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Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) — 58: When Seeking God's Bounty

By Islamic Perspectives - Muslim Journals

Arab News & Information - By Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali

The Prophet (peace be upon him) always advised remembrance of God and glorifying Him as means of a more content and happy frame of mind. This is due to the fact that these strengthen our bond with God and reliance on Him. However, the Prophet does not like such glorification of God to be a cover masking a sense of defeatism. Awf ibn Malik reports that the Prophet judged in a dispute between two men. As the one who lost the case turned away, he said: "God is enough for us; He is the best Guardian." The Prophet called him back and said to him: "God Almighty dislikes inaction. You should act with wisdom and resolve. Should something overpower you, then you may say: God is enough for me; He is the best Guardian."

The Prophet's keen insight was fully aware of the state of mind that man was in as he lost the dispute. He felt miserable and tried to cover up his weakness with such fine words. In this case, these true words are used in the wrong frame of mind. These words are mentioned in the Qur'an in connection with the believers and their attitude after their defeat in the Battle of Uhud, the second major battle the Muslims fought under the Prophet's leadership. The following day, he called on them to march again. They responded without hesitation, even those among them who were wounded or could hardly walk. They were willing to fight another battle against the same enemy. Hence, God praises them in the Qur'an: "Those who responded to the call of God and the Messenger after misfortune had befallen them: a great reward awaits those of them who continued to do good and feared God. When other people warned them: ‘A big force has gathered against you, so fear them', that only strengthened their faith and they answered: ‘God is enough for us; He is the best Guardian.'" (3: 172-173) They said these words hoping that God will bless them for their resolve to continue the fight against those who wanted to suppress the truth of Islam.

These fine words must not be said in a mood of passive resignation, awaiting God's intervention on behalf of one who is unwilling to defend his rights. To ensure God's help one must do one's best. Hope is strengthened by exerting effort. Umar says: "None of you should sit idle, unwilling to seek work and pray to God to provide for him, when he knows that rain from the sky is never made in gold or silver."

Modern life does not suffer from idle fatalists; rather, it is plagued by workers who do not place their trust in God. Materialism is the driving force in all five continents. People go out in the morning, eager for a rich booty to grab. Should they achieve a goal they have set for themselves, they are eager to go further and have more. They eat and drink, but they are seldom satisfied. Their thirst for more is never quenched. In such a fever, minds covet more and more of the world's petty riches.

Should a person resist going along this slippery road, hold on to his higher qualities and look up to God, remembering Him in the midst of such scramble for worldly trifles, following His guidance and looking up only to His reward, what should he or she expect? The Prophet says: "Whoever says on entering the market place: ‘There is no deity other than God; He is the only deity and has no partners; to Him belong all dominion, and to Him is due all praise; He gives life and deals death; He is eternal and does not die; every good thing is in His hand; and He has power over all things;' God will credit him with a million good deeds, remove a million sins from his record and his grade will be raised by a million steps."

Such rich reward is not granted for mere words being pronounced without feeling. It is given for a situation of complete trust in God and His grace. In such a frame of mind, a person places his trust in God. He neither cheats nor causes harm to anyone. All top scholars confirm that such rich rewards are not earned by petty action or hesitant steps.


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