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Comparing Muslims To Jews, Apples And Oranges

13 February 2015

By Karin Friedmann 

On February 24, 2015, the self-proclaimed ''anti-Zionist Jew'' blogger David Cole made his debut as columnist for takimag.com by pontificating against me. 

The author had already warned me that it was coming and invited me to respond. Quite frankly, I was disappointed. It was supposed to be a discussion on ''blowback'' vs ''false flag'' theories about Muslim terrorism, which could have been an interesting argument. Except that he didnít really delve into either side of the argument but instead engaged in back-stabbing, name-calling, straw man arguments, lazy generalizations and general intellectual dishonesty. I realize this was his first day on the job but he broke every rule of responsible journalism.

First of all, he starts by quoting a private conversation with me at length, as if I were being interviewed. He didnít even provide an introduction regarding who I am or why he chose me to represent the ''false flag'' theory. This was unethical because he never even asked me for permission to publish my comments. This is despite the fact that I asked him several times why he contacted me out of the blue to pressure me to talk to him about my personal business. Furthermore, he and I had never even discussed any false flag theory. 

Only after many paragraphs, does he finally introduce me - as ''a young, attractive, and articulate spokesperson for the intellectual cancer that has infected the conspiracy movement, which was never a healthy body to begin with. Iím referring to ''false flag'' mania: the belief that Muslim terrorism doesnít exist, that every supposed example of Muslim violence is a frame-up by the Jews, the CIA, the FBI, Baron Rothschild, or perhaps even Wilford Brimley.''  

So in his very first paragraph he is engaging in typical tactic of the Zionist media: the straw man argument. Nothing I said ever referred to any terror attack, any conspiracy theory. He starts out with my premise:  ''Homeland Security/FBI is to Muslims what the Nazi Gestapo was to Jews.''  

The reasoning behind this statement is that Muslims are frequently the target of FBI frame-ups (an established fact, not a conspiracy theory), which has resulted in many Muslims being imprisoned under terrorism laws for non-violent activities such as speech. The book, ''Rounded Up'' by Shamshad Ahmad provides an in depth study of an FBI sting operation on a mosque. 

Cole goes on to say: ''But you see, Jews DID use violence to resist the GestapoÖ Youíre saying that Muslims in the US are facing their equivalent of the Gestapo, but none of them, zero, zilch, are responding with violent resistance.'' 

My response was, ''I am not aware of any organized Islamic group that is planning or committing any kind of violence and I am also not aware of many or any Muslims committing acts of violence (on US soil).'' Which is the truth. Other than a handful of cases which seemed to involve mental illness, the vast majority of the hundreds of US terror arrests have been based on bogus charges. And I know this because of looking into them on a case by case basis. It is also a provable fact that there are Zionist groups actively involved in providing fake ''intelligence'' and ''expert testimony'' to the FBI in order to target select Muslims for prosecution.  

So instead of providing me a single example of terrorism in America committed by a US-based Islamic movement, Cole leaps to the bizarre conclusion without providing any evidence, that there is indeed a widespread Islamic conspiracy to commit terrorism on US soil, and that people who think otherwise are a ''cancer.'' Well you canít get any more Zionist than that mindset!  

He then suddenly switches the topic to 9/11, and dishonestly summarizes my view as ''Cute little funny bunny Muslims donít kill.'' This is a cheap trick because we were talking about the Muslim community in the US, not 9/11. Also, when he defines ''blowback'' as ''Muslims are pissed, and theyíre fighting back,'' itís not clear if heís referring to ''Muslims'' as an ethnic group, a religious group, or political movement. The Muslims in the US donít have one monolithic top-down organization like the Jewish community. They also have extremely divergent politics. 

Coleís assumptions about Muslims are unsubstantiated, while the person he is mocking has spent over two decades connected on a personal level to many different Muslim communities and individuals. So when I say ''I just donít see it'' in regards to whether or not there is any kind of revolutionary Islamic movement intending to overthrow the US government, itís because I know for a fact that there is none. I have been brutally disappointed, in fact, by the lack of serious political or community organizing whatsoever. This is in part because many of the most vocal Muslim American political leaders have been imprisoned, assassinated, or intimidated into self-censorship. Yet by and large, Muslim immigrants to the US really came here for two main reasons: for work, and to escape political violence in other countries. If there was any inclination towards violence, the Muslims would probably start by attacking each other! Yet for decades, members of rival Islamic groups who might have shot at each other back home, have lived peacefully and uneventfully here in the US.  

The only political aspiration that I have noticed among Muslim immigrants and their children is the desire for full and equal citizenship rights. This alone is enough to make the Jews feel terrorized. This is the reason they promote this bogeyman of ''Islamic terror.'' Sensational headlines about ''the Islamic threat'' are intended to keep the American population living in fear of the Muslims, so that US Muslims do not succeed in obtaining an equal status to Jews as a religious minority. The bottom line being funding Israelís existence and the Zionist mafiaís fear that they could actually be prosecuted someday, the moment US law gets applied equally to all.

If Muslims are pissed, and theyíre fighting back, then why canít he provide even one example of an American Muslim organization planning, promoting, fundraising and staging an incident? Cole concludes by saying, '''False flagí has made you lazy. 'Blowbackí at least keeps you in the conversation,'' but I canít conclude anything beyond how sloppily this article was written.


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