Qathafi Legitimate Leader Of The Libyan People: The Arab Mass Revolution Genuine?

22 February 2011

By Ali Baghdadi


Arabs have a great love and respect for President Hugo Chavez as well as former President Fidel Castro. Their fear is well founded. They are sincere. But to think that the revolution that is taking place to day in Libya is inspired by the West is wrong. The Arab mass revolution is genuine.

Undoubtedly, the United States government and its Western allies attempt to contain and hijack the Arab Revolution. The Arab revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya, Bahrain and Yemen is in a great danger. Hopefully, the Arab masses will defeat the conspiracy they are facing from the colonial powers.

To claim that Muammar al-Qathafi is the legitimate ruler of Libya and to praise his son Saif al-Islam as a "reformer" by the "Hugo Chaves International Foundation for Peace" is wide of the mark. It is regrettable.

Qathafi (the father) has lost his legitimacy many years ago. Libya, for forty two years, has no president, no vice president, no parliament, no constitution, only empty slogans and Qathafi's pictures and "wisdom" are almost on every square and major building. He has not established civil institutions that can run a good government. He treated Libya as his own family property which he is entitled to run it according to his own wishes and desires. He surrounded himself with "yes sir" men who have corrupted him. Those guys would do anything to please him. They even made him believe that he is truly the "king of kings", a title that he himself kept proudly repeating.

Qathafi ran Libya as a tribal chief, and got terribly angry when his spoiled sons violated laws of countries they were visiting. He should have brought them home and gave them a good "spanking".

I still believe that he personally has lived a simple life at home, but wasted millions on his tents that he kept carrying with abroad. He squandered billions of dollars on some Southern Sahara rulers who actually made fun of him and disdained him. Certainly, his kids squandered millions of dollars and behaved as the corrupt Saudi princes. The story is too long.

If President Chaves listened to Saif al-Islam, surely he would have gotten sick to his stomach.

Finally, Qathafi caved in to the West, and his son Saif told the world that mass killer and war criminal Toni Blair is a "family friend". That is too shameful.

Qathafi has lost what a little (if any) remained of legitimacy in the savage and barbaric war against his own people; in the obnoxious and crazy words he uttered in his last two speeches. Only lunatics talks and behaves like that. Libyans deserve better. The new generation is highly educated. They demand change. Forty years of Qathafi is more than enough.

Again, the Arab people everywhere are concerned. The CIA and foreign intelligence are on the alert. The Western governments are prepared to jump in any minute.



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