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War with Iran Goes On in Yemen, Declares The imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

29 March 2015

By Markaz Kvakaz

The imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais said that the Arab coalition is waging war with Iran in Yemen. This statement came after the Saudi Arabia's foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal accused the former president of Yemen and Iran for unleashing war.

Saud al-Faisal herewith belligerently declared that "when they beat the drums of war we are ready".

- "Security of Yemen is part of the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf security. Forces of Houthis and ex-president of Yemen, backed by Iran, have violated the stability of Yemen and again confused the cards. We are not warmongers, but when they beat the drums of war we are ready".

A Saudi news channel for the first time demonstrated on Tuesday a video footage of warplanes of the Arab coalition carrying out bombardments of Houthis in Yemen.

Arab sources reported that the coalition's aircraft bombed a number of targets of Houthis and forces loyal to former president Saleh. Facilities of Houthis located on the road from Abyan towards Aden were subjected to air raids.

There are also reports about troops of the military junta in Egypt joined the military operation.

Saudi media reports that the navy of the Egyptian junta and the Arab coalition destroyed a convoy of armored vehicles and tanks, heading in the direction of Aden, strike at it 20 km from the city.

Houthis try to push out from the city of Taiz in the direction of Aden, but were stopped by massive shellings by the Egyptians.

It is also reported that the forces of the 33rd motorized infantry brigades loyal to former president of Yemen Saleh and Houthis tried to occupy the town of Daliya, but failed do it. Then they blocked the water and electricity to the town after they were attacked from the south.

Bloody fightings took place between the troops of former president Saleh and Houthis on one side, and Muslims of Marib and Shabwa on another, resulting in at least 85 Houthi thugs killed. The most violent clashes took place on the border between Marib and al-Bayda in the central Yemen. Muslims of local Sunni tribes managed to burn 3 tanks and kill a large number of Houthis, capturing their vehicles.

Houthis were also forced to flee the District of Qonia in the direction of the town of Watya near al-Bayda. Houthis tanks moved into the District of Sawadiya after the locals left it.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-Pakistani military exercises "Samsam 5" started. The exercise involved ground forces of the Saudi Arabia and special forces of the Pakistan army. At the opening of the exercise was attended by the commander of the Military District of Taif Major General Faris bin Abdallah Umar and a group of Saudi and Pakistani officers.

Advisor to the Office of the Minister of Defence of the Kingdom Brigadier General Ahmad bin Hassan Asiri told reporters that the Arab coalition forces continue to monitor the location and movement of Houthis, and destroy their stocks, weapons and ammunition.

So on the eve, the sites with ballistic missiles were subjected to bombardments. Warehouses with Russian Scud missiles were completely destroyed.

On the eve Houthis tried to launch one of these missiles, but it felt just after the launch.

Houthis attack Saudi troops. Arabs create joint army

Arab sources report the night bombardments of targets in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a. Warplanes of Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia attacked the bases of Shiite militants Houthis in the capital, as well as places of deployment of army units of Yemen, who remained loyal to former president Ali Saleh.

The bombardments, in particular, have been carried out on al-Samaa, the base of Saleh's military supporters, located to the north of Sana'a and a base of Houthis, al-Istikbal, in the western part of the capital of Yemen and an air forces base al-Dulaimi.

Meanwhile, it is reported that armed gangs of Houthis attacked positions of Saudi troops on the border between the two states.

Previously has been reported concentrations of the Saudi army units on the border of Yemen. There was also leaked information about the readiness of Riyadh to launch a ground invasion.

However, on the evening of 26 March, the officials of the Saudi regime declared that the king has no plans for ground operations against Houthis in Yemen. Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri said at a press conference that "the goals of phase I of the operations were achieved through air supremacy".

The general said during the raids were destroyed ballistic missiles Houthis provided by Iran, command centers and air defense systems destroyed, aircrafts burned, several ringleaders of the Shiite militant eliminated. Houthis' advance stopped on all directions.

The Arab press reports that up to 150 thousand soldiers of the Saudi army are on alert. In addition to the ground and aerial forces, the navy is also used, which together with the ships of Egypt and possibly Pakistan, blocks coast of Yemen and the Strait of Bab al-Mandeb, which is an important transport corridor.

Russia and Iran condemned the actions of Saudi Arabia and its allies. Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, USA and other countries supported the Saudis.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministers of Arab states at a meeting in Egypt on Thursday supported the draft resolution on the formation of a joint Arab armed forces. This was reported by the Egyptian state television.

The goal of the joint forces is to form a rapid response to security threats to Arab states, noted the TV. Ministers requested the secretary of the League of Arab States within the month to coordinate issues of forming the joint military forces with the chiefs of staff of armies of the Arab countries.

The agreement on the formation of the allied forces of Arab states was approved after the military aviation of Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies bombed Shiite gangs of Houthis. 



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