Revitalising Triumph through Gwangwazo: Another View

08 Jan 2012

By Umar Bashir

I read the above article written by one Sani Yusuf, which appeared on page 3 of the Daily Triumph Newspaper edition of 21st December 2011. Having gone through the content of the piece, it has become highly necessary to respond to the write up and clarify some deliberate misconceptions created by the writer, perhaps with the complacency of his benefactor to raise false alarm about what the state newspaper has become of today. 

The purpose of this response is simply aimed at putting the record straight as against the blatant falsehood and sycophantic adulation displayed by the writer to curry undue advantage from certain targeted authorities capable of frustrating the efforts and good intention of the state governor, Engr. (Dr.) Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to truly revitalise the state newspaper towards meeting the challenges of the time.   

Contrary to the claim by the writer that Triumph newspaper is the only surviving state paper in the north, perhaps Sani Yusuf may not know that we have state newspapers as the Herald from Kwara State, the Standard from Plateau State, the Graphic from Kogi State, etc that are still serving the interests of their states. Are these states not from the north? Again, we are aware that in the good olden days of the Triumph Newspaper, it used to be highly qualitative, widely circulated and read in most part of the north, Abuja and Lagos. Can Triumph Newspaper boast of such today, if we may ask? 

In spite of the huge amount of funds pumped towards the revitalization of the Triumph Newspaper by both past and present governments, the quality and contents of the paper have no considerable improvement at all. Increasing the pages of the newspaper and carrying out political changes to get rid of highly qualified manpower resources cannot simply make the paper to grow and compete favourably with its counterparts in the country.  

Sincerely speaking, since the drafting of Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo some few months ago to the Triumph as its Managing Director cum Editor-in-Chief, there have been no meaningful changes that have taken place except the cosmetic political alterations in the paper and its personnel to satisfy the imagine political feelings of the present government. The Managing Director's appointments of his cronies including the writer of the above piece, Sani Yusuf to man the various sensitive departments without due respect to competence are completely in aberration to the radical transformation and good intention of the present government under the leadership of Engr. (Dr) Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso wants to carry out. 

Incidentally, both Sani Yusuf and his benefactor have put reasonable years with the state paper and they have served in various positions to make the required contribution and improvement on the paper, which they never did. Therefore, for Sani Yusuf and his fellow travelers in the Triumph to pretend against this fact and resort to condemning and blackmailing the past administration for the woes of the paper and welfare of staff amounts to dishonesty and distortion of fact targeted at blindfolding the present government and his benefactor to get away with whatever he wants.  

Ironically, it is very well placed on record that the same Sani Yusuf who dubbed his present benefactor as "Messiah and God-sent" in his deliberate praise-singing article had equally maintained Wednesday Sports Eye back page column throughout the eight years of the past administration, which he also religiously devoted to praising sports policy of the same past government he is crucifying today and there is no doubting the fact that he will do the same thing to the present government when it is out of office, after all, it is usually said that, "soldier go, soldier come, barrack remain". Perhaps, this was why Sani Yusuf fondly generated his nick-name, "senior cuwa-cuwa" or "any better" among his work colleagues. Can this type of macabre dance and self-serving interest really improve the quality of the Triumph Newspaper? Is this not the type of manpower that creates bottleneck to any sincere leader that wants to make meaningful progress as in the avowed determination of the present governor to make Triumph what it should be?  

Indeed, if Sani Yusuf wants to appreciate the favour being done to him by his boss for rightly or wrongly putting him above his other more qualified colleague, there are other ways of doing so than resorting to distortion of fact for a pat in the back. Honestly, there is more to what Sani Yusuf article was meant to achieve than miss the eyes. This is why his write up is skeptical of the present government plan to privatise the state paper for efficiency in manpower and quality in service when it openly stated that "the workers only concern is the government's plan for the company to be on its own. They see (sic) the present time as not the best for such plan. They are appealing to Engr. (Dr.) Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, a true people's governor, a messiah of the Triumph Publishing Company to for the sake of God, to shelve that plan for now."  

The writer's apprehension against making Triumph to be on its own for efficiency is out rightly borne out of selfishness and the fear of loosing his manipulative instinct to his great advantage, knowing fully well that he gets things through the back door, based on favour, which he enjoys at the detriment of merit. 

If Governor Kwankwaso really wants to revitalise Triumph Newspaper for good and to serve its purpose, he should not listen to the above selfish but desperate plea against Triumph being on its own because it should not always be business as usual. It is therefore very clear that the present crop of Management of the state paper is apolitical, self centered and pretentious that it cannot realize the genuine intention of positioning the publishing house and revitalising its paper by the present government.  

Let the Triumph stand on its own for progress and to avoid any one using the paper as drain pipe to milk the government dry through subvention that should be channeled towards another meaningful development. This is the home truth and nothing but the truth and any thing short of this will amount to postponing the evil day for business as usual.

 Bashir Umar

Naibawa Quarters, Zaria Road, Kano




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