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01 April 2015

By Markaz Kvakaz

Houthis will be forced to attack Saudi Arabia in the event of further strikes on the territory of Yemen, the ringleaders of Shiite sect threatened. Houthis' statement was widely distributed by Russian news agency RIA News.

Meanwhile, the Saudi army began to dismantle the fence on the border with Yemen, Sky News Arabic reported on April 2. Dismantling the wall is made in the framework of preparations for a ground invasion to fight the pro-Iranian Shiite militants Houthis.

March 26, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states - Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (total 10 countries) - launched a military operation in Yemen in response to the call of the formal Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to "protect the legitimate authority" in Yemen from the Shiites.

Until now, the Arab coalition only carried out airstrikes on Houthis.

The situation in the Yemen becomes more and more tense day by day. As a representative of Saudi Defense Ministry General Ahmed Asiri announced, Yemeni groups of Sunnis were able to expel the 33 Infantry Brigade, loyal to ex-president Saleh and the gangs of Houthis from Dalva and its environs, and confirmed that it is currently under the control of the "official army of Yemen" and the so-called "people's committees".

The Saudi general also said that operation to liberate Shabwa from Houthis is currently underway.

Saudi General denied Houthis' claims that the Arab coalition forces allegedly bombed a dairy factory in Dalia. In fact, dairy plant was subjected to shellings from mortars and rocket launchers from Houthis themselves. This shelling resulted in casualties.

Ahmed Asiri accused the media of deliberate misinformation:

"Coalition forces are well aware of the role of the media and some retired military who are trying to confuse the Yemeni society, which is generally from the first day support operation aimed at to get Yemen rid of terrorist groups that destroy the state and society", said the Saudi General.

He also warned that those units of the Yemeni army, which defected to the side of the ex-president Saleh and help Shiites to destroy Yemen, will be attacked.

"We call on Yemeni soldiers to save their lives, to return to their commanders loyal to the legitimate government of Yemen, to protect the population of Yemen against the encroachments of terrorist groups, and never have in common with the gangs of Houthis".

Saudi military claimed that the military potential of Houthis was undermined as a result of massive air strikes.

Iranians and Russians claim Saudis not allow to evacuate Russian citizens from Yemen

The coalition of Arab states, which carry out military operation in Yemen, has not allowed to land the Russian aircraft arrived to evacuate Russian citizens, according to pro-Iranian newspaper Al Mayadeen. It is noted that Russia's aircraft was denied landing permission despite a preliminary reached agreement. The newspaper also reports that Yemeni airspace is closed for the Iranian aircraft.

RIA News with reference to the airport director Khaled al-Shayef writes that Russian citizens gathered in the waiting room for evacuation. After the military refused to allow the landing the plane had to fly to Cairo.

The Russian Embassy in Egypt has confirmed this information: "A Russian plane is stationed in Cairo expecting to be able to continue participating in the evacuation of Russian citizens from Yemen. It depends on neighboring countries, particularly Saudi Arabia".

Earlier, Yemeni president asked the UN Security Council and the Arab countries to intervene militarily. Saudi Arabia launched a military operation against Shiite militants Houthis, who equipped, trained and financed by Iran.

150 thousand soldiers and 100 military aircraft are pariticpating in the operation on the part of the Saudis. Weapons have been sent to Yemen also by other countries: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan.

It is to be recalled that the ringleader of the Kremlin regime Putin "condemned" the military operation of the Arab coalition. In response, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia called Putin a hypocrite, recalling that Russia is directly involved in the destabilization of the situation in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and its allies within the Gulf Cooperation Council sent to the UN Security Council a draft resolution on the situation in Yemen. One of the items listed, in particular, demands to impose an embargo on the supply of weapons to Houthis. 



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