The Afghanistan Of Islam Rejects Pollution By Democracy And Westernization

15 June 2011

By Abdul Wahhab Kabuli

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful 

For 90 years the West has been trying to Westernize Afghanistan and plant the vile tree of democracy in it by way of its henchmen, but the land of Afghanistan refuses to accept this alien plant.

The first who tried to import Western ideas and spread them in this country was King Amanullah Khan who ascended the throne of power in the wake of the recovery by the Afghan people of their freedom from the English as a result of the great Jihad in the cause of Allah Almighty in 1919 CE.

After he assumed the reins of power and the situation stabilized, he became fascinated by the capitals of Europe. He visited them in a strange visit, perhaps the strangest visit undertaken by a king or ruler in recent centuries, which lasted for seven months from December 1927 CE until July 1928 CE and in which he visited the most important European countries like Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Britain, Poland and the Communist Soviet Union.

After an absence of seven months, he returned to Afghanistan inspired by what he saw in the West of material progress and moral liberation. Western democracy hardened his mindset and he forgot his affiliation with the Islamic religion and the Afghan people who reject abandoning their Religion and its Islamic values in exchange for any price, no matter how lucrative.

After arriving back in Afghanistan, he wanted to turn this country within a short time into a piece of atheist Europe which followed secularism and democracy after rebelling against burning Christianity which assailed the life of the people with the tyranny of the church and the irrational and cruel clerical regime.

The king resorted to issuing laws and Western statues upon Islam and the traditions of its Mujahid people. Among them were the following, as recalled by Mir Ghallam Muhammad Ghobar, the Afghan historian and contemporary of the king, in his book Afghanistan dramseer of History.

Sent a group of Afghan girls, traveling without a Mahram or proctor, to study in Ataturk's Turkey.

Introduced a group of German teachers to instruct girls in Kabul. That group was the first nucleus of the women's liberation movement in Afghanistan, along the Western model.

Issued orders for the coeducation of boys and girls for the first time in the history of Afghanistan.

Issued instructions forbidding multiple wives for official employees of the state.

Issued laws abolishing underage marriage and setting the age for legal marriage from 18 to 24 years.

He was not satisfied with issuing laws which were alien to the spirit of Islam and the rulings of Shari'ah. Indeed he was driven by his Westernizing excess to reshape the appearance of the people in the Western mold by using compulsive power. He set up signs on some of the streets of Kabul on which it was written: Women wearing the burka are forbidden to pass.

Not only this, he forced the residents of Kabul city to wear pants and a French cap, and employed the police in the markets to oversee implementation of this law and fined those who violated it. In order to save themselves from the oppression of the police and paying a fine, people would place any cap they could get on their heads, regardless whether it was civilian, military or vocational.

What was laughable was that the kuffar mud who considered the turban to be part of their religious clothing were also forced to place a cap above their turban, so that the city looked like a humorous caricature in which French caps and clothing marred dignified and innocent Afghan appearances. Moreover, the king also issued a statute forbidding the greeting (Salaam) in the Islamic manner and forced people to doff their caps in the French manner if they wanted to greet someone from afar.

This and similar strange behavior was for the sake of imposing secularism and Westernization under the banner of engaging in democracy, incited the people against this king who was smitten with Western lifestyle. The people charged him with unbelief, rebelled against him and expelled him from the country, nullified all of his Westernizing projects and forced him to flee to exil in al-Malouk (Italy) until he died there unmourned.

After that the West replayed its Westernization card again, represented by the reign of Zahir Shah which lasted forty years and in which he took Westernization measures like engaging the ministry of information to introduce Western culture to the Afghan people, summoning Western educational experts to craft educational programs suffused with the Western spirit and permitting Western countries and the Soviet Union to establish educational programs there and establishing leftist or secular parties which were working for Western democracy and distancing people and groups from serious work for Islam and hindering the role of Islam in shaping society.

The doors of the country were opened in front of imported foreign ideas and views which led to an ideological confusion within the conservative Afghan society.

All of these Westernization measures aroused the anger of the Afghan people against the king and his regime. The result of this was that the Ulema protests in anger and rejection against the Westernizing policies of the king. From another aspect, the university and institute students and teachers came out to organize work for Islam in a contemporary, organized manner. In these circumstances, the contemporary Islamic movement in Afghanistan was formed.

When the Communists saw the aggravating effects of the movement among the new generation it launched a military coup which resulted in the occupation of the Afghanistan by the Russians. European ideas began to dominate the country this time under the guise of Communism represented by the Afghan Democratic People's Party which wanted to detach the Afghans from their Islamic religion and history, just as the Communists have done (before) in the countries of Central Asia.

The Afghans, however, rejected the Communist thought imported from Europe and announced a great Jihad against it which last two decades during the course of which they offered two million martyrs, but they did not surrender to adopted European thought.

When the Afghan established Islamic rule represented by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the West did not hesitate but began to plot by every method and means to eradicate this young Islamic government. The West created an alliance against it, which included all the infidel powers in the East and the West, and attacked this Muslim country again to establish democracy in the country.

They destroyed the country, killed tens of thousands and spent billions of dollars to establish democracy and ideological system in Afghanistan. But all their efforts met with failure, their money was squandered and democracy was not established in the country.

Here are the Afghan people fighting Western democracy and its heretical tenets for ten years. They are not content to accept the contamination of their faithful society with the pollution of infidel democracy and dissolute liberalism.

Why do the Afghans reject Secularism and Democracy?

It is known that historically the Afghans are a people who cling to Islam and Islam is what organizes all aspects of this people's life, whether in the regime and politics, or in the economy and society and moral values. This is because Islam is a religion which absorbs all aspects of human life and does not need to complete itself with some other philosophies or prescriptions such as democracy, communism or other patchwork regulations.

As for democracy, it is a religion drawn up by godless Europe to save itself from the tyranny and injustice of the church and its first structure was erected on the basis of hostility to religion and rule in the name of religion.

Among the most important characteristics of democracy are the following:

1. Forbid any divine faith from organizing the affairs of mankind, because religion, in the view of democracy, is a set of restrictions which shackle human freedom. Because religion inspires its adherents with a sense of privilege and democracy rejects privilege on the basis of religion, calling instead for equality, and equality cannot be achieved unless people renounce their religion.

2. Democracy rejects being guided by divine revelation and in matters of forbidding, permitting and taking guidance it defers to human whims represented by "the majority". The truth therefore is what is agreed upon by the majority and falsehood is what is rejected by the majority. The majority sees democracy as its god and its servant whose decree may not be violated.

3. Democracy looks to humankind with the human eye stripped of religion and creed. In democracy, there is no difference between the Muslim and the infidel, or the pious and dissolute one, because they are all human and all humans are equal in the scales of democracy. Therefore the opinion of the dissolute infidel is equivalent to that of the pious Muslim.

4. Democracy enjoins political diversity and freedom of parties on whatever basis except the basis of Islam, which says:

"And fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere". Anfal 39.

Likewise, it says "If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be of those who have lost all spiritual good)". Al-i-Imran 85.

But democracy says that all religions are equal, and mankind can choose to accept some or reject them all. In all these situations he is in the right and no one else is responsible for it.

5. Democracy says that mankind is free to adopt any kind of rule or regime and draft any laws or constitutions and it is not Allah Almighty Allah forbid! who compels mankind to follow a certain law or constitution. Rather it is mankind who chooses what they want.

6. If these ideas are the spirit of democracy and its creed, then there is no doubt that these views are kufr and contradictory to Islam. It is not possible for any Afghan or other Muslim to accept them or be silent about them in his country. The people must rebel against it and destroy it, because it infringes upon the power of Allah Almighty on earth.

The Muslim Afghan people therefore have waged war against democracy and its system of ideas, whether in the form of godless communism or in its liberal secular mold.

Then, in addition to the corruption of its ideas and concepts, democracy and its adherents in Afghanistan and the Muslim world have committed vicious crimes against the Muslims. The communists and their democratic party in Afghanistan killed almost 1.5 million Muslims for the sake of implementing their ideas and democratic principles. They turned the country to destruction and ruin, and forced almost five million people from their homes, in addition to handicapping millions of others. Our wounds from the arrows of eastern democracy had not yet healed when Western democracy under the banner of America and its allies invaded and for the past ten years has poured down upon our people millions of tons of fire, steel and poison gases. Its excuse for doing this is to "establish freedom and democracy" in the country.

Almost 100,000 children of this country have fallen victim to this democracy over the past ten years.

So for almost a century the Muslim Afghan people have been suffering from democracy and its wicked people in a way they have not suffered since the time of Genghis Khan until the 20th Century.

The destruction created by communist and liberal democracy has no precedent in the land of Afghanistan.

The West understands well that the ideas of the Afghan people will not be contaminated by the pollution of Western ideas through any centralized effort, for they will still love Jihad, freedom, and defense of religion and country. They will offer all that they own for this cause. Therefore, in its current military campaign in Afghanistan, the West has accompanied its soldiers with thousands of educational, cultural, social and economic establishments to Westernize the conservative Afghan people. The Westernizing and Christianizing establishments focus their efforts on four axes: education, media, changing the structure of the social fabric of the Afghan people and Christianizing efforts among some minority sects and the remnants of communism in Afghanistan.

In the field of education, the West has changed the educational curriculum three times in the past ten years. They have removed from it all materials and words which are connected to Jihad, defense and fervor for the Religion, and what would infuse the student with a sense that the Muslims are a community (Ummah) and that the infidels are another community. In place of these there have been substituted Western philosophical and literary definitions, such as democracy, humanism and religious tolerance, the necessity of peaceful coexistence with the kuffar and rejection of any kind of violence. Likewise they put in place definitions of of the theory of human rights, the rights of women and individual freedom according to the Western concept of these definitions. Moreover, these definitions brought political and cultural subordination and dependency on the West in the name of globalism and common needs of humanity.

In the cultural field, Western forces and establishments have set up 180 radio stations and 40 television stations, in addition to 750 monthly and daily publications. The occupiers have employed in these cultural and media establishments which they have set up the elite of thinkers, media, writers and experts in ideological warfare, and has made available to them all means of communication and influence. In the realm of changing the structure of the social fabric, Western military forces and their civilian establishments have created hundreds of administrations to change Islamic tribal society into what is called a civil society through youth and women associations, councils, shuras, technical unions and political blocs in the cities, villages and countryside. Western establishments have begun to make available to these new organizations cultural materials and are beginning to make them aware and Westernize them through conferences, seminars, classes, radio programmes and the distribution of tapes and radio sets among the people.

In the field of Christianization, Western missionary groups have spent huge sums and have bought many beggars and nave people in the cities to form missionary cells from them. In addition they focus their efforts of educators among the minorities, like the Agakhaniyah and those who think like them among Afghanistan minorities.

They educate new converts, the missionaries have established a strong radio station which transmits in all Afghan languages, and provides them with Christian instruction and missionary methods. There is strong cooperation among the missionary and Western organizations in Afghanistan because each of them aids the work of the others.

Nonetheless, despite the zeal and size of this Westernizing battle, the variety of its methods, its multiple battlefronts, its results and impact upon members of the religious Afghan people are not great. This is because the people are faithful by disposition and they hate Western values, which have lost their shine and their credibility has been broken in the land of reality because of its coexistence with barbaric injustice, bombing, killing, dispossession and the great slaughters conducted by these Western forces in the land of Afghanistan.

In the face of all this, the people are increasingly receptive to the media of the Mujahideen, and their adherence to the dictates of religion and its pure morality because secularism, Westernization, democracy and Western establishments offer them nothing but prostitution, depravity and a departure from noble human nature.

All of this makes the people hate the West because of the folly they send to us in the name of culture, the folly they send to the land of Jihad and Martyrs in Afghanistan.

Despite all of this, the West has not despaired of Westernizing the Afghans and polluting them with the contamination of secularism and democracy, but this time through what is called "democratic Islam" which employs groups which have grown tired of Jihad and patience in the face of tribulations and have begun to be carried away in the currents of Western ideas paid for with euros and dollars, despite what they are reckoned to have done in the past for the Jihad and the Islamic movement. We will talk about them in a future article, Allah Almighty willing.

Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Magazine Issue #59



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