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The Ramadan Campaign for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and Political Prisoners in America

03 July 2014

By El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan

Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace):

Alhamdullilah (praise be to ALLAH), I am back in the Bay area of California until July 12 (for the first two weeks of Ramadan), insha'Allah. From here I plan to travel to four other key areas of the country in this blessed month, on a sacred mission of liberation and resistance. Those key areas of the US are Boston (MA), New York (NY), Houston (TX), and Dallas-Fort Worth (TX) - with some blessed stops in a number of other locales in between. (I will spend only two days of Ramadan in a fifth key area of the country, the nation's capitol, Washington, DC.)

The purpose of this travel throughout the Month of Ramadan will be A Political Prisoner Awareness and Support Campaign, with special emphasis on the ongoing plight of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. We humbly request that people of conscience (especially fasting Muslims) support this campaign in every way possible.

This month-long consciousness-raising mobilization will also include a White House PETITION DRIVE, to begin the first day of Ramadan, with a minimum goal of 100,000 signatures before the end of Ramadan!

This petition drive, which was recommended by a group of sisters out of the UK, if successful (with YOUR help!), will go a long way toward generating the positive pressure needed for our sister's freedom. We will let our (and Aafia's) supporters know when the petition is ready; and when the word is given we will need you to respond immediately, and encourage others within your respective networks to do the same, insha'Allah.

On a final note we will need your prayers and material support to make this month-long initiative the success that it has the potential to be. My return back to California was at the invitation and expense of Dr. Agha Saeed, and the organization he chairs, the American Muslim Alliance (AMA). I am a guest of him and his wife (Sr. Ameena) in their home for these two weeks (may ALLAH bless them both). He has made his car available to me so that I would not have to incur the expense of a rental. If we could receive this type of material support throughout the month of Ramadan, a major hurdle would be removed from the path of this campaign.

We have two weeks to raise the funds needed to carry us through what will undoubtedly be a resource and energy draining month. Please send a monetary contribution (via check or money order) TODAY if you're in a position to do so. Donations can be made to:

The Peace Thru Justice Foundation
11006 Veirs Mill Road
STE L-15, PMB 298
Silver Spring, MD. 20902

While donations made directly to The Peace Thru Justice Foundation are NOT tax-deductible, they are Full of Barakah (blessings from The Creator). Our work falls squarely within the categories of Zakat mentioned in Surah Tauba (9:60) of The Noble Qur'an. In the contemporary context of Muslims residing in the West, it is also closest (in my humble opinion) to what Sheikh ibn Taymeeyah had in mind when he stated:
"Freeing the prisoners is one of the greatest compulsory deeds and spending ransom money and other means towards that end, is one of the greatest ways to come close to Allah."
...far closer, and far cleaner, than giving money to self-serving politicians and lawyers (not all fall under this unsavory category, but from what I've seen, the vast majority do)!

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Aafia campaign, you can go online to the website for the National Coalition To Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF): www.civilfreedoms.org and then proceed to the Paypal link.

Please be sure to designate your contribution for "The Aafia Campaign" - and send an email to peacethrujustice@aol.com to alert us to the donation made.

For whatever you do, Jazakum ALLAH Khayr Al Jaza (May ALLAH grant you the best reward).

In the struggle for peace thru justice,




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