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Why Dr. Shamsa Qureshi Was Not Thanked Enough?

27 February 2014

Saeed Qureshi

The well publicized Interfaith Naatia Mushaira convened on the evening of 21 February at the Richardson Civic Center was a modest success. It was modest because of the time embargo placed by the authorities that bound the organizers to start at 8 pm and terminate at 12 O'clock midnight. The poets and the audiences were amused but at the same time remained under a burgeoning pressure about the end time fast approaching. In this world of human errors and shortcomings it would be utterly difficult to go by the ticking clock. One can imagine the hypertension of the last few poets who were not sure whether there would enough time left for them to deliver their pieces of poetry composed over a period of time and with lot of brain storming.

But one thing that has really saddened me is that one of the leading sponsors and helpers in making this evening otherwise an illuminating success was not applauded or thanked enough for her substantial for her services including serving snacks. She donated $200 that was the highest of the combined 8 donors.

Dr. Shamsa moved into DFW a couple of years ago. She is a poet and more than that she is a generous person who goes as far possible for contributing towards social and literary functions such as the one we witnessed on the evening of 21st February.

To ignore her by way of expressing gratitude for her financial support and dedication is to dishearten an inspiring member of the community from her passion to serve such nice causes in future. I have closely observed Dr. Shamsa and her illustrious husband also a prominent medical specialist. This couple is among those who can be adjudged as fine human beings. Dr. Shamsa has distinguished herself as a model of Good Samaritan, of compassion, generosity as exemplified from her latest praiseworthy participation in this interfaith Naatia Mushaira. She is soft spoken and very humble at the same time and is a great host.

I would expect and urge the chief organizer of this unique Mushaira Jinab Mike Ghouse to make amends by offering a profound apology to Dr. Shamsa and pay her befitting gratitude by helping him and the Mushaira by "Damay, Darmay, and Sukhnay".

The writer is a senior journalist, former editor of Diplomatic Times and a former diplomat. His blog is www.uprightopinion.com



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