2011: In support of Governor Shekarau for President

09 December 2010

By Chuks Kenneth 

Malam Ibrahim Shekarau is one of the finest politicians whose political landscape dots every nook and cranny of the country. He came to limelight of recognition in 2003 when he joined politics from humble beginning in civil service and contested governorship election in that year under the platform of All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP. He won the election by unseating a highly fortified incumbent PDP governor in Kano State. After four years of meritorious services, Shekarau sought to consolidate his wonderful achievements by contesting another governorship election for his second term, which again he won. 

Shekarau is the first governor of Kano State to have recorded this rare feat since the creation of the state in 1967. Up till tomorrow, these painstaking achievements have continued to be sources of worry, envy, animosity and hatred from the oppositions, in and outside the state. Naturally, an honest achiever like Shekarau is bound to meet stiff resistance from the enemy of progress. As a detribalized and a peace loving leader of impeccable quality, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau is able to record the modest achievements in his almost eight years of leadership in Kano. As a result of his peaceful, consistent and detribalized postures, Shekarau was also able to win the hearts of the people, who hitherto, had lost faith in Kano because of its frequent religious and ethnic crises in the past.  

As a southerner, I have been to Kano for a quite number of years but I have never seen a leader that is so committed, tolerant, trustworthy, accommodating and appreciate the oneness of Nigerians than Malam Ibrahim Shekarau. It is during the leadership of this man of honour and integrity that an average person from the south feels at home in Kano. This has really increased the pace of development. This is why I have come to understand that it is only religious bigots, ethnic chauvinists and anti progressive elements that are haters of Shekarau progressive administration. This type of misguided people are sadists that create artificial impression about Shekarau and his people oriented government with a view to blackmail and instigates revolt because the usual stealing and destruction of strangers' property, and in some cases, loss of lives as a result of one senseless crisis or the other is no longer tenable with the coming of Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau administration in Kano.. 

What impresses me mostly about Shekarau's leadership prowess is his peaceful nature of governance as well as his belief in one Nigeria project. Imagine an Ibo Christian appointed by Shekarau administration as Special Adviser, including Yoruba and a minority person from the middle belt. I know what was obtained between 1999 and 2003 when most of the so called non indigenes were sacked from the state government establishment, which resulted in loss of Medical personnel. As a result of this ill conceived decision by the then government, I lost contact with most of my friends who left the state. It was when Shekarau came and reinstated the sacked people that reprieve came for me to also regain some of my contacts. Why should a detribalized and peace loving leader as Malam Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano state should not be made President of Nigeria really beats one's imagination? 

But look at President Goodluck Jonathan, a Southerner watched helplessly the bombing and kidnapping of innocent souls just because the perpetrators of such heinous crimes are his kinsmen and therefore, they should be shielded. Where then is the nationalism and patriotism that in the case of Shekarau, he has always displayed. I am certain that if the type of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau was our President, the type of ethnic crises that destroyed the once peaceful serenity of Jos in Plateau State would have been completely avoided.  

 Indeed, any body that has been to Kano some years before the coming of Shekarau administration should try and go back to the state; such person will see the wonders of Shekarau's war against bad roads in his state. The beautiful road networks and other infrastructural developments are just too marvelous. It is just a week ago that Chairman of the Senate Committee on work was said to have complained about the poor state of federal roads across the country. Even when the campaign team of Jonathan/Sambo ticket visited Adamawa state, the state governor, Nyako was also said to have complained that when their son, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku - the now favoured candidate of zoning - was the Vice President for eight years, he did not initiate one single road project in his state. Then, how can we expect either Jonathan or Atiku as President of Nigeria again. Likewise when General Buhari was in charge of PTF, no one knows if he constructed any road to Katsina apart from Daura, his home town. What type of zoning are we therefore  shouting about when the country is in the state of hopelessness? Is it not the man who can do the work and make things to work that should earn our blessing and support? Still, why Nigerians like being led in vicious circle by attempting to recycle non performing leaders, only to feel disappointed later?  

This time around, the Southerners and indeed Nigerians should avoid voting sentiment that is always at their detriment. We should begin to summon courage against sentimentalism, in favour of hard work, peace and unity in diversity, which Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau represents. To my mind, Shekarau deserves the support of the Southerners and indeed Nigerians as President of the country based on hard work and integrity and not based on divisive tendencies called zoning, consensus and all that. Just look at what is happening in CPC as a political party today. Moneybags have completely taken over the party and only the highest bidder might likely carry the day. The recent revealation of Dr. Aliyu Tilde in his Discourse 311 article titled "Fraud and Moneybags in CPC" shows that the beautiful ones are not yet born in that Congress for Progressive Change.  

It is in view of the above and other many good things about Shekarau's style of leadership that gladden my heart pave way to seek support for the media friendly governor, Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau as our next President of Nigeria, all without prejudice but for egalitarian and progressive Nigeria. So, let us vote Governor Shekarau as President.


Chuks Kenneth writes from Karu, Abuja, Email: chuks_kenneth@yahoo.com



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