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Putin's Option Is Either To Become China's Satellite Or Muslim's Younger Partner

02 June 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

Historian and professor Andrei Zubov at the Moscow university of international relations, says,
the annexation of Crimea was the return to the Soviet diplomacy.

Unlike Yeltsin and Gorbachov, Putin has a Soviet mindset. Accordingly, he can instruct foreign peoples how to live and which unions to join.

Putin's referendum in Crimea was an utter falsification. As Zubov wrote his Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations on elections, he says the results of the Crimean one were invented by its organizers.

The turnout cannot be larger than 75-78% and 90% of voters cannot support a single issue whereas in the Crimean "referendum" 95.5% of voters supported Crimean independence from Ukraine.

No wonder the Ukrainians realized that their Russian neighbor, whom they treated well in general, stole one of the rooms in their apartment when they were weakened.

There were mistakes in Russia's and Ukraine's policies, with the largest one lying on the fact that both countries failed to carry out de-Sovietization and de-Communization.

The Soviet mentality, still existent in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, had a huge effect on how the situation developed there.

Putin is trying to replace the Soviet ideology with the nationalist one.

The way Russia is acting now, especially in the wake of Crimea, will be cold-shouldered by all countries.

Putin's prospect is either to become China's satellite or a junior partner of the Muslim south.

Earlier, Prof. Andrei Zubov condemned Russia's annexation of Crimea.

''Russia is banana republic with feudal pyramid of power'', Moscow writer says

A Moscow writer Dmitry Glukhovskiy told Polish media about Russia:

"No, Russia is not a hell. Russia is still the same poor country oppressed by its rulers. What they do, how they exercise power, can be called Develism, if not directly Satanism (in 2004, a Moscow writer called his country Satanic Russia in memoirs about his stay in Putin's Gulag - KC). This is when they do not trust people. And when people trust the authorities, and the authorities very cleverly use of media, including the Internet - this is also demonic. The way they seduce the masses is called Machiavellianism.

Russia is, is completely different from what it claims to be (Kavkaz Center has for a long written, for example, that Orthodoxy in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church, is Devilry of Satan-worshipers, poorly disguised as Christianity - KC)

Russia is a banana republic with a distinct feudal pyramid of power - we have a monarch, dukes, barons ... Everyone lives from those below him in the hierarchy than himself. Everyone takes bribes which then move higher within the pyramid....



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