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Should She Try To Bring Up Her Children In A Muslim Country Or Take Them To Join Her Husband In Britain?

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I would like some advice concerning my situation and wish to share a bit of background with you so you can fully understand my situation. I am a married sister with 3 children. One from a previous marriage. 2 years ago I moved to Algeria alone without my husband and older son who Is from the previous marriage , he did not wish to come to Algeria and wanted to study in uk. And so my husband is working in uk and taking care of my son, And I live in Algeria with 2 of my children a daughter age 13 and son age 4 at present my daughter goes to Muslim school here and was planning the same for my younger son . Me and my husband agreed to live this way and agreed to him coming to see u every 3 months which he does alhamduillah. While I have lived here alone this time I have found the family of my husband who are not very practicing, not supportive and weeks go by me and my children don't see any one within the family. And when we do I find myself just hearing back biting amongst them, which I dislike hearing and none likes to hear the truth when told its wrong.  So am taking care of myself and children alone, I wear niqab as it is really a world full of men here and a times I hate to go out but must to meet the needs of my children. Brother I have tried so hard living here but have reached a point I no longer wish to live alone in a country were I don't speak the lauange as I am a revert to Islam and without my husband, I have asked my husband to come here to live but its difficult because my son Is still only 18 and has gone a stray mixing with girls since I left him alone as my husband works most day so my son Is left alone. And the pain and guilt I feel because of the behaviour of my son is on my shoulders even thought I have showed him so many times its haram . So my husband cannot live here at this stage because of these points, so I see myself and children living her alone year after year alone if Allah wishes me in the life this long So I have been thinking I should return and unite my family, we are so lonely here Alahmduillah I love being in Muslim country and breaks my heart to leave but I must be with my family, so when I told my husband about my feeling he was not happy at all and said what about the children , not good bring them back to none Muslim country . Which only made me feel even worse as I then felt I was in a corner and it wasn't about bring the family together but just his 2 children saying on Muslim land. Which I understand and live it so know the beauty of that mashallah , but alone is the issue. No husband, no father no mahram So brother were do I stand on this matter I am so confused and have prayed my istikharah twice now and still feel confused each day is different and most of all the guilt Is the most painful because I feel and know my husband he is not happy for me to return for good to uk with children. As a wife I feel let down, that the bond of our marriage is not as strong as I though and feel im in a corner because If I do return if any problems arise my husband will blame me for it all. Brother I ask for you advice in this matter what is the best to do in this situation.

Praise be to Allaah.


Settling in a kaafir country is not permissible unless certain conditions are met, the most important of which are that the one who does that is sufficiently religiously committed to protect himself against desires; he has sufficient knowledge and insight to protect himself against specious arguments; he is able to practice his religion openly; and he feels safe for himself and his family. For further details on that please see the answers to questions no. 13363 and 27211.


There is no doubt that taking the children and moving to this country involves many serious dangers to their religious commitment and morals, especially for girls at the adolescent stage. It seems that this is the reason why your husband does not want you to go and join him. It is not appropriate for you to interpret that as meaning that he does not love you and that the bond between you has become weak. You should not think that your husband is happier when he is far away from his wife and children. The Shaytaan is keen to exploit such matters in order to spread poison and provoke doubt and suspicion. So you should beware of that.

Weighing up between staying in a country where you feel like a stranger and feel lonely, but you do not have to worry about your children's upbringing, and moving to a country where there are many dangers to a sound upbringing and there are great possibilities of going astray, is something that requires careful study and examination of all possible circumstances. It may be that no one can do that except both of you. So seek the help of Allah and consult one another about this matter; discuss it from all angles whilst focusing on the pros and cons. Islam came to achieve and perfect what is in people's best interests, and to ward off and reduce what may corrupt them. We will present a few points to you that could help you to weigh up these matters.

1. Your daughter may be able to study in an Islamic school in the United Kingdom. This may strengthen the case for you moving to join your husband. Then you would be reunited, you will no longer feel lonely and both of you would be able to attain the rights prescribed in sharee‘ah of shelter, love and stability, and thus your husband will be able to supervise his oldest son, and direct him and ward off a great deal of harm from him.

2. Similarly, if it is possible for your daughter to follow a course of study through distance learning in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, so that she will be safe from the evil effects of mixing, that will support the idea of your moving.

3. If your need for your husband is urgent and you fear for yourself if you stay alone, then you should definitely move so as to ward off this problem.

4. Your choice should not involve your daughter studying in a mixed school, because there is no doubt that mixed schools are haraam and organised studies are not obligatory for girls; rather a girl is required to learn what she needs of her religion, and this can be achieved through many means, such as attending classes and seminars, benefitting from Islamic centres, satellite channels, the internet and so on, if there is someone who can support the girl such as a father or mother or husband. Then it is not essential for her to study with the aim of getting a job. The necessity of preserving religious commitment takes precedence over completing education or attaining high positions.

5. What we are inclined towards in general is to bring the family together in one place, even if that means missing out on some benefits, because the problems that result from the family being scattered are greater than the benefits thereof, as it appears to us.

We ask Allah to help and guide you both.

And Allah knows best.

Ruling On Women Riding Bicycles In Western Countries

If a woman is a new Muslim, and she is currently not married and has a child who she must support - living in a non-Muslim country... what is the ruling for her riding a bicycle for her work and other places, seeing as she does not have enough money to buy a car, or even rent an apartment! During the summertime walking becomes difficult, so she would like to buy a bicycle, what is the ruling regarding this?.

Praise be to Allaah.

The woman is required to cover all of her body in front of non-mahram men with clothes that are loose and will not show the size of her limbs and are not see-through.

The basic principle is that it is permissible for a woman to ride animals, just as women used to ride camels and so on at the time of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). al-Bukhaari (5365) and Muslim (2527) narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: "The best women who ride camels are the women of Quraysh."

Some fuqaha' forbade women to ride horses except in cases of necessity such as jihad or Hajj, and they gave as the reason for that the fact that it is an imitation of men, and because of the reports that the women who do that are cursed, but that is a hadeeth that is not saheeh.

It says in al-Durr al-Mukhtaar: A Muslim woman should not ride an animal because of the hadeeth. This applies if it is for leisure, but if it is for a need such as a campaign or Hajj or some religious or worldly interest concerning which she has no other option, then there is nothing wrong with it.

Ibn ‘Aabideen said in his Haashiyah (6/423): The phrase "because of the hadeeth" refers to a hadeeth in al-Dhakheerah which says "May Allah curse the women on saddles." But al-Madani narrated from Abu'l-Tayyib that there is no basis for it, i.e., there is no source for the hadeeth in this wording but the meaning is proven. In al-Bukhaari and elsewhere it says: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men. In al-Tabaraani it says: A woman passed by the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) carrying a bow and he said: May Allah curse women who imitate men and men who imitate women.

The words "but if it is for a need such as a campaign" and so on mean: it is stipulated that she should be covered and she should be with her husband or a mahram. The words "for some religious interest" refer to something like travelling in order to uphold ties of kinship. End quote.

If a woman rides a bicycle in front of men there is the possibility that she may become uncovered and part of her body may appear or the shape of her body may appear when she moves and air flows around her. For this reason it is not permissible for her to do that except in the case of necessity or urgent need, on condition that she wear clothes that cover her, with pants and socks underneath.

We asked Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) a previous question, which was as follows: Is it permissible for a Muslim woman living in a kaafir country to ride a bicycle or motorbike wearing complete hijab?

He replied: I do not think this is allowed, because she may be caught up with pursued. End quote.

Dr. Ahmad al-Hajji al-Kurdi [an expert in al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah and a member of the Ifta Committee in Kuwait] was asked:

What is the ruling on women riding bicycles in European countries in order to get to school or work or to the supermarket?

He replied:

There is no reason why a woman should not ride a motorbike or a bicycle if she is where men cannot see her, so long as she adheres to complete shar‘i hijab that covers her body and she is careful to avoid showing any part of her ‘awrah when getting on and off.

But with regard to her riding it in a place where men can see her, I do not think that this is permissible except in the case of urgent need, because usually when a woman rides it, part of what she has covered appears or the clothes become tight and show the shape of her body. And because she may fall from it and uncover what she has covered, or there are other reservations.

Moreover, among the conditions of a woman's hijab in front of non-mahram men is that it should cover all of the ‘awrah; it should be thick and not see-through;, it should be loose and should not show the shape; and it should be of a dull colour that does not attract attention; it should not have any adornment or pattern; and it should not be intended as an adornment, rather it should be worn in order to cover.

The best that I have seen in that regard is what is called the jilbaab, but I do not say it is obligatory for anyone.

End quote from his website:


And Allah knows best.


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