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Did Turkish Authorities Decide To Help Russia In Persecuting Parents Of Chechen Mujahideen?

11 March 2015

By Markaz Kvakaz

KC sources reported about the arrest by Turkish authorities of Arubika Suleimanova, a native of the village of Khattuni, Vedeno District of the Province of Chechnya in the Russian-occupied Caucasus Emirate. The 55-year-old Chechen refugee was arrested in the building of the department of the interior ministry in Istanbul, where she came to prolong her residence permit.

The Istanbul police department said Arubika Suleimanova was wanted by the Russian FSB, that is why she is arrested and should be deported to Russia.

This strange and a frankly humiliating behavior of Turkish authorities caused a storm of indignation among the Chechen diaspora in Istanbul.

The 55-year-old Arubika Suleimanova is a mother of two martyrs. Her sons fought against Russian invaders and Kadyrov's minions, and were killed in combat with the enemy.

The woman is disabled. He suffers from diabetes and hypertension. Furthermore, she has only one kidney. Despite this, the disabled woman was put to prison and is threatened with deportation to death to Russia.

What do the FSB and Kadyrovites accuse Arubika Suleimanova of?! The main charge against her is that in 2010, she gave Mujahideen from the Hussein Gakayev's unit $ 300 for the purchase of food. There are no other charges.

On this basis, she has been now detained by Turkish authorities who threaten to expel her for reprisals to Kadyrovites. This shameful act is not reported by Turkish media. Human rights activists keep mum.

It is to be recalled that on Putin's orders, Russian invaders and their Kadyrov's minions organized an open total terror against the relatives of the Mujahideen. Their parents are the first to suffer.

Russian puppets burn homes of Mujahideen relatives, they do not even allow to pick up personal belongings and documents. They are evicted, deported, killed, kidnapped. Now Turkey which strongly emphasizes its protection of oppressed Syrians against the Assad regime has joined this terror campaign.

A legitimate question arises - what distinguishes the victims of the Russian terror in Chechnya from the victims of Assadite terror in Syria?

The shameful act of the arrest of the disabled elderly woman, the mother of two martyrs, under the pretext that 5 years ago, she helped Mujahideen, giving them $ 300 - should be made public in Turkey, on whose territory groups of FSB killers operate with impunity, and the authorities of this country can not take efficient counter measures against the Russian terror.

NATO Secretary General warns on Russia's readiness to attack their neighbors

"A Russia which is responsible for aggressive actions in Ukraine and its, it fits also into the broader picture of a Russia which has invested heavily in new capabilities in defence and which is exercising much more and which has been willing to use force, not only exercise, but to use force to change borders and to annex a part of another country", said the head of NATO, speaking in the analytical center Atlantic Council in Washington, DC.

According to him, it is a reason for concern: Russia provides less predictability, less transparency, it is willing to use this kind of exercises also to launch aggressive actions.

"So this is something we are, which we have to follow very closely and it's also part of the reason why we are responding with increasing the readiness of our forces and doubling the size of the NATO response force and also establishing the NATO command units in the six eastern allied countries and also increasing our military presence and the number of exercises", said Stoltenberg.

According to NATO Secretary General, US participation in the collective defense of Europe is very important and that is why America increased its military presence in the continent. "And America has sent planes, ships and troops to reinforce Allies in Central and Eastern Europe and I welcomed that very much", said the head of the North Atlantic Alliance.

More than a week ago, Russia announced that a number of military units and formations of the Baltic Fleet, Southern Military District, Russian Airborne Troops are put on full combat readiness in the guise of command post exercises and then working out problems of practical use of troops in landfills.

During these exercises, according to some reports, Russia was planning to deploy strategic bombers Tu-22M3, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, to Crimea.

In the spring of 2014, Russian troops took part in a number of major maneuvers, including at the border with Ukraine and the Russian-occupied Crimea. NATO believes such exercises destabilizing. 



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