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The Campaign For Dr. Aafia Siddiqui & Mumia Abu-Jamal

17 February 2013

By El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan

Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace): 

This is coming to our readers from Raleigh, NC, where I shared a few thoughts with brothers and sisters who were in attendance at the Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR) last night. 

We have now entered the second month of the special three month drive for our sister, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui - an initiative that will culminate in demonstrations (on the home front) in New York City and Fort Worth, Texas. There will also, no doubt, be demonstrations in other parts the world on or around March 30, 2013.  

This past Friday Masjid At-Taqwa in Brooklyn, NY, joined the list of masajid which have thus far opened their doors - on the Day of Jumuah - to this special three month mobilization. The others are the Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI) in Westbury, NY; Darul Islah in Teaneck, NJ; MCMC in Piscataway, NJ; and Masjid Bilal in Richmond, VA. We thank them ALL for their warm support of this humble and very important effort, and we look forward to the fraternal support that will come from others as this mobilization continues to build up steam! 

Before leaving the New York area last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing the New York premier of "Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal." I will have more to say on this later, insha'Allah. For now, let me say this is a MUST SEE production - which underscores both the power of one (the enormous power and influence that one sincerely committed individual can wield), and the power of sustained and deeply committed grass-roots activism

The list of cities where the film is now scheduled to appear is provided below. I have no doubt that given the strength of the early communal response (the theater was sold out for both New York City showings on Friday) other cities will be added. 

On a final note: I am deeply grateful that the special forum on "Terrorism and Our Youth," which was unveiled at the Prince Georges Muslim Association in Lanham, MD, this past Saturday, came off as well as it did. The sizeable attendance of Muslim (male) youth - the targeted group for preemptive prosecutions - was especially encouraging. 

We are planning to do a larger follow-up at one of the Washington area universities in the near future, and we are also planning to take this initiative on the road as the opportunity avails itself, insha'Allah. Applied Information Is Power!



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