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Arabs Must Protest Israeli Crimes Even Against The Wishes Of Their Regimes

20 March 2014

By Khalid Amayreh

Thousands of Jordanians and Palestinians continued to protest last week's murderous killing by Israel of a Jordanian judge while traveling to the West Bank through the Allenby Bridge crossing.

Eyewitnesses described the killing of Ra'ed Ze'ieter, 38, as "premeditated and cold-blooded murder."

For its part, Israel tried to concoct an entirely different account of the incident to justify the heinous murder, claiming that the soldier who killed Ze'ieter acted in self-defense.

However, it seems that the Israeli government failed to cover the sun with a sieve, as the Arab proverb goes.

The Israeli government made a half-hearted apology to the Jordanian government, insisting, however there were "extenuating circumstances" justifying the murder.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the criminal killer did what he did knowingly and deliberately. He knew what he was doing. He wanted to spill Palestinian blood, pure and simple.

Israeli soldiers, unlike all other soldiers under the sun, are indoctrinated with an inherently racist ideology, derived from the Talmud, whereby the life of every non-Jew has no sanctity.

I am not voicing anti-Semitic views when I state the obvious. There are Talmudic passages that bluntly and brashly deny the mere humanity of non-Jews. The much-celebrated late Rabbi of Shas Ovadia Yosef said, without patting an eyelash, that non-Jews were beasts of burden whom the Almighty created solely to serve Jews.

Numerous other rabbis, with hundreds of thousands of followers, issued religious edicts based on the Talmud, encouraging Israeli soldiers to kill innocent Arabs. See the following link, for example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKCJjVl64zo

Hence, the murderous killing of Ze'ieter must be viewed as the ultimate product or byproduct of this Nazi-like indoctrination.

I do not claim that all Jews or even all Israeli Jews subscribe to this murderous and disgusting ideology. However, the truth must be proclaimed irrespective of the Golem of anti-Semitism which is often manipulated to justify or extenuate Israeli crimes.

No choice

The continuing protests in Jordan over the murder of the young judge are the very least Arabs could do to extricate respect from insolent supremacist Jews.

If we don't protest, next time they will murder ten judges. We have been living close to 50 years under the sinister Israeli occupation. We know them too well.

More to the point, Arab masses must not rely on their respective governments to put up a meaningful stance that would deter Israeli provocations.

We all know that these governments are too weak to do this. In addition, they lack real democratic legitimacy and therefore don't feel they are answerable to the people.

In fact, the raison d'Ítre of many regimes in the Arab world is effectively to suppress and even torment their people on Israel's behalf.

Hence, there is no use waiting for governments to force Israel to show respect for the life and dignity of our people.

In the final analysis, our lives, let alone our dignity, don't constitute a pressing priority for these regimes. In fact, the regimes themselves are the biggest violators of our dignity and lives.

This is why the masses must do what it takes to force our governments to be more "pro-active" in doing their job, namely protecting their own citizens.

And any government or regime failing to carry out its responsibility toward its citizens must be forced to resign. The regimes must therefore understand that the only legitimacy they have is the legitimacy that comes from the people's acceptance.

This is the standard practice all over the civilized world, and we are not children of a lesser God.

I am against any random acts of violence targeting innocent Jews. Such acts undermine our just causes and often boomerang on us. However, our Arab governments must make it abundantly clear to Israel that the spilling of an Arab's blood by Jews makes the spilling of a Jew's blood by Arabs inevitable.

Unfortunately, Israel's insolence and arrogance of power are unlikely to change the collective racist mindset of the Israeli state. We all know the inherently racist mentality of the Israeli justice system where an Arab is viewed as guilty even if proven innocent whereas a Jew is viewed as innocent even if proven guilty.

That is why it is highly unlikely that the criminal soldier who killed Ze'ieter will be punished or even rebuked.

The more likely treatment he will receive is that he will be cheered, awarded and promoted.

But the proverbial ball is none the less in our court, not Israel's. It is we, not our failed governments, who decide whether the world, along with Israel and her guardian-ally, the United States, will treat us with respect.

After all, those who don't respect themselves will not be respected as Zuheir Ibn Abi Sulma, the renowned Arab poet, said 1450 years ago. (waman la yokarrim nafsaho la yokarrami).

Khalid Amayreh is an American-educated journalist living in the Hebron region of the West Bank.

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