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Hamas Is Not A Terrorist Organization: Witch-hunted By The Sissi Regime On Israel's Behalf

13 March 2014

By Khalid Amayreh

In a relentless effort to undermine Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic liberation organization, Fatah, the political party of Mahmoud Abbas, the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA), has been trying unceasingly to turn the military coup authority in Cairo against the legitimate government in Gaza.

According to reliable data that has been accumulating for the past six months, Fatah operatives have employed every conceivable lie and every piece of disinformation to incite the Sissi junta against Hamas.

The disinformation campaign is based on the scandalously mendacious assumption that Hamas is involved in the internal insurrection facing the military authorities in Cairo ever since the 30-June coup.

Both the Sissi regime's intelligence and Fatah leadership do know that Hamas is totally innocent of all the concocted "intelligence" reports and other insinuations and innuendos fabricated by Fatah.

Indeed, the Egyptian authorities are yet to produce any piece of credible evidence indicting Hamas. Yes, some suspects have been arrested but these suspects turned out to be agents of the PA and had absolutely nothing to do with Hamas.

Now, Fatah is instigating the Cairo junta to declare Hamas a terrorist organization. Fatah is hoping that such a measure by Cairo would further narrow Hamas horizons and might eventually precipitate unrest in the Gaza Strip.

To be sure, Fatah had used a variety of cheap tactics to unsettle Hamas and force it to agree to return the coastal enclave to the status quo ante, when various Fatah militias, including that of Muhammad Dahlan, spread chaos, insecurity, corruption and even promiscuity. (See for example David Hirst's investigative article in the Guardian in 1999 'Shameful in Gaza,' " - https://groups.google.com/forum/#! topic/misc.activism.progressive/ jLuPvYyBXW4

Hamas has always said and continues to say it doesn't and will not interfere in the internal affairs of Arab countries. Even in Syria, where the manifestly murderous sectarian regime of Bashar el-Assad has been slaughtering his own people en masse for three consecutive years, Hamas has adopted more or less a neutral position, which made the movement incur a barrage of scathing criticisms from several quarters.

But Hamas cannot and will not commit blaspheme and apostasy by embracing a regime that claims to be trying to liberate Palestine and destroy Israel by dropping cluster bombs on women and children waiting in long queues outside bakeries in Halab and Hama and other Syrian cities.

The same thing can be said about Hamas's stance toward the Egyptian crisis. True Hamas cannot and doesn't speak for 90 million Egyptians. Hamas cannot tell the people of Egypt which political party they ought to elect or whom to elect as their president. This is none of Hamas's business. In the final analysis, Hamas is too small and too weak to intervene or interfere in Egypt.

However, this doesn't mean that Hamas should give legitimacy or bless the pornographic massacres committed by the Sissi gang against his own people at Rabaa and Nahda and the streets of Egypt.

Hamas, like honest people all over the globe, will not commit a moral suicide by supporting an expressly fascist regime that all signs indicate is at Israel's beck and call.

More to the point, Hamas has no interest whatsoever in antagonizing Egypt, irrespective of which government rules in Cairo. The Gaza Strip is too dependent on Egypt to alienate any regime in Cairo.

This leaves us with the logical conclusion that the Egyptian regime, which lacks any legitimacy save the legitimacy of the fait accompli, is punishing Hamas out of ideological vengeance, e.g. because of the group's Islamic ideology and historical bonds with the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most authentic Sunni Islamic movement in the Arab world, now being hysterically witch-hunted by the Sissi regime on Israel's behalf.

This is not a pro-Ikhwan propaganda. We, who live in occupied Palestine, do read and watch the Israeli media and we know the deep Israeli infatuation with Abdul Fatah Sissi for "doing the job on Israel's behalf."

It is no secret that the charlatan general is being celebrated in Israel for carrying out a bloody coup against a democratically-elected President who refused to give Israel a green light to gang up on the Palestinians and who effectively created a linkage between Egyptian compliance with the Camp David peace treaty with Israel on the one hand and Israeli behaviors toward the Palestinians on the other.

In light, there is no doubt that any vindictive measure by the Egyptian "courts," which we all know act as a rubber stamp in the hands of the virulent Sissi regime, would be done in the service of Israeli interests, probably in the hope that such a treachery would prompt the American Jewish lobby, which tightly controls Congress, to issue a certificate of good conduct for the failing regime that is morphing Egypt into a failed state.

But the free men and women of the world as well as the Egyptian, Arab and Muslim masses are closely watching the unethical, indeed the treasonous conduct of Sissi and his nefarious regime. It is hoped that this treason which is taking place in broad daylight will accelerate the process of consigning this regime to the dustbin of history.

Khalid Amayreh is an American-educated journalist living in the Hebron region of the West Bank.



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