAH) of Solo and Klaten, Hidayah Social Wallets (DSH) of Klaten, Youths of Muhammadiyah of Kebonarum Province, Masjid Teenagers of Kebonarum Province, Arimathea Forum of Solo and facilitated by the Religious Affairs Office of Kebonarum Province, Kebonarum Province Party, as well as community leaders of Pluneng Village, Kebonarum Province, carried out humanitarian social acts by distributing relief aids to the evacuees of the Merapi volcano disaster who are from the district of Surowono (6 km from the summit of Merapi) which is in the province of Kebonarum. The team have prepared as many as 3 trucks and 2 pickup vehicles of goods which were stored in the National Plantation Inc. (PTPN) Kebonarum. The plan was, the relief goods would be distributed evenly to the evacuees in the province of Kebonarum Klaten. 

Approaching the Maghrib prayer, the team distributed new prayer kits such as prayer dress for women (mukena), sarongs, Al-Qur'an and Islamic books, at one site of the shelter i.e. SDN 1 Pluneng to be exact. The evacuees looked enthusiastic in receiving their shares. Such was their enthusiasm that they ran and right away put them on in preparation for the Maghrib prayer. The team held a congregational Maghrib prayer, where Ustadz Wahyu Abdurrahman from the KATIBAH volunteers became the imam. The atmosphere in the evacuee camp suddenly turned religious where a scene like that was not seen before.

After the Maghrib prayer, the women who had not received their prayer kits earlier, wasted no time and took their new mukenas which were just taken from the PTPN, as a lot of evacuees still had not received their allotment on the first distribution (before Maghrib prayer). In fact there were two mothers who kept on nagging, fearing of not getting their mukenas and worrying of missing other gifts, such as Al-Qur'an and Islamic books. But a community leader of the surrounding areas, Mr. Edi Sutopo, who always accompanied us, told them, "Don't worry ma'am, there are still a lot, we have just taken them from the store, you will all get it."

Amid the enthusiasm and spirit of the evacuees in receiving our assistance, came a number of pastors and church activists to the same place. When asked by Mr. Edi, they replied with an excuse that they want to see their people (Christians). When the team enquired Mr. Edi about the arrival of the pastors, he answered, "He may get a report from his people who are here, about the presence of a team who are distributing kits for ibaadah". He continued, "Let them come (the priests), this is already an open war".

At 'Isha prayer, the imam was still Ustadz Wahyu, followed by the jama'ah whose number was much bigger than in the Maghrib prayer earlier. In fact, the available space was insufficient to accommodate them all. In the end, the team laid some mats outside the room to overcome the overflow of the jama'ah. After the 'Isha prayer, the team made an initiative to organize a religious talk as requested by the evacuees, which was filled in by Mdm. Dr. Dewi Purnamawati (ex-church activist).

In her lecture, Mdm. Dewi talked about the story of her life which was smitten by all sorts of trials, from the time she embraced Islam in 1999 until today. The one which left the most impressions on her memory was when she was helping the Jogja earthquake victims in 2006, she saw many of the evacuees being struck by the disaster in this world, and then the missionaries came bringing the disasters of the hereafter, in the sense that they were draining out the aqeedah of the Islamic ummah, which in that case it was the disaster evacuees, to be proselytized. Like her experiences while still active in the churches, when there is a disaster like this, the missionaries would have one jargon "A DISASTER IS A BLESSING", because with disasters a lot of new souls could be proselytized or made murtad. The contents of the message that she wanted to convey is that these trials come from Allah, and Allah brings trials due to His love for us, to remind us so that we return and bring ourselves closer to Him.

(Klaten, 11 Nov 2010). []

Proselytizing Efforts Of The Missionaries And The Danger Of Leaving Islam

The former nun told about her life story when changing religion, from the follower of Christianity into the light of Islam. She talked about her life which was always in lies, be it to humans or God, because in Christianity it is naturally allowed to lie for the interests and objectives of the churches or priests.

After nearly half an hour delivering her materials, she disclosed that the greatest happiness for the Christians to get "rewards" from God and the worldly luxuries is in the event of a disaster or calamity such as landslide, earthquake, tsunami, etc. How come? because in the events of a disaster, the people who are afflicted by the disaster have unstable hearts and thoughts to seek God. We may have often heard from the former priests, church activists and also nuns that the slogan of the Christian people and activists in the events of a disaster is "A DISASTER IS A BLESSING, BECAUSE WITH DISASTERS A LOT OF NEW SOULS COULD BE PROSELYTIZED".

Therefore, we must be careful with the assistance given by the Christians to the people outside of their religion. Not that we are refusing the assistance given by the Christians, but we must really know and really watch over the deals which may be given for a long-term period, as well as medium, because, it is impossible for the Christians (kafir) to be kind to us if they have no hidden agenda behind it. Because Allah has said, which means:

"Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with you unless you follow their form of religion. Say: "Indeed, the Guidance of Allah is the (only) Guidance." If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper." (QS. Al-Baqarah 2 : 120)

After the failure of the first Crusade, the Christians began to study and make plans to destroy the Islamic ummah by means of:

1. Destroying the Islamic Governance.
2. Destroying and Eradicating the Qur'an.
3. Destroying the Ideology of Islam.
4. Destroying the Unity of the Islamic Ummah.
5. Corrupting the Muslimahs.

A missionary, Catly, said, "We must use the Qur'an, the most powerful weapon in Islam, to fight against Islam itself, until we can destroy it altogether."

The chairman of the Christian Missionaries Society, Samuel Zueimir, in his holy conference had said, "The task of the missionaries is not to make the Muslims become Christian, but the task is make the Muslims leave Islam, so that they become a creature who has no relation with Allah. Until they give birth to a generation of Muslims who do not pay heed to the greatness of Allah, who like to relax and be lazy, and all their activities in this world are only for the fulfilment of their carnal desires, in all of their undertakings."

Due to that, we must be very careful and vigilant with the ploys of the enemies of Islam, and it is also necessary to develop preventive measures for our siblings, relatives, neighbours and families specifically and the Islamic ummah generally, so that that we do not fall into the trap holes of those missionaries, because their movements today have reached areas where the basis of Islam is strong. Allah says,

"O ye who believe! save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who flinch not (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allah, but do (precisely) what they are commanded." (QS. At-Tahrim 66 : 6)

Besides us knowing, anticipating and averting the efforts of the missionaries, we must also convey to the Islamic ummah specifically, and the society at large the DANGER OF MUSLIMS LEAVING THEIR RELIGION. For example, we give them the understanding that if the Muslims leave their religion, then all their good deeds that they had done all their lives will be wiped out. And in the akhira, Allah will right away throw them into hell without first being brought to account. This is different from the people who are still Muslims in the end of their lives, because if a Muslims dies and he still brings with him sins (except the sin of shirk), he still have a chance to enter paradise after being brought to account first.




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