Wa Israelaah!!!! But, Who Shall Save Israel Ffrom IT'S Labyrinth?

14 June 2011

By Dr. Akram Hijazi

There is not a single Arab or Muslim except that he chanced, at least once, in his life with the statement "Had the Arab rulers not been traitors, Israel would never have been established". That's a statement that has been deduced by the people for 10s of years, may it be said in relation to the peace treaty with Israel, or in relation to political or economical or diplomatic relations with it, or succumbing to its threats, or in order to please it or complying with it or… or… or… reasoning, this time, came in the most matured form than any in the past with the enlivening of the 63rd anniversary of the (Nakhba) atrocity, for the first time, as an Arab issue and not a Palestinian one, meaning that having relations with Israel and complying with it, in secret or open or pleasing it, and the official Arab alert concerning the condition of "Peace and stability" is for Israel's sake, whatever be the price, and these are pointers that have never been mistaken, at any point of time, by the eye of either an illiterate or a literate in spite of the disguise, denial or justifications made behind it.

These relations or pointers have mostly been tolerated or initiated by the Arab countries, classed by the west as moderate or by the east as backward, according to the contexts of the second half of the 20th century. And in spite of that these countries until this moment have been incapable of seeking help of Israel or declare openly that any alteration in its peace or stability will harm the security of Israel, as was done by the countries classed by the west as terrorist or terrorist protectors and by the east as modern, and which had made its glory on the contexts of uprising and up risers, and freedom and nationality, and the battle of destiny with the enemy and resistance, and secularism and democracy, and equality and development .and advancement… to the end of the chorus of these familiar contexts.

Every Arab nation, in providing security to Israel is equal, but Libya and Syria have become the most prominent models of reminding the west of the special services they have been presenting in order to secure the peace of Israel without really caring about anything, for both governments have ascertained that all their cards have burnt, and there is nothing left in front of them except to get ready to go or face the eminent fate, they did not wait even for a second in presenting what they thought to be the most precious card in pleasing the west in return for remaining in power. For the peaceful way or wars, or killings or arrests, or oppression or threats, or rapes or destructions, or sieges or starvation, or humiliation or chasing, or lying or defaming or misguiding… all of it are cards that burnt on the very first day. And what remained was the orphan card, which was doomed to fall, the card of: Security of Israel!

For after three weeks from the beginning of the Libyan uprising (17/2/2011) Colonel Muammar Gaddafi made an exciting statement to the Turkish television; TRT (9/3/2011) in which he said "If Al Qaeda succeeds in taking over Libya, then the entire area, even Israel will fall prey to chaos", pointing to the fact that "Fall of stability in Libya will reflect in Europe and on the middle east and what is called Israel" and specifying the fact that "Libya is the security belt for stability in the central waters".

Not a very long time passed until the Syrian uprising broke out, that is bleeding heavily from the very first moments as a punishment for what the ruling government calls as "foreign conspiracy", that targeted the front of resistance and denial that was led by Syria against the American and Zionist greed in the area!! "A conspiracy", that was unbelievable even to Ramie Makhloof himself, the cousin of the President, and the personality that is most hated and detested in Syria, whereas it was publicized, naturally, by Libya of Gaddafi and Iran and Hezbollah, and the people of vanity and interests, and ignorant and the delusive, and those with hidden selves.

In an interview with the American newspaper "New York Times" (9/5/20011), Makhloof talked about the way the ruling party viewed the events and not on his personal view as per the claim of the Syrian Information Minister. A vision that explains the core of the myth that was rode upon by the Syrian government and its likes for 35 long years, coverless, only using a Mulberry paper that had grown tired of waiting for the "Proper Reply", and then, it too fell into a sea of blood on the slaughter of peace and stability. Anyway, let's take a look at what Makhloof said:

"If there is no stability here in Syria then it's impossible for there to be any stability in Israel. And there is no way or no one who can guarantee what will happen after that, if may Allah not permit it, something happens to this government".

"Don't make us suffer, don't put a lot of pressure on the President, don't force Syria to do what she won't be happy to do".

"The alternative of the current government with the leadership of the Salafis will mean war in Syria and maybe even outside it. Alternative, we shall not accept it, and the people shall fight them…. Do you know what this means? This means catastrophe and we have lots of fighters".

"The ruling elite in Syria have united more after this trial, and even though the last word is for Assad but the policies are set up with a joint decision".

"We believe that there is no continuation without unity, and every one of us knows that we cannot continue if we are not united, and we shall not leave our vessel and lose, and we shall sit here and consider it a battle until the end, and they should know that when we suffer we shall not suffer alone."

Al-Qaida in the language of Gaddafi… and Salafiyah in the language of the Syrian government is the frightful alternative, and it is the one that is threatening the peace of Israel and central Asia, and it is the same that is threatening the stability in the area, and it is the one that is threatening the western and Zionist interests and the interests of tyrants and oppressors!!! So if the final hour of any of the Arab governments shall end with shamelessly seeking the aid of Israel! Then why can't Al Qaeda rejoice at the Arab uprisings? And what will stop the Ummah from relying on Al Qaeda? That's because Al Qaeda, by their own acknowledgment, has been truthful where they lied. And this means that the campaigns of defamation and incitement for which the West and its allies spent millions of dollars has gone like a lost wind, its example in being lost is like the analysis that claimed glad tidings of the scattering of the star of Al Qaeda after the Arab revolutions or the death of Sheikh Osama.

So contrary to the goals of Al Qaeda and on the tongues of the people, the goals of the Arab governments and their legality is restricted to offering "peace and stability" to the area and to Israel! And if this vision is present even in the core of the government that are categorized as Radical, and reflects the reality of the problem with Al Qaeda and Salafiyah, then is there any explanation for this formal frankness except that the real content of the resistance and denial for the length of 10s of years was only a suggestion of treachery and betrayal, exactly like the suggestion of "Strategic balance" or the hypothetical goals of the callers of the uprising and Arab nationalism and the rule for the people and the great public?

The Specialty of the Arab revolutions is in its ability to cause hysteria to the tyrants resulting in the fall of all their cards along with it, and stripping them off in a way that makes them incapable of covering their privates except with the Jewish calotte, that's why the Arab revolutions, from the Arab West passing through Egypt and until the lands of Sham, especially Syria are grinding revolutions which will be mindless of the fear imposed by the government that threatens that it will not suffer its presence while its toppling, and swears falsely that it will not open fire on the people. No, to calls for national dialogues or truces that are virtually impossible to fulfill with those who have tortured the Ummah and spilt its blood, and sold it cheap for the worst of the creation of Allah from humans. Revolutions whose bloody events are one and its enemy in harvest is one, for Israel is present in Libya, as it is present in Syria and in Yemen and Egypt and Tunisia and in all the Arab lands. And perhaps it's a funny difference that history recorded one of the days the famous shout of a woman against Rome "Wa Moatasimaah" will be the same that will record today the humiliated shout of the rulers who have started to shout for help from the Jews at their loudest pitch: "Wa Israeelaah"!!!! But, who shall save Israel from IT'S labyrinth?


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