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Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) — 60: True Reliance On God

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Arab News & Information - By Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali

All prophets were ordinary people who experienced the same feelings as other humans. They certainly had their special status as a result of the fact that God had chosen them to deliver His messages to mankind and provide them with guidance. However, they endured tests that were even harder than what most people go through in life. Prophet Moses had to flee from Egypt when he was informed that certain people were plotting to kill him.

He arrived in Madyan and sat near the wells where shepherds watered their flocks, feeling lonely. He saw two young women staying aside with their sheep. When they explained to him that they had to wait until all the male shepherds have finished their business, he helped them taking over the task of watering their flock. The Qur'an tells us about his feelings: "So he watered their flock for them, and then he withdrew into the shade and prayed: ‘My Lord! Truly am I in dire need of any good which You may send me.'" (28: 24)

Having made his appeal, his kindness was soon returned. One of the young women came back bringing him her father's invitation. When he explained to the kind old man his situation, he reassured him: "Have no fear. You are now safe from those wrongdoing folk." (28: 25) Moses married the old man's daughter and stayed with him for ten years. These were the years that prepared him for the hard task he was later to undertake as God's messenger, delivering His noble message.

Prophet Lot was visited by a group of angels who came to him in the form of handsome young men. His pervert people wanted to rape them and came over to his house determined to do that, paying no heed to any values of morality or hospitality. Lot felt keen embarrassment and was extremely angry. He tried hard to persuade his people to leave his guests alone, but they were adamant. He expressed his feelings: "He said: Would that I had the strength to defeat you, or that I could lean on some mighty support." (11: 80) That was a natural human feeling in a situation of helplessness, with a large group of people blinded by their sexual desire coming to rape his few guests. At this point, reassurance was given to him by the guests themselves, saying: "Lot, we are messengers from your Lord. They shall not touch you." (11: 81)

Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) comment on Lot's feelings gives us an insight into an aspect of his character. He said: "May God bestow His grace on Lot. He was leaning on certain mighty support." What he meant was that God would not have left Lot in such a situation without sending him help. Lot should not have felt regret that he was without human support among his people. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad's sense of relying on God is without parallel. He was given the title, ‘the reliant', for this particular characteristic of his. Indeed, his trust in God was the source of unwavering strength he continuously manifested in undertaking his task of delivering God's message in a hostile world. He was facing opposition in every inch of ground. His own uncle, Abu Lahab, was most vehement in his opposition. He could not have hoped for a minute that his mission would be successful without such total trust in God. It gave him unshakable certainty, and he went ahead with his task, paying no heed to any impediments placed in his way.

To sum up, all prophets were ordinary people, experiencing the same feelings as all people. When they were exposed to danger, they had no guarantee against any eventuality, including being killed. When they spent their money in charity, or in support of their cause, they could easily drop into poverty. However, their high moral code required them to pay the full price of greatness. Their special and unique status, however, ensured that they continued to enjoy their higher standards


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