Why Is America Expanding Her Military Role In Afghanistan?

25 December 2014

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

On 23rd November 2014, a renowned American newspaper 'The New York Times' disclosed that the American president Barak Obama has issued a secret decree to the American forces in which he has ordered them to expand and prolong their combat role inside Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Before issuing the new decree of expanding the combat role of the American forces, Obama had pledged the world community that America will end her fighting role inside Afghanistan very soon. In May 2014, he announced for the second time that no American soldier will participate in fighting inside Afghanistan after the end of December of 2014.

The political analysts perceive that the duplicity of Obama and his going back on his words clearly convey the forgery in the American policies that always deceive the people on the basis of lame excuses and false pledges. Obama's retreat from his pledge is actually the manifestation of the deceitful American mindset and politics i.e. from a trivial American official to the President, no one is reliable and trustworthy.

In May 2014, the objective behind this announcement of Obama, that no American troops will participate in fighting at the end of December 2014, was to pacify the public opinion of Afghan masses regarding the approval of the so called 'Bilateral Security Agreement'. They wanted to convince the people that America has no intention of a permanent military presence here. In fact, the prevailing perception, among a large number of Afghans, was that Americans are sincere in bringing the war to an end and they are going to leave Afghanistan very soon.

But on 29th September, as the new selected stooge president, Ashraf Ghani, was sworn in and on the following day the notorious security agreement was signed by him, in which our beloved country was enslaved, the hidden malicious intentions of America were revealed. They changed their behavior and tone immediately. Americans had gained a chance and a golden opportunity for spreading their influence in the region which was being awaited for a long period of time.

And concurrently, all those apprehensions and concerns became an irrefutable reality which were envisaged by the vigilant and sage analysts prior to signing this agreement. They had urged the authorities to remain very cautious in establishing this kind of unbalanced ties with an unreliable friend like America.

But the entire minor details of this malicious plan of Obama is still in dark and has not been revealed to the public yet, and it is quite possible that in the near future even more bloodcurdling facts might emerge.

According to The New York Times, Ashraf Ghani insisted the American authorities that the American forces should prolong their military operations and night raids inside Afghanistan even beyond the year 2014. Obama had to review and renew his former pledges and statements to meet this humble request of Ashraf Ghani!

It is obvious that Ashraf Ghani is one of the special and sincere American stooges as he both, physiologically and psychologically i.e. bodily and mentally, fits the American norms and needs. Actually he is less Afghan and more American. He is keen in spreading and implementing the spiteful western culture and ideology with all its characteristics and peculiarities inside Afghanistan. He is certainly more loyal and sincere to maintaining the American vested interests than his predecessor Karzai.

He is anxious and apprehensive that he might not prove himself sincere and loyal enough to his American masters and they can turn their attention to someone else. He also realizes that the mercenary army educated and trained by the Americans is not courageous and strong enough to fight against the Taliban without foreign support. Therefore, the only option left for him is to rely on American and NATO forces against Taliban.

Americans misused his inconvenience and apprehension. They extended military operations and night raids by coercing him to accept such demands and conditions which were even rejected by his predecessor Karzai. Though, it was another bitter fact that Karzai had lost his credibility among the Americans by showing resistance and not surrendering to their deplorable and intolerable demands. Ashraf Ghani learnt a lesson from Karzai's conclusion and surrendered to accept all the illegitimate conditions of his masters. One of the foremost American conditions was that they would carry out night raids and search operations if they remain here. 'We will enter the houses of the ordinary people and will incarcerate them wherever and whenever we wanted and you will have to remain silent.' When this whole deal was done, Pentagon and CIA jointly asked Obama to sanction the extension of their military role inside Afghanistan and he approved it.

One perspective is that Americans are actually not sure and convinced about the military capability of their own established mercenary regime. They have realized that the troops of this stooge regime do not have the courage to fight back the Taliban attacks. So they are also afraid that the mistake and the consequent situation which took place in Iraq should not be repeated here. More than half of Iraqi soil fell in the hands of anti-American armed forces. The Americans also realized that Mujahidin under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have wide presence and influence in all areas, districts and provinces of the country. They can quite easily depose the system and government established by foreign invaders, and this will definitely be a great setback for the American prestige on the world level.

Another point of view is that Americans want to extend their military role inside Afghanistan as they are facing some vital challenges in this region. Keeping these challenges in mind, they think that their military presence inside Afghanistan is indispensable. The latest examples are the crisis in Ukraine and the complex situation inside the Middle East in which America has involved herself. They are anxious that if they abscond from Afghanistan the rival forces will definitely take it as a heavy loss and defeat for America and anti-American forces and sentiments will gain power especially in Ukraine and the Middle East. According to this perspective, one of the vital factors which induces America to extend her military role inside Afghanistan is that the Americans are afraid that their complete withdrawal will inevitably have negative effects on their policies and interests both in Ukraine and the Middle East; as both of these regions are vitally important for Americans from their strategic point of view. Therefore, America insists on remaining inside Afghanistan and in the meantime they pressurize both the regional countries and the international community to get military and financial support with the help of their misleading diplomacy.

The third perspective is that, perhaps, China is the main target of Obama's new decision. America wants to misuse the sensitive and strategic geographical situation of Afghanistan and increase pressure on China to refrain from American rivalry and to limit her political and economic influence in the region. Therefore, for building up pressure on China, their military presence inside Afghanistan is vital. Contending China in the region has become so crucial for America that they have established a special surveillance network in which, not only the politicians and economists but also CIA spies are assigned duties to monitor China's role from various perspectives. Their task is to organize various plans for destabilizing China, both politically and economically in the region. So one of Obama's target from extending their military role in Afghanistan is to have a permanent surveillance of China as China is expected to emerge in the near future as a well-built political and economic American rival in the region. The recently conducted surveys show that China is progressing economically by leaps and bounds. Among 192 members of the United Nations, with the exception of five, China's bank assets exceed others. Among top 50 banks of the world, 10 belong to China and only 5 of them belong to America. And 'The Trade and Industry Bank' of China is considered to be the largest bank in the world. This stunning development of China is not tolerable or digestible for America therefore they want to extend their military role inside Afghanistan so that they could remain for a longer period of time in the region and could build up pressure against China.

Definitely this newer American decision will only escalate instability and chaos both inside Afghanistan and the whole region. Their indiscriminate operations and night raids will only add sufferings and miseries of the innocent Afghan people. Now it is the duty of each and every individual Afghan to be vigilant and to resist the invading Americans so that our freedom loving people and our pious land is not victimized for the fulfillment of malicious American objectives!!! 



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