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The Baghdad Pet Market Bombings: A case-study in Crusader-Projectionist Collaboration

12 December 2010

By 'Abd al-Khaliq al-Muhajr

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. And peace and prayers be upon the best of Creation - Muhammad ibn Abdullah - and his family, and his Companions in their entirety.

To proceed:

In the modern world, where the media has become increasingly powerful, we find that many myths have become prevalent, so the Muslim masses remain ignorant of many realities, and are all too eager to repeat falsehoods they have heard from the Disbelievers.

One of the most common myths we find repeated by the Muslims is that the Crusaders and the Rejectionists are enemies. Countless times over the past few years the media has warned that indications suggested America or Israel was preparing to attack Iran.

Senior American military officials have went before the cameras and talked about Iran supplying weapons to those fighting the Americans in Iraq, and even to the Taliban in Afghanistan!

Too often I have heard Muslims express admiration (we seek Allah's protection!) for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for 'standing up' to the Americans and/or the Israelis.

The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth - the Crusaders and the Rejectionists have collaborated with one another since before the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq, and continue to do so to this day.

By taking just one example - for their are not enough hours in any one lifetime, however long, to fully discuss the crimes of the Rejectionists in Iraq - it is hoped that the wise reader will be able to draw his or her own conclusions about the veracity of these claims.

The bombings:

You probably remember the story quite well.

February 1st 2008.

Two female bombers killed 99 civilians in Baghdad, at two popular pet markets. The attacks (at al-Ghazal and al-Jadida markets) left more than 100 others injured.

The story:

American military forces - before the blood had even dried on the walls - announced confidently to the whole world that the two bombers were women suffering from Down's Syndrome.

Of course, there was no need to verify this information - it had come from Americans, so it must be true! - but there seemed to be an almost unbelievable need to spread and re-spread this story across the globe.

Allah's stern warning to the Believers was ignored:

"O you who believe! If an evil-doer comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people out of ignorance…" [Al-Hujurat: 6]

The media - both the portion controlled by the Zionists and Crusaders, as well as the portion that claims to represent the Arabs and/or the Muslims - immediately went into overdrive, and the frenzy didn't subside for several weeks.

They could hardly contain their excitement - what a wonderful opportunity to slander the Mujahideen of the Islamic State of Iraq!

On the front page of newspapers across the world, at the top of every news site on the internet, and on the news bulletins and currents affairs programmes on virtually every satellite channel on earth, the cast of those lining up to condemn the Mujahideen seemed endless:

A succession of Rejectionist politicians and clerics said the case proved yet again the 'security forces' (ie death squads) needed to do more to protect the Shia civilians.

Secularist Arabs used the case to yet again attack Islam for subjugating women.

Other activists said that the case highlighted the woeful treatment of the disabled in the Muslim lands.

So-called military experts confidently stated that the attack was evidence that the Islamic State of Iraq had ran out of Mujahideen, and was forced to use disabled women, as there were no more men willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Allah.

Of course, no one mentioned that the Islamic State of Iraq did not claim responsibility for the attack. Why let the facts get in the way of a good story??

Afterwards, and very quietly, the Americans admitted that neither woman involved had Down's Syndrome. A few newspapers and websites reported this story in tiny columns, far from the front page. Most didn't bother.

And then, much quieter still, unreported by virtually the entire world, the real story emerged.

The truth:

The truth was that the Rejectionists had yet again slaughtered 99 of their own women and children, to justify the continued need for their death squads, and to excuse their subsequent slaughter of the sons of Ahlus-Sunnah.

And the Americans went along quietly with this travesty.

One solitary reporter chose not to blindly repeat what the Americans were telling the entire world. For whatever reason, he actually bothered to question the Crusader-Rejectionist story.

The smallest amount of digging was required and then the whole story emerged.

The women who carried the explosives were Shia.

The man who chose the bombers - Sahi Aboub - was Shia.

The Al-Rashad hospital they were treated at was run by Shia - in fact it was entirely controlled by Jaish al-Mahdi!!

All of this information was on the public record, for anyone who bothered to look.

The lessons:

This is just one case study, the same thing has happened - if on a smaller scale - hundreds, if not thousands, of times in Iraq.

Those bombings of civilian locations such as markets and masjids which are not carried out by the former regime, private security contractors, or the intelligence agencies (of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel etc...) have time and again been conclusively shown to have been carried out by the Rejectionist polytheists.

They slaughter their own women and children for two main reasons, one of which relates to the domestic audience, and one to the international audience.

1) In Iraq, the main purpose of the bombings is to convince the Shia civilians that they need the death squads, that they need to put up with all the crimes and abuse these thugs carry out, or they will all by slaughtered by the 'evil Sunnis'.

2) In the rest of the world, these bombings form part of the wider Rejectionist plan to attract symptahy and support. The Rejectionists have successfully managed to convince the majority of the Disbelievers that they are the innocent victims of all the violence in Iraq.

The ones who invented all kinds of false evidence to exhort the Americans to invade Iraq, the ones who have slaughtered literally tens of thousands of Ahlus-Sunnah have somehow emerged looking like the innocent party!!

How can this be??

They have only been able to do this because the Americans have taken up this cover-story as a last resort. Their stories about Weapons of Mass Destruction, Iraqi links to September 11, and the need to capture Saddam and his sons were all exposed as lies. So the only lie they had left to cling onto was the greatest lie of all: that the Shia were the innocent ones in Iraq, and needed American protection!

So the Americans have perpetuated this myth, and the rest of the world has been happy to go along with it.

And so, the world forgets about (or doesn't even brother to report!) the hundred dead Sunnis who turn up on the streets of Baghdad, showing signs of torture before their execution, when they hear about five Shia children killed when their classroom was bombed.

The pictures of the crying women and children sifting through the rubble, the burnt textbooks, the blood on the blackboard: all this looks much better on television than the grim dignity and despair of Sunni wives and mothers, choking back their tears as they describe how men in police uniforms took their son away just yesterday - and now here is Uthman or Umar, lying dead on the streets of Baghdad.

The Americans claim that they oppose Iran, and of course Iran tries to paint itself as the most anti-American place on earth.

It is true that they have some areas of disagreement, but they have one thing which binds them tightly together - their fear of, and hatred towards, Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah!

Winston Churchill once said, when criticised for looking into the possibility of forming an alliance with Joseph Stalin: "If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons."

In other words, the Disbelievers will work with anyone at all (including Satan himself!) if they think it will assist them in the war against their real enemy.

And so these two parties, who hurl abuse at one another in public, have entered into a Satanic alliance in private, with the subjugation (and eventual annihilation!) of Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jamaah as its primary objective!

O Ahlus-Sunnah! When will you wake up??

When will you listen to the command of Allah:

"So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan" [4: 76]

O Ahlus Sunnah! Just look at the evidence in front of you!!

Why is that al-Qaim, Fallujah and Ramadi were subject to unrelenting brutality, while Basra, Nasiriyah and Najaf remained untouched?

Why is it that many thousands of Crusader forces still rampage across Helmand and Marjah, while Bamyan and Mizar-i-Sharif have only a handful of troops, who can walk around freely, without fear of attack from the local (Shia) populace?

It was part of the understanding between the Crusaders and the Rejectionists that when the Crusaders pour into a Muslim land - under the pretext of 'liberating' the Arab Rejectionists in Iraq or their Hazara brethren in Afghanistan - they will not send their forces into the areas controlled by the Rejectionists.

Indeed they help the Rejectionists 'cleanse' areas like Baghdad - which previously had a mixed population - and make them into new strongholds for the Rejectionist polytheists.

Certainly the Rejectionists killed some American soldiers in Iraq - the Americans are more than willing to allow a few of their miserable soldiers to be killed to ensure continued the co-operation of Iran!

Meanwhile, the Rejectionists know that they need to kill a few Americans to ensure the continued support of their allies. Why do you think Ahmadinejad spends so much time visiting leaders like Hugo Chavez?

The Rejectionists (with the full support of America) are trying to position themselves as a regional power, and are making alliances with Disbelievers of all persuasions to achieve this goal. They fight for not for the sake of Allah, to make His Word Supreme, but to be seen as an anti-colonial, anti-Western power.

They are not even ashamed of the fact that Allah has said of them:

"Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who Disbelieve fight in the cause of Idols" [4: 76]

The handful of Rejectionists the Americans dared to arrest (such as Laith and Qais al-Khazali) have long since been released, while countless thousands of Sunnis remain imprisoned in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Having achieved virtually all of their short-term goals in Iraq, especially the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad, the Rejectionists have less motivation to carry out these wide scale indiscriminate bombings than before. But their hatred of Ahlus-Sunnah has not decreased at all: indeed the heroic way in which the greatly outnumbered Sunnis fought the Rejectionists, and the painful blows the Sunnis inflicted on them have only increased their hatred.

The Rejectionists are biding their time, waiting for the American withdrawal, before they move into the next phase of their war against Ahlus-Sunnah. But in order to keep a large standing army ready for the coming conflict, they need to keep on providing reasons why the militias (ie death squads) are needed, hence they need to carry out sporadic attacks similar to the ones that have been mentioned.

So the next time you hear about a bombing in a Shia civilian area, ask yourself: who really benfits from this attack?

And brothers, remember what Allah has said:

"O you who believe! If an evil-doer comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people out of ignorance…" [Al-Hujurat: 6]

O Allah! Foil the plots of the Spiteful Rejectionists and their Crusader Allies!
O Allah! Expose what they have done in secret to the whole world!
O Allah! Cause enmity and hatred to grow between them!
O Allah! Punish them for their crimes against the Muslims in this world, and the next!
Open the eyes of the people! Soften their hearts to their Mujahideen brothers who have left their homes and their families to defend the Muslim women and children!
O Allah! Grant victory to the sincere Mujahideen fighting all over the world!

And our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.


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