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Where Is The Jewish Outrage At Settler Nazism In West Bank? Hatred, And Hatred And Hatred

14 February 2015

By Khalid Amayreh

Terrorist attacks by Jewish extremists targeting mosques and churches in Occupied Palestine are assuming a shocking frequency.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government of Binyamin Netanyahu, which is often dubbed a government of settlers, for settlers and by settlers, has done very little to stem the tide of settler terror. On the contrary, government inaction and presumed acquiescence seem to have enabled this phenomenon to linger on and on.

On Thursday, Israeli police said a fire damaged a Greek Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said "anti-Christian" slogans were scribbled in Hebrew on the seminary's walls. Some of the slogans left on the wall of the Church read: Jesus is son of a b."

The fire, apparently started by Jewish settlers, damaged the building's bathrooms but that no one was injured.

The incident follows an attack on a West Bank mosque Wednesday. The latest attacks against mosques and churches coincide with the 21st anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre. On 25, February, 1994 a Jewish terrorist shot and killed 29 Muslim worshipers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in downtown Hebron. Many other Palestinians were murdered and injured in subsequent clashes with Israeli security forces in al-Khalil.

Jewish terror is reality

The attacks on Islamic and Christian holy places are by no means isolated acts carried out by a marginal group of Jewish fanatics. On the contrary, these attacks have come to constitute a real phenomenon for two reasons:

First, they occurred numerous times in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories and seem to be supported by many Orthodox rabbis, especially within the settler community.

And, second, very little progress if any has been made in apprehending the perpetrators, let alone bringing them to justice.

This stunning security failure has prompted many observers to suggest that the Israeli security apparatus is effectively colluding with the terrorists. Moreover, it is widely thought that the Israeli government itself is adopting an extremely lenient approach to the settler terrorists, which ultimately encourages them to escalate their criminal terrorist acts against Christian and Muslim targets.

A part from conceived government acquiescence to organized Jewish terror, there are credible signs showing that certain influential segments within the Rabbinic community in Israel and abroad are more than happy to bless these terrorist acts.

In fact, rabbis, some of whom are on the Israeli government's pay roll, have gone public with their support and backing of tense crimes.

Hatred, and hatred and hatred

The settler terror is carried out as an expression of the Talmudic ideology that views all non-Jews in the Holy Land as impurities that must be eliminated. Some dominant theological streams within Orthodox Judaism don't ascribe mere humanity to non-Jews.

This shocking racism can and does often assume decidedly criminal proportions. For example, some rabbinic authorities teach that the life of a Christian or Muslim doesn't have any sanctity in itself.

A few years ago, the former religious mentor of Shas, the largest Haredi political party in Israel, was quoted as saying that the Almighty created non-Jews so that they would serve Jews.

One North American rabbi, affiliated with the Chabad sect, was quoted as saying that it was perfectly permissible for a Jew to murder a non-Jew in order to extricate his organ if the Jew needed one.

It is true that not every rabbi or Jewish religious leader subscribes to this Satanic nefarious ideology.

However, it is also true that advocates of these Nazi-like ideas enjoy acceptance and respect within the rabbinic community and Talmudic circles.

This is probably the reason why we don't see strong reactions to Jewish terrorist attacks in the West Bank by rabbis from around the world.

So, far there have been as many as 260 instances of mosques and churches being vandalized and torched by fanatical Jewish settlers. But we are yet to hear any meaningful condemnation of these criminal acts by Rabbinic circles in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

I am afraid that the failure to call the spade a spade when the spade happens to be in the hands of Jews is a willful and deliberate act that is meant to encourage anti-Jewish attacks, especially by Muslims.

Wishing to see a spiral of attacks on Jews and Jewish targets, especially in Europe and North America, seems to be a dearest desire harbored by the likes of Zionist thugs like Netanyahu, who wants Jews to emigrate to Palestine by hook or by crook.

I am not accusing North American and European rabbis of knowingly colluding with Netanyahu to encourage anti-Semitism and therefore prompt Jews to emigrate to Israel.

But I do accuse many rabbis of indulging in moral duplicity especially when they leave no stone unturned when a Jewish grave headstone is turned whereas they resort to deafening silence when their coreligionists in Israel burn churches and mosques.

What happened to the ancient Talmudic maxim of not doing unto others what one wouldn't want others to do unto him?

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in occupied Palestine



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