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Afghanistan Faces Danger In The Absence Of Justice

06 July 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Due to lack of justice, our country is facing serious threats and danger. Atrocities and injustice by the invaders have flared up the flames of war in our country and have divided our nation into different sections. They carry out maligning campaign against Islamic Emirate, which forms a large part of the society, which has extensive and strong support among people but they call them as enemies of the country. As per their view, they should be killed and eliminated. The other side which has no popular support or any legitimacy has been slapped as burden on the shoulder of the nation. The invaders give arms and ammunitions to them; train them for fighting and imbibe in them the idea of hostility to fight against their own Afghan brothers, so that instead of the real enemy, they want to draw their attention to other side.

Other discrimination of invaders is that they are playing with our destiny. For example, they tried to cash in on the name of Loya Jirga for their own imperialistic ambitions, harming the credibility of our national and cultural Loya Jirga. The electoral process was discredited because of their open interferences. The same Loya Jirga that decision taken by it was acceptable to the Afghan people as a tradition, which had the capacity to catapult the country from any swamp by selecting a national leader in time of critical situations was discredited due to the illegitimate actions of invaders, notwithstanding it was an institution the Afghans have traditionally used to turn to in chaotic conditions.

Other dangerous side of the atrocities and illegitimate actions of invaders and their allies is the division of society into different categories. Today, our society is not only dispersed but also moving toward a divided and class-based society. One class has access to all facilities of life including extraordinary educational atmosphere, best transport facilities, water, electricity, health facilities, sports grounds and much more. But the other class is even deprived of the basic needs of life with no access to primary education, clinics or even clean water. In general there is no grudge against some of our countrymen that have a comfortable life but the question is, what are the causes behind the deprivation of most of our people? Why our society is being openly dragged towards a heterogeneous society with conflict between classes?

The other great injustice on behalf of the invaders is that, they are creating hurdles in the way of establishment of an Islamic system, opposing it to be established in Afghanistan. On a global level, this is not only the right of Muslims but every nation has the right to establish its own system in its country and it is also consistent with the Charter of the United Nations. They resort to delaying tactics while they know that our people want a sovereign Islamic government in their homeland and do not accept governments and administrations installed by foreigners.

Fortunately, in our country no difference among Sunnis and Shiaas, Pashtun and Tajik does exist nor there is any other ethnical and linguistic discrimination in our society. Our society is an organized, balanced and moderate Islamic society. In addition, our nation is formed of many communities, different tribes and many languages. However, due to the unity of religion and relationship and similarities of economic, cultural and traditional values, they have been living like brothers. The invaders have resorted to many conspiracies and still seek to harm our unity and achieve their objectives but by the Grace of Allah, the Almighty they have not succeeded so far. Though, as they have deep and long term strategies so it requires vigilance and attention on the part of our people. 



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