State Of Our Nation: And God Is Watching!

10 Jan 2012

By Adeniyi Omotope Zafaran

What we experience today is no more a dream, be it pain or pleasure, as it is a reality of our handiworks.  We saw the cloud when it forms, yet we enter and become   drained, who is to be blamed?  More clouds are looming as this is just the beginning. The major lesson of our history class today is that we have not learnt its lesson.  We are yet to discover ourselves. 

The leaders say fellow Nigerians; the people say greatest Nigerians. The leaders campaign and the people vote. The leader controls the resources, the people generate them. The leaders enjoy all facilities which are almost all unpaid for; the followers languish in penury and almost pay for everything. The present scenario is a vivid reflection of the people. While the fuel saga rages, the people or the touts amongst them go about constructing illegal road blocks to extort money from fellow men; others go about destroying properties and killing innocent lives.  One then asks the link between subsidy and destruction.

It will be incisive to refresh our memories with the statement of one of our great scholars which rightly depicts our self-engineered pathetic situation: "A train will move in the direction the driver intends it to go. The passengers are in his hands. They will go in whatever direction the train goes. If they want to go in some other direction, they will have to change either the train or the driver. In the same way, human civilization travels in the direction determined by the people who control the center of power. Mankind can hardly resist moving along the road by those who lead, if only by virtue of the fact that leaders control all resources, hold the reins of power and possess the means of shaping and moulding minds and behaviour. They have the power to influence individuals as well as social system and moral values…If leadership is in the hands of those who have turned away from God, the lifestyle of that society drifts towards rebellion against God, towards man's exploitations by man and towards moral degeneration         and cultural pollution. This in turn, leads to a general corruption of ideas affecting the arts and sciences, polities and law and justice."   [S.A.A. Mawdudi, The Islâmic Movement: Dynamics of Values, Power and Change]

Our situations appear to have defied prayers; after all we have been praying! One thing debarring the potency of our prayer is action as individuals. We must all live by natural values and divine guidance. Then, we should ensure others live as such. We must realise that it is only natural that the future generation reap the fruit of the present consequent upon the products of our handiworks.

Allah (SWT) will never change the situation of a people until they change their orientation about their existence. The future of every society lies in our hands. If our councilors are free to be paid for a service but fail to act and not taken to account; it serves as an incentive for the next person after him to do worse. This is same for the chairmen, senators, Governors and others.  It is high time every constituency called back their leaders and took them to task.

Life remains a struggle which temporarily ends at death. The consequence of a life well or badly spent lingers on in the grave and culminates in paradise or hell. So, let there be peace in the land which should be encapsulated in human feeling in our relationships.

Dr Adeniyi Omotope Zafaran,

Director, Vanguards Academy, Ijebu-Ode,

Ogun State, Nigeria


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