Did Vladimir Putin Collaborate In Plotting Attacks On Leftist Paris Magazine Publishing Cartoons Against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

10 January 2014

By Markza Kavkaz

The Possibilities Endless

Leftist Paris magazine publishing cartoons against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Christians and National Socialists attacked in Paris. Was it the KGB?

A Paris-based "satirical" magazine Charlie Hebdo came under attack on Wednesday afternoon. 12 editors and journalists were killed and 10 others wounded, five of them are in critical condition (see the video), in an armed attack.

Editor-in-chief Stephane Charbonnier and a French "comic book" author Jean Cabut are among the dead.

No group has taken responsibility so far.

According to latest reports, the magazine was attacked by three men in black hoods, armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a grenade launcher. The attackers safely left the scene in the captured vehicle after the operation.

French leftist president Hollande proclaimed the "highest level of terrorist threat". He called the attack a "terrorist act" and vowed to "defend freedom of expression".

Charlie Hebdo is a French "satirical" weekly. It publishes abusive cartoons against Islam, Christianity and National Socialists.

It was closed in 1970 by French authorities after publishing an abusive article against 146 victims perished in a fire in France, but immediately resumed its activity under a new name.

The magazine published several times cartoons insulting Islam and personally Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In 2012, Charlie Hebdo published an abusive "comics book" under the title "The Life of Muhammad" (pbuh).

In November 2011, the magazine published a special issue entitled "Shariah Ebdo", which also contained insults against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Earlier, the magazine's website was attacked by hackers, and in building where it is located, was set on fire. After that, police increased security measures to protect the abusers.

Meanwhile in the US, American bloggers do not exclude the involvement of terrorist Russia in the Paris attack. Lithuanian president called Russia a terrorist country on November 20, 2014, and repeated it at a press conference on January 7, 2014. There has been an earlier warning. "Russian FSB (renamed from the KGB - KC) goes to attacks on the territory of EU, Paris, shooting was from Kalashnikovs, say witnesses", the bloggers write.

Russian has a paranoid political culture. Her moves on Ukraine look to many Westerners like a straightforward case of aggression. That is not the way they look to Vladimir Putin's inner circle of advisors in Moscow, nor to most Russians. That inner circle is drawn mainly from the Russian security services Putin himself spent 16 years in the KGB and to them the revolution in Ukraine was a U.S.-backed coup aimed at weakening Russia. Putin describes the Crimea as a birthplace of Russian culture, and his government has repeatedly warned against the expansion of Western economic and political influence into a region historically regarded as Moscow's sphere of influence. Putin relies heavily on the Kremlin bureaucracy to provide him with intelligence (he avoids the Internet), so his briefings tend to reinforce the view that Moscow was forced to intervene in Ukraine by Western subversion aimed at undermining his rule.

Russia has a collapsing economy. Much of Putin's popularity within Russia is traceable to the impressive recovery of the post-Soviet economy on his watch. Since he came to power in 2001, the country's gross domestic product has grown sixfold, greatly increasing the size and affluence of the Russian middle class. But that growth has been based in large part on the export of oil and gas to neighboring countries at a time when energy prices reached record highs. Now the price of oil has fallen at the same time that economic sanctions are beginning to bite. The ruble lost nearly half its value against the dollar last year, and the economy has begun to shrink. Putin blames sanctions for 25-30% of current economic hardships. Many Westerns believe a prolonged recession would weaken Putin's support, but because he can blame outsiders, economic troubles might actually strengthen his hand and accelerate the trend toward authoritarian rule.

Russian tyrant Putin in one of the rare public appearances where he might be smiling. Forbes rated him the most powerful person in the world in 2013 and 2014.

In Switzerland, a Russian Democratic thief and a KGB agent provocateur Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who has earlier expressed his desire to kill Caucasians, called on all Western Democratic media to publish cartoons molesting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The blood of Caucasians is not enough for him.

According to his sick Russian logic, it is necessary to insult Islam, its Prophet and the religion of 1.5 billion Muslims to prove his case.



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