The 1967-war Won't Be The End Of History: The Palestinians Have Suffered So Much

06 June 2011

By Khalid Amayreh

Intoxicated by her military might, largely due to the tight Jewish Zionist control over the American government and political institutions, Israel sought consistently (and successfully) to abort every conceivable peace effort that would have given the peoples of the region, including Jews, the promise of a decent future free of violence, terror and bloodshed.

In fact, nearly all Arab states voiced their willingness to reach peace with Israel. Even the former President of Egypt, Gamal Abdul Nasser, swallowed his pride and accepted the Roger plan, named after former U.S. Secretary of State William Roger.

In its gist, the plan called for ending the conflict in return for Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied in 1967.

However, Israel rejected the plan, insisting on retaining some of the spoils of the war, which even Israel's non-hostile enemies, e.g. the late King Hussein of Jordan, couldn't accept.

Ever since the Roger plan 1969-70, numerous peace plans and initiatives have been proposed, only to be rejected, even defiantly, by an arrogant and bellicose Israel.

To cover up enduring Israeli rejection of peace, the successive governments of the Jewish state employed a strategy based on lies, propaganda, deception and diversionary tactics. So, whenever the Arabs, including the Palestinians, responded positively to Israeli demands, e.g. showing a willingness to recognize Israel and abandon armed struggle, the Jewish state would reciprocate by inventing additional impossible demands and "red herrings" solely for the purpose of frustrating whatever peace plans in circulation at the time. One former Israeli official remarked that Israel would not get herself involved in any peace process it doesn't possess the ability to kill.

Meanwhile, Israel exploited every minute and every hour to steal and arrogate more Palestinian land in order to build thereon colonies for staunchly fanatical, even genocidal Jews, indoctrinated in a Nazi-like ideology based on Jewish superiority.

In the process, Israel transferred hundreds of thousands of its citizens to live on a land that belongs to another people, an indicting example showing that Israel doesn't really want peace with the Palestinians since stealing and colonizing a neighbor's homeland squarely contradicts any genuine desire for peace.

The world, including the American-led west, watched Israeli insolence played-out rather brazenly all these years, refusing to take any proactive measure to restrain Israel lest alone force her to give up occupied territories.

In the United States, where Jewish-Zionist manipulation of domestic politics enabled Israel's supporters to hold the American government by the throat, as we saw during the recent showdown between President Obama and Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu, nearly all America's politicians were effectively transformed into political prostitutes for the asking in the service of Israel.

America itself became an Israeli colony and any American politician, or public figure who wouldn't go with the flow risked committing a political suicide. Even elderly media figures, like Helen Thomas, had to be fired rather dishonorably in order to appease and please the new tyrants holding America by the throat.

The moral bankruptcy characterizing the American approach toward Israel and the Palestinians actually stooped to new low levels of absurdity, dishonesty, cheapness and indecency. This strange state of affair convinced many Americans that it is the Israeli tail that is wagging the American dog, not the other way around.

This also allowed some Israeli leaders to fly high in their hubris and megalomania, with some of them claiming "that we, the Jewish people, rule America and the stupid Americans know it."

Too late for peace

With Israel firmly convinced of unflinching American backing under all circumstances, Israel has effectively, perhaps irreversibly, killed any remaining chances for peace.

Correspondingly, the Palestinians and Arabs lost all hope for a just and dignified peace, arguing rather correctly that America itself has to be free from Jewish Zionist bondage in order to help free the Palestinian people from the sinister claws of Zionism.

Don't you listen to politicians and diplomats who would tell you otherwise, namely that peace still had a chance. They mostly knowingly indulge in this deception in order to maintain their jobs.

The truth of the matter is that the excessive and phenomenal proliferation of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, especially East Jerusalem , has decapitated any real prospects for the establishment of a Palestinian state or statelet that one would mention with dignity. Which means real peace can only be entertained as a distant afterthought that is to put it very mildly.

The Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims may not like to swallow the bitter bill of reality. And reality shows that Israel has achieved its goals, for the time being.

But the vital question which the Muslim Umma will have to answer is what the umma is going to do to reverse a situation that must be undone and reversed, because eventually we must get rid of the mad wild beast, or risk being devoured mercilessly by it.

The Crusades occupied Palestine for many decades until a revived Muslim power evicted them from this holy land. Needless to say, the ultimate fate of Zionist Jews must never ever differ from that of the Crusades for both are agents of oppression, theft and inequity.

However, in order for the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims to predispose ourselves for freedom and liberation from the claws of Zionism, we must first and foremost prepare ourselves for a long, long struggle that would last many years, a struggle that will claim many many victims.

We must also cleanse our minds from the illusion that America is capable of pressuring Israel to end its occupation. America itself after all has always been a house of inequity, a country that killed millions of native Americans and called the genocide "manifest destiny."

Hence, we must stop taking the very same medicine that repeatedly proved its futility and uselessness.

Israel is a despicable parasite living off the affluence of western nations, especially the United States .

But America itself is in a definitive state of decline. This means that sooner or later, Israel will feel the heat of America's relegation into a second-class power, a process that has already begun.

Moreover, the Muslim umma is in a definitive state of ascendance. To cite just one example, the Arab world has attained in just a few months an empowerment unprecedented since the downfall of the Ottoman state.

And this is only the beginning. In a few years, inshallah, the entire Arab world, from the Atlantic to the Arab-Persian Gulf will be free from the American-Zionist hegemony, dynastic tyranny and treasonous kings and presidents-for-life who pay off for their political survival by carrying out America's and Israel's dictates and instructions.

Israel is not a moral entity that can withstand the travails of history. Israel is a historical aberration at best, a deformed entity that thrives on murder, theft, and oppression. It is an entity that has no future. (end).



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