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Ulema Highlight Need To Support Jihad In Syria, Palestine

26 August 2013

By Khalid Amayreh

Muslim scholars on Friday highlighted the plight of the Syrian people, urging able Muslims all over the world to hasten to the aid of their brethren in Syria who are battling the heretical, anti-Islam regime of Bashar el-Assad.

Scholars also urged Friday congregations to help the Palestinian people withstand Israeli persecution and repression.

A large conference attended by dozens of religious scholars took place in Cairo Friday, 14 June, where leading scholars issued a call for jihad against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his allies, condemning the conflict as a "war on Islam."

As many as a hundred thousand Syrians, mostly civilians, have died in two and a half years of fighting between mostly Sunni rebels and Alawite government forces, hell-bent on keeping Assad's dynasty in power.

Influential Muslim scholar Yousef El-Qaradawy, head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, attended the meeting.

He said the chief aim of the Assad regime and his allies was to eradicate Islam in Syria.

"This is a Godless regime whose aim is to eradicate Islam in Syria. It is the religious duty of each and every Muslim to hasten to the aid of the Syrian people, each according to his or her ability."

Another scholar, Sheikh Muhammed Arifi of Saudi Arabia, warned Muslim rulers against taking the matter lightly.

He warned the kings and princes of Gulf and other Arab and Muslim states that they would be next to be massacred and finished if they didn't move now to face and repulse the onslaught of Iranian Safavids.

"Their goal is to massacre us, to destroy our mosques, and create a pagan Shiite empire to replace the Muslim Middle East."

Arifi, who delivered the Jumaa sermon before thousands of worshipers in Cairo, said the matter was one of life or death for Sunni Muslims. He quoted heavily from the Holy Quran reminding the huge congregation of their religious obligations.

"These polytheists are trying to replace monotheism with polytheism. They want to silence the call for the one and only God with the call of saints and mini-gods and imams. We must not allow this to happen."

One Syrian freedom fighter who attended the conference shouted "We don't need money, we don't need men, we don't need food, we don't need humanitarian assistance: We only need weapons."

Earlier, Sheikh Muhammed Hassan read a statement urging all able-bodied Muslims to travel to Syria for Jihad against the atheistic regime in Damascus.

He pointed out that the Syrian regime and its Shiite allies were more hostile to Islam than Islam's other enemies.

He also revealed that thousands of Mujahideen or Muslim warriors were already fighting the Alawite regime and his Iranian and Hezbullah allies.

Sheikh Hassan is one of the most prominent Salafist clerics in Egypt.

In Jerusalem, the Jumaa preacher condemned the Shiite onslaught against Islam in Syria.

He called President Bashar El Assad a criminal tyrant, an enemy of Allah and Islam, adding that all Palestinians were decidedly behind the Syrian revolution.

The speaker called all those supporting "the Hulago" of Damascus as "traitors to Islam and Muslims." Under Hulago's leadership, the Mongols destroyed the greatest center of Islamic power, Baghdad, in 1258, ending the Abbasid caliphate.

He warned that the Muslim Middle East was facing a Safavid onslaught aimed at destroying Islam.

Safavis (Safawis in Arabic) are thought to be a Persian aberration of original Shiism. Savavis ascribe to the Shiite imam God-like attributes and characters. For example, they believe that Imam Ali is the one who decides who goes to paradise and who goes to hell. He also controls the movement of earth, mountains, winds and causes the rain to fall down on earth. They also believe that an imam of the 12 imams is greater than angels and prophets. Alawites, an offshoot of Shiism, believe that Ali is God incarnate. In 1977, Imam Mousa al Sadr issued a Fetwa or edict considering Alawites bona fide Shiites despite their brazen anthropomorphism.

Sunni Muslims vehemently reject the deification of human beings including prophets and saints, viewing this as polytheism and blaspheme.

Observers notice the internecine war in Syria has been assuming an increasingly sectarian nature especially after the direct heavy intervention by the Lebanese Shiite militia, Hezbullah.

Sunni leaders in the region viewed Hezbullah's intervention as a game-changer. Hezbullah claims the survival of President Assad guarantees the survival of the Shiite militia whose lifeline from Tehran passes through Syria.

The Lebanese militia infuriated Sunni Muslims earlier this month when its fighters raised a Shiite flag on the top of a Sunni Mosque at the bombed out al-Qusayr.

Khalid Amayreh is an American-educated journalist based in the occupied Palestinian territories.



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