Islamists Need To Be Vigilant, Not Euphoric

11 Dec 2011

By Khalid Amyreh

The sweeping victories Islamist and quasi-Islamist political parties have scored in recent elections in a number of Arab countries should grant the Arab masses a lot of confidence in pursuing their goals.

The Islamists have suffered so much and waited so long before reaching this point

However, this is not the time for indulging in euphoria because the enemies of Islam, especially Israel and her guardian-ally, the United States, are far from coming to terms with the outcome of Arab revolutions.

Israel, which tightly controls the politics and policies of the U.S., is beginning to sense the strategic transformation that is unfolding in the region.

And while some Israeli officials and commentators try desperately to put a good face on the "new situation", a majority of Israeli strategic planners do admit that the apartheid regime is indeed the biggest loser of the Arab spring.

Israel has been especially phobic and spasmodic about the triumph of the Islamists in Egypt , with Israeli and Zionist leaders privately and publicly pleading to Washington to try to scuttle or circumvent some of the foreseen implications of the Islamists ascending to the helm of power in Cairo .

According to reliable sources, Israel is now pressing the Obama administration to press the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in Cairo to deny a prospective Islamist-dominated parliament certain sovereign powers, including appointing government, running Egypt's foreign relations, with particular emphasis on the "Israeli file."

The Obama administration is yet to elucidate its "preferences" vis--vis the upcoming regime in Cairo. But the initial indications don't seem auspicious, especially with American elections looming on the horizon.

The administration has opened a channel of contact with the Muslim Brotherhood, but some Islamist sources have referred to this feat as being "belated or even too late."

One Egyptian Islamist leader who spent many years in Husni Mubarak's jails and dungeons told this writer that the Americans "are trying to explore the landscape of the Islamist map.''

"I think the main problem hindering constructive relations between an Islamist-dominated or Islamist-influenced regime in Cairo lies with Israel and its powerful lobby in Washington.

"We, in the Brotherhood, have no inherent or intrinsic hostility toward America or the American people. Our main problem with America is America's pornographic support for to Israel. We simply can't have stable relations with the U.S. if it keeps up its obscene embrace of Israeli oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

"If we pursue the old policies of Mubarak, the Egyptian masses will forsake us in the next elections. We can't take people's support for granted."


The Islamists in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world must not fall prey to the illusion that the West, especially the US, is undergoing a moral conversion and will soon come to terms with the will of the people.

The will of the people must be defended and consolidated through a bitter and sustained struggle. Only when our foes, near and distant, despair of their ability to thwart or confiscate the will of the people will they stop their exploitation, plots and evil conspiracies to control the will of the masses to regain their sovereignty and dignity from erstwhile tyranny and subservience to foreign powers.

Hence, the victorious Islamist parties are strongly advised to form the broadest possible front with all sincere forces, Islamist and otherwise, in order to repulse and overcome possible pressures from familiar headquarters.

This solid front will shield the fledgling Islamic experiment from some of the avoidable and unnecessary harms, coming from anti-Islamic forces.

Yes, the Algerian scenario, whereby the army carries out a coup against the will of the people, is unlikely to repeat itself in Egypt now. But this doesn't mean at all that even more insidious scenarios to undercut the will of the people can be ruled out.

This is why the Islamists must see to it that any foreign pressure or interference that has the smell of trying to turn the wheels of time backward must be met with the will of the people of Egypt, not by the Islamists alone.

There is no doubt that the Israeli snake and its agents and mouthpieces will try, even ferociously and vociferously, to create a lot of distraction to any government in Cairo that adopts a pro-active stance against Israeli Nazism, especially the pornographic oppression meted out to the Palestinians.

Israel and her supporters are likely to make a big fuss about the sectarian issue, probably by manipulating some Coptic separatists and expatriates in the West. Israel might also try to keep an anti-Israel government in Egypt in a perpetual defensive position, responding to Israeli propaganda fireballs.

Hence, the new would-be rulers of Egypt must see to it that no free ammunition is provided to fuel Israeli propaganda, such as taking a lenient stance toward any criminal attacks on churches or other targets.

Now a last word to the Salafi brothers. You have achieved a spectacular victory in the first round of the Egyptian elections. This is undoubtedly a great favor from the Almighty. But, you too, shouldn't be euphoric. Election victories can be won and lost like any other variable.

Only through unity with other Islamist forces, even those who might differ with you in their tactics and way of thinking, will the Islamic preference succeed and be vindicated in the eyes of many. So, please make sure you are not carried away by your spectacular performance. You need to be wise. Your enemies, our enemies and the enemies of Egypt are impatiently waiting to see you stumble. Please keep them waiting for eternity.



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