Struggle In Indonesia: Ubaid Denies The Conclusion By Expert Witness

25 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Ubaid alias Luthfi Haidaroh disputed the statement of the expert witness Prof. Dr. Sarwito Sarwono who mentioned that the military training in Aceh had created terror on the public of Aceh specifically and the society of Indonesia generally.

According to Ubaid, the conclusion of the expert witness was not objective, because the participants in the exercise never terrorized the public.

"We trained on the mountain which are not accessible to the public how can we be said as terrorizing the society?" he said.

Furthermore, according to him, the people of Aceh are in fact supporting their activities, with the presence of aids in the form of food when they were in hardships and it was also the population of Aceh who had helped them in organizing the training there.

"The people of Aceh helped us a lot there, especially when we did not have food to eat," Ubaid said.

He said this when disputing the conclusion made by the expert witness presented by the prosecutors at his trial in the District Court of West Jakarta, Thursday (13/1/2011) which stated that the terror perpetrated by Ubaid's group had a very big impact because their group are from outside the community of Aceh who are not congruent and not of the same thinking with the people of Aceh.

According to him again, the ones who should be blamed for the occurrence of a tense atmosphere in Aceh are the security apparatuses, because it was the apparatuses who carried out the attack on the mountain and chased them.

"We trained far away from the public, it was the apparatuses who later raided us and shot first, resulting in armed clashes," Ubaid said.

In harmony with him, according to Abu Yusuf, another defendant, the expert witnesses are not entitled to justify as such, because they did not do any terror in the actual events, instead it was them who were attacked by the apparatuses.

"There was no work of terror there, what happened was that we were attacked by the apparatuses," Abu Yusuf said.

According to him, the judges should not look on a one-sided opinion of the expert witnesses without seeing the facts on the ground, because the expert witnesses are not the experts in matters of military and terrorism, as well as not being there on the scene. If a paradigm like this allowed to continue, according to him, it would be dangerous for the handling of legal cases in the future.

"The expert witnesses did not know the actual circumstances, the judges should look at other legal facts," Abu Yusuf, one of the trainers at the military camp of Aceh, said.

According to him also, they were conducting the ibaadah of i'dad there, not as alleged i.e. committing terror. In fact, they did not attack the officers whom they met when conducting investigations.

"One fact that must be understood by the judges, we've met with the group of the sector police who carried weapons but we did not kill them," Abu Yusuf said. 

"This shows we only intend to practice, not to terrorize, what we saw was that the apparatus were firing as they like," he added.

As known, Ubaid alias Luthfi Haidaroh is charged with the allegation of helping the acts of terrorism. He is charged with Article 15 in conjunction with Article 7, Article 15 in conjunction with Article 9, Article 11 in conjunction with Article 7, Article 11 in conjunction with Article 9, and Article 13 leter C Anti-Terrorism Laws No. 15 year 2003. Besides that, Ubaid is also charged with the article 1 verse 1 Laws of Emergency No. 12 year 1951.

A session with the agenda to prosecute the defendants will resume again next two weeks on 27th January 2011.

Meanwhile, in another trial session, Sofyan Tsauri, a former member of Brimob was sentenced to 10 years in jail. Sofyan was otherwise found guilty of selling firearms to the participants of the Aceh military training. This sentence is 5 years lighter than what the prosecutor demanded i.e. 15 years.



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