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28 January 2011

By Alhaji Khaleel Bolaji


His Excellency, Governor Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano State and the Presidential candidate of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) wishes once more to thank the millions of Nigerians who made all his recent achievements and prospects possible. He is especially overwhelmed by the near-unanimous vote in his favour by party delegates from all the 36 states of Nigeria. It is probably a first in the anal of national party primaries but it is certainly a feat which even the ruling party's presidential aspirant could not pull off even though he contested against just two candidates. As everyone is aware, the presidential primaries of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) have since left its members dangerously divided along religious, tribal, zonal and other schisms. 

Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau is, therefore, more than ever before resolved to deliver on his promises to Nigerians contained in his Acceptance Speech of the ANPP presidential ticket on the 16th of January, 2011. These include immediate improvement in power supply, education, infrastructure, food security for all and an accountable and transparent financial system. Mallam is also gratified that his achievements in Kano State including massive water supply, roads, housing, electricity and international market are being appreciated all over. 

At the Shekarau for Nigeria Campaign Organisation, we are also eternally grateful to tens of thousands of Nigerians across ethnic, regional, religious and party lines who accorded Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau one of the grandest receptions in recent memory by trooping onto the streets of Kano for hours. There are reasons for appreciating all these compatriots. 

Nigerians are clearly tired of the divisive tactics of the PDP that are designed to divide and loot the nation. Indeed, the majority of Nigerians are completely fed up with the deception and deadly maneuvers that have characterized the past twelve years of democratic rule in Nigeria. It seems that most Nigerians have lost out on the dividends of democracy and are now in danger of losing even their country itself to the most unpatriotic party ever to come to power in Nigeria. We believe that the genuine patriots will, in a similarly clear fashion as the ANPP Primaries, express their views at the April 2011 general elections. 

However, going by the trend that elections under the PDP-led government have never been credible, not to talk of free and fair, there is a real possibility that unless the electorate keeps eternal vigilance over the process, their choice may not count once more. Fortunately, recent popular revolts against the long ruling parties in Tunisia and Algeria do prove that the people can ensure change when they are determined. May the Almighty God spare us such bloody Tunisian scenarios. 

We urge all our members, supporters and fellow lovers of genuine democracy across Nigeria to begin the vigilance from now. Let us work even harder to give the ANPP a chance to lead Nigeria out of the morass. Genuine voters' register is the only spinal cord of any election and the alarming incidents regarding the on-going voters' registration exercise call for closer scrutiny and critique. The D-Day of actual balloting demands even more care. Yet, none of these sacrifices would be too much for entrenching good governance in our country by voting the ANPP. .

Signed By Alhaji Khaleel Bolaji, mni - Director General, Shekarau for Nigeria Campaign Organisation (SfN) 0803 618 9067/0802 721 9449/


The Shekarau For Nigeria (SFN) Organisation wishes to unequivocally dissociate itself from the negative campaign sentiments against other presidential candidates being attributed to some supporters of Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau's presidential bid in the April 2011 elections. 

Anyone who believes that running down political opponents is the best campaign option is not operating within the principles enshrined in the constitution of the All Nigeria Peoples' Party (ANPP) and in the hearts and minds of its supporters who are out in the quest for genuine democracy and social justice for all. 

For the avoidance of any doubt, Mallam Shekarau intends to run a clean and decent campaign, devoid of the chicanery and littleness associated with other political parties. To wit, Mallam sees all other presidential candidates as accomplished and patriotic statesmen with enviable records of national service as well as worthy co-contestants for the nation's top job. 

The ANPP and the SFN are focused on the kind of issues-based campaigns that would truly deepen democracy and hence accelerate the pace of delivering democracy dividends to the people. Personality attacks merely reduce politics to the level of individual interests. This is the main reason why the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) has consistently failed to even arrest the country's rate of under-development despite unprecedented profits from oil exports and an uninterrupted tenure of 12 years in power. 

Now, desperation, indiscipline and absence of principles among its members have even led the PDP into dangerous divisions along ethnic, regional and worst of all, religious lines. These are the pitfalls that the progressive and pan-Nigerian principles of the ANPP are designed to deter. We cannot at this stage resort to the same failed tactics deployed by our discredited opponents both among themselves and against the opposition. 

At the ANPP we do have policies and programs for ending the needless pains and frustrations into which the majority of Nigerians have been thrown. We offer accountability, social justice, rule of law, food security, improved electricity, enhanced education and employment opportunities through massive infrastructural projects delivered without any shifts in deadline. These are the issues that concern Nigerians and it is not a mere coincidence that our party's presidential candidate, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, has already practically demonstrated these commitments in his eight years as Governor of Kano State

Our appeal to all politicians and other participants is that "Please, let us keep the campaigns clean." We may not be able to afford the chance of further heating up the polity and enabling the enemies of democracy to once more usurp the will of the people via sham elections. Anyone found castigating any individual for the purpose of promoting the presidential candidature of Governor Ibrahim Shekarau or for any other reason for that matter is completely on their own.

Signed By Alhaji Khaleel Bolaji, mni - Director General, Shekarau for Nigeria Campaign Organisation (SfN) 0803 618 9067/0802 721 9449/


Alhaji Khaleel Bolaji, mni
Director General,
Shekarau for Nigeria Campaign Organisation


Alhaji Khaleel Bolaji, mni is the Director General for Shekarau for Nigeria Campaign Organisation. Upon his written correspondence to EsinIslam as supported by both Bala Muhammad and Emu Brown of the campaign organization, this news/press release has been made available. More stories about the Nigerian 2011 General Elections and the Shekarau for Nigeria Campaign Organisation have been posted on EsinIslam by Nigeria's prominent international writers including Saka Raji Audu.  To Read more about Mallam Shekarau - the Nigerian Presidential Hopeful, his achievements and visions visit Writer Homepage Of Saka Raji Audu at:




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