What Is The Meaning Of ‘Land' For The Islamic Ummah?

24 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

We have just witnessed a sad event for the Islamic ummah, namely the Southern Sudanese Referendum which was concluded on 9th January 2011. It is very likely that South Sudan would choose to split from Sudan. This means that the Islamic ummah is again losing their land, after a number of countries are being occupied by the kafir forces. Whereas, a land or territory has an important meaning for the Islamic ummah. How important is the land for the Islamic ummah? It is this which will be discussed in this article.

Today is the fifth day since the Southern Sudanese Referendum was concluded. The referendum itself is a recommendation from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which was concocted in 2005 in order to end the North-South Sudan conflict which had been going on for some decades. Observers say that it is very likely that the people of South Sudan, who are mostly Christians, would choose independence, although the president of Sudan, Umar al-Bashir said that the south would not be able to handle the post-referendum chaos.

What's obvious, America has already pressured the governments of the neighboring states into supporting this referendum, which means that about one third of Sudan's territory will escape from the grip of the government of al-Bashir who ascended the throne in 1989, thanks to a coup which was also supported by Hasan Turabi, the leader of an Islamic movement (who is now turning back as an opposition).

Not only escaping the grip of the rulers, separationism in this Africa's largest country also means that the Islamic ummah is again and again losing their plots of land. Thus, we should be asking ourselves: how meaningful is the land to us, the Islamic ummah? By the naked eye: nothing! We are letting go of our lands one by one to the invaders.

This is rooted in our understanding of Islam. What kind of Islam do we believe in? The colonialists had planted the doctrine in our brain that Islam is merely a set of ritual beliefs. An Islam like that does not need a land or territory, it is sufficient to just perform the religious rituals, case closed! However, the ideological Islam, the Islam which was propagated by Prophet Muhammad SAW, requires us to think of a land. This is because, an ideology needs a territory as a zone for the enactment of the system which is brought about by that ideology. The ideology of Islam necessitates a government, the people, legislation and territories. That's the meaning of 'land' for the Muslims.

Due to that, Muhammad SAW, not only preached the practice of rituals. At one phase of his ideological struggle, he was looking for the strong support of the tribes and a land for the aqeedah and Islamic Shari'a to be established on it. Until, in the end, the Prophet SAW gained the land of Yathrib , which was inhabited by the militant tribes of Aus and Khazraj, as the first territory for the Islamic government.

After the ummah had a land, the Shari'a is still giving orders to defend the land. There is a Shari'a for jihad to defend the land (and of course its inhabitants) which is being invaded by the kafir forces, where the ruling is fardhu 'ain. There is a Shari'a concerning the land of kharaj as a mechanism for the treatment of a conquered land. The Shari'a also opens the door of exploration for the ummah on the land which they own. The jungle produces and agriculture on the surface, and the earth yields beneath, are provided by Allah as a treat for the Islamic ummah as the holder of the mandate of khalifah fil ardh. With them, the Islamic ummah develop prosperity and organize strength (i'dadul quwwah) in the fields of technology, economy, industry and military in order to face the kuffar.

The land inhabited by the ummah, is also a political weapon. At this time, the ummah are occupying the most important and strategic points on this planet. The Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, South East Asia, are strategic points since the Middle Ages until now. The Islamic ummah have a promising geopolitical position, if only the ummah was having the political unity under one administration.

Then, we harvested our sins. Today, the total area of the Islamic World (including Andalusia/Spain), our homeland, is around 32.5 millions square km, still bigger than the United States of America or Europe. Then, there went Palestine, an area of 22 thousands square km, from our grip. Lately, we were letting go of Afghanistan, an area of 647,500 square km, and Iraq, an area of 438,317 square km and gave these lands along with their contents to America. Five centuries ago, we lost Andalusia, an area of 600 thousands square km, and just a few days ago we were letting South Sudan, an area of 800 thousand km, become a 'plaything' for the invaders. All are the result of the conspiracy of our people whom we called 'government', and we are just silent about it without any meaningful protest.

How neglectful we are!

Reza Ageung S.
A Student of
Hidayatullah High School of Shari'a Science, Balikpapan.


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