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Daaish (ISIS) and Conspiracy Jihad Ideologue Sheikh Abu Mariya Al Qahtani

22 June 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Many sites have published the news regarding the announcement of the Kurdish state and all the talk will now be about it being a conspiracy. We say yes, it is a conspiracy but who is the one who laid down this conspiracy? Isn't it Daaish (ISIS) who has the greatest role in it?

Is there no share of blame on the one who remained silent and neglected exterminating Daaish and uprooting them as they were the ones who saved the PKK in Hasaka by killing the fighters of Jabhat un Nusra and Ahrar and facilitated the entry of PKK?

Did not Jabhat un Nusrah in the east carry out more than seven martyrdom operations which the brothers from amongst the Ansaar executed against the PKK before the betrayal of Daaish which made the leaders of PKK to send representative for negotiations and treaty by accepting all the conditions demanded by the Sunni Arabs, had it not been for Baghdadi's gang who killed the brothers and imprisoned them?

Rather where were the theorists during this time?

Had this deed been done by Jaish ul Islam or Ahrar u Shaam, then many Fatawas would have been issued declaring their Kufr keeping in view that the brothers of Ahrar and Jaish ul Islam were with us in the battlse in the east with the platoons.

Why don't the theorists speak against the deeds of ISIS while they are now praising their fight in Iraq?

One of the brothers had described the condition of the one who praises ISIS in Iraq in a beautiful manner.

He said to me, ''The one such as this is like the one who wants to get rid of a fly so he burns the entire house; and like a bear who wanted to chase away a fly from the face of his owner so he struck him with a rock on his head and killed him.''

He means by it the theorists and the Sheikhs who see ISIS as having saved Iraq and have forgotten that ISIS is the one who destroyed Iraq and Syria and Libya. And moreover, the one who praises ISIS has a share of blame on him.

And the brother told me, ''What is the matter with so and so theorist who shows sympathy to ISIS like a woman who shows sympathy to her criminal son and says ''May Allah guide him'' and she wants to marry him off to a righteous woman so that she may guide him.

While she at the same time mentions her desire for the destruction of her neighbour's son even though he is less evil than her own son. Isn't this the very picture of the tossing of the theorists who have held our heads high by warning and fighting against the Murjia? And they are flirting with the extremists? The brother said to me that this came to his mind and so I wanted to spread it. 



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