Remember The 3rd March This Year! The Next Phase : Khilafah?

12 March 2011

By Reza Ageung

This article was written to remember the collapse of the Khilafah on 3rd March 1924. Hope it can enlighten the readers.

When our eyes are fixed on the turmoil in the Arab world, we will realize that this pattern is only the repeat of the major events half a century ago. The overthrowing of the military-based regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and soon in Libya, is a "karma" from what they had done against the earlier regimes. When America is predicted to soon intervene in the affair of Libya under the pretext of overthrowing a dictator, as he did eight years ago in Iraq, we will remember that the regime of Saddam Hussein and the regime of Khadafi were born from just about the same process, in the same manner as the regimes of Ben Ali and Abdun Naser—the predecessor of Hosni Mubarak.

These regimes ascended the throne after overthrowing the monarchy regimes (kingdoms), or the regimes which had just replaced the monarchy and then established a republic over its ruins. Abdun Naser rose to become a president after overthrowing King Farouk, Saddam Hussein overthrew president Abdurrahman Arif who had overthrown the kingdom, Ben Ali was appointed to replace president Bouguiba after the removal of a Bey (title of a king in Tunisia), Khadafi toppled King Idris, and what also cannot be forgotten is the Mullah Revolution in Iran which toppled King Shah Reza. Then they showed themselves as oppositions to the West and took side with the socialist bloc of the Soviet Union, while applying dictatorship upon their subjects. But slowly, especially after the collapse of Soviet Union, it was exposed that they are in truth the agents of the West, be it America or British/Europe, the two Western camps which are competing for influence.

The consequence is that the turmoil in the Arab World, since the reign of the Daulah Utsmani (the Ottoman), can be simplified into five phases so far: under the Daulah Utsmani, then colonized by Europe, then stood the monarchy, next - the revolutions to establish dictatorial republics took place and now we are witnessing the process towards the next phase: the revolutions to overthrow the dictators of the republics to be replaced with Western-style liberal-democratic republics — which has been successfully implemented in Indonesia!

The Next Phase : Khilafah?

Five years before Rasulullah SAW acquired the power to establish an Islamic State in Madinah, the battle of Bu'ath took place in the town in which the original name was Yathrib. The war that broke out between two major tribes, which later became the people of the Ansar, the helpers of Rasul SAW, namely the kabilah of Aus and Khazraj, changed the socio-political structure of the nation of Madinah until Rasulullah SAW did his hijrah to that town, this was recorded in a hadith which is the riwaayah of ‘Aisyah,

"The day of Bu'ath was the day (battle) which Allah destined to happen before the coming of His Rasul's mission. That when Rasulullah arrived in Madinah, they (the clans) had been divided (into groups that are in enmity with each other) and their aristocrats had been killed. All this projected them to the acceptance of Islam upon themselves." (HR. Bukhari)

Therefore, when the envoys from Madinah went to meet the Prophet SAW in Makkah, they said that they were in a prolonged feud and hoped that the presence of Rasulullah SAW in that town would be able to unite all the kabilahs under the bond of the aqeedah of Islam.

History is repeating itself, the battle of the modern Bu'ath is happening now, when the ummah split into dozens of small countries in the prison of nationalism, then there existed animosity between the people and the dictatorial rulers, which finally burst into revolutions in recent months. Also, the aristocrats (read : dictatorial rulers) have been dethroned by force by their subjects. All this will change the socio-political structure of the Arab nation, causing the ummah to be in confusion and experience a "vacuum of ideas" and make them think : "what's next?" until at some point, they will turn to an alternative ideology and system, namely the ideology and system of Islam in the form of the Khilafah Islamiyah state.

Indeed, the West seek to make these revolutions end up at what suits their desires, i.e. the creation of the liberal-democratic countries, as this author describes above, under the auspices of the regimes which are still their stooges. But the ummah are not stupid. They are toppling the dictators not because of being ordered by America, but because of the awareness to stop tyranny. They want freedom, but not the hedonistic-styled liberalism of America but freedom to live a normal life that is better and the fulfillment of basic needs, as well as the freedom to apply the Shari'ah. They want a just government, but not the figure of a president in the style of the liberal-democracy, but a fair leader who is elected by the ummah and who is accountable to the ummah. In essence, they want a change for their own good, not the benefits of America, although America is trying to ride on this change. And all those wants can really be met in the system of Khilafah which applies the Shari'ah.

So, it is not impossible, after the occurrence of the modern Bu'ath in the form of the Arab Revolution, that sooner or later the pendulum of change will swing in the direction of the creation of the public awareness crossing the Muslim nations to immediately implement the Shari'ah in their countries, then unite with all the Muslims to be inside the bond aqeedah under the same shade, namely the shade of the Khilafah. The precondition is that, all the components that realize this must work hard on this project, which is no other than Da'wah.

Remember the 3rd March this Year!

The presence of the chained reactions from the Tunisian revolution onto the other Muslim countries shows that there is one common feeling of the Islamic ummah, which of course becomes the major capital in the unity of the ummah since the founding of the first Islamic State in Madinah by Rasulullah SAW. When one part of the ummah suffers and then rises up against injustices, another parts of the ummah can not sleep, and then collectively rise to do the same thing. Just as Rasulullah SAW told us that this ummah is like a one body, when one part of the body is in pain, other parts of the body also feel the sickness.

On that ground, the Islamic ummah could not linger and stay long in this condition, they must immediately react exhaustively and complete the shift towards the phase of the Khilafah. For 1300 years, the ummah were under the same Khilafah, then the West conspired to destroy the buildings of Islam. Until that 3rd March 1924, the last Khilafah, namely the Daulah Utsmani in Turkey, was sabotaged by a traitor named Mustafa Kemal.

Today, the 3rd of March, when this article was written, exactly 87 years later, the Islamic ummah are still in a vacuum for a Khilafah. But the 3rd of March this year is different. On the 3rd of March this year, we are witnessing a large wave of the ummah rising against the dictatorial regimes, which are the formation of the West. That big giant has awaken. Amid the failure of the thaghut to solve the problems of poverty, ignorance and corruption, amid the increasingly piercing calls for the establishment of the Khilafah, from Beirut, Al-Quds to Jakarta, amid the struggle of the ummah along with the Mujahideen to repel the invaders , from Somalia, Palestine, Iraq to Afghanistan, the ummah are knitting the ropes of the unity of aqeedah which has long been cut by the invaders.

Now, the Arab Revolution may extend to become the Islamic World Revolution. And the awareness for this unity will continue to grow until the ummah find their genuine leader (imam) who will protect them from the attacks by the kuffar people and apply the law of Allah, i.e the Shari'ah,

"Indeed, the Imam is a shield. The ummah will be fought from his behind and will be protected by him. If he orders taqwa toward Allah and do justice then he will be rewarded (a very great reward). But if he orders other than that, then he will get a sin for it." HR.Muslim

Therefore, remember the 3rd March this year! Allahu Akbar!

Original author: Reza Ageung S. (Student of STIS Hidayatullah, Balikpapan)


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