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Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh And Hafiz Sheikh Sufi Ameer Khan

03 March 2013

By Saeed Qureshi


The following is an interesting and devotional story that speaks for the spiritual link between Hafiz Sufi Ameer Khan Sahib and the most accomplished and venerated saint Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh now buried in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan.  Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh's full name is Abul Hassan Ali Ibn Usman al-Jullabi al-Hajveri al-Ghaznavi. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh is the most outstanding and pioneer Sufi saint that arrived in India and spread the message of Islam and because of him countless people embraced Islam.


All those saints who came later first went to the shrine of Hazrat Data for blessings to purify themselves internally in order to be the recipients of the coveted status of being God's chosen and blessed favorites. Thereafter they would move to other destinations in India to continue the divine commandments of calling the people to the path of one God.


We all know Hafiz Sheikh Sufi Ameer Khan in Dallas/Fort Worth, as a reputable saint from the Chishtia and Qadria branch of Sufism (sainthood). The exalted Sufis maintain a spiritual rapport with each through their special powers which transcend to reach each other and they converse and share the esoteric knowledge. It was one such meeting and links that Sufi Ameer Khan had with one of the most exalted saint and esteemed ascetic of all times: I mean Hazarat Data Ganj Bakhsh.


Let me narrate the captivating story of this unique phenomenon that is exclusive to the spiritually elevated individuals who can see beyond the normal human beings and mortal like us. I shall narrate this amazing episode in the word of Sufi Ameer Khan sahib himself so that it retains the spiritual flavor and holy candor that it contains. Indeed it is a Karamat (miracle) for ordinary mortals.


"On December 12, 2012 one of my Mureeds (devotees) Mr. Naveed Siddiqui was in Lahore, Pakistan on a business trip when some business problems arose. This Mureed called by phone here in Dallas Texas for help and prayers. I advised Naveed to go to the Dargah Shareef (shrine) in Lahore of Data Ganj Bakhsh and make Dua there for the solution of his problem.


Naveed immediately went to the Dargah Shareef and prayed. The following day his prayers were qabool (answered and approved by the saint) and he promptly called me with the good news. I told him to go back and offer Shukrana (thankfulness) and whilst there, standing on his there will be an old Fakir( Dervish or holy man)) – he should go to that Fakir and give him Salaam( Islamic tradition of saying hello or blessing) from "Allah Ka Banda"( Slave of God) Hafiz Ameer Khan of Texas and that my wish is to have the Chaddar( Neema or coverlet) of the Kabar( grave).


The Mureed followed my instructions and did find the Fakir standing exactly where I told him and conveyed my request to him. He was told by the Fakir to come back some time next day.


Naveed went back the next day and I had instructed him (Naveed) to give the Fakir one thousand rupees. The Fakir was waiting for him. Fakir told him to give the plastic bag to Allah Ka Banda Awliya Ameer Khan with the request for Dua. As Naveed put his hand in his pocket to hand over the money, the Fakir disappeared- never to be seen again. Naveed searched in vain for several days, but never again saw the Fakir.


When the holy Chaddar (shroud)   reached my hands here in Dallas, I observed in Muraquiba (to find answer for a problem in meditation) and Istikhara (a mystic way of communication with God for approval or disapproval of an act), that the Fakir was no other than Hazrat Ali Usman Hajweri Data Ganj Bakhsh RA.


The day the Chaddar arrived at my office, I had three guests who saw it. They are my honorable Mureeds: Khaliq Qureshi, Farooq Khan and Dr. Rehana Kausar."


Sufi Hafiz Ameer Khan Sahib narrated another incident of similar nature that is also produced below in his words:


"I also related another incident at age 10 in a mosque in South America in company with my father (Hafiz and Awliya). Here was a Fakir, no one knew where he came from, but he was living in the mosque. It was time for Isha prayers (early night), but he would never join the Jamaat (congregation). The people rebelled and demanded he join them in prayers. I was 10 years old-already a Hafiz-e-Quran. He (Faqir) looked at me and said that for the sake of this little boy, "I will join the prayers".


In the middle of Sura Fateha, the Fakir walked out of the Jamaat. After the prayers the people demanded an explanation and apology from the Fakir. After some time, the Fakir was forced to explain. He looked at the Imaam and told him that whilst he was reciting Fateha (the Imaam) he was thinking he has no money to marry his daughter next month.


The Fakir told the Imaam that when he stands and pray before Allah –nothing crosses his mind and thoughts. He is forever engrossed and thoughtful to his creator. With this explanation, the Fakir disappeared in the air - never to be seen again.


Earlier I have written two articles on the Karamat of Hazrat Jinab Hafiz Sufi Ameer Khan Sahib. In those articles I have narrated several other incidents regarding the healing powers of Sufi Sahib. Most of these episodes related to several individuals who still live here in DFW. A few days ago I was incidentally also invited to a dinner where Sufi Sahib performed Dua for the cancer patient, the mother of a member of our community.

That evening there was another guest named Safdar Iqbal. Mr. Safdar whose account I had narrated in my other previous articles told me that he was one of the beneficiaries of the miraculous prayer of Hazrat Ameer Khan performed on his bed in the hospital. Safdar who was in coma for over two weeks opened his eyes at once when Sufi Ameer had just finished his Dua. He is one of the closest Mureeds of Hazrat Hafiz Ameer Khan Sahib.


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